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Texas Vote Count
Doesn't Add Up

Ron wrote -
They want us to believe that McCain won Texas in a landslide. A place where I have never heard anyone mention his name, never seen so much as a bumper sticker, and clearly a state that is covered by Ron Paul signs. Just for the sake of discussion let's say it's possible. What I find seriously hard to believe is this:
* Ron Paul got 70% of the vote in his district for Congress-----37,220 votes.
* In that same district they want us to believe he only got 6,697 votes for president.
* That equates to approximately ONLY 1 in 5 people that voted for him for Congress supported him for President. They can't be serious. Don't lie to me!!
Please don't take my word for it, look at the numbers yourself...
Congressional District 14 Results - http://enr.sos.state.tx.us/enr/mar04_135_race4.htm
Presidential Race District 14 Results - http://enr.sos.state.tx.us/enr/mar04_135_race64.htm
From Virginia Brooks -
Of course it is fraud, no other answer to this especially when you read about Ron Paul's own district in Texas...
From Linda -
(I am forwarding to all CD captains, and as many Ohio groups as possible):
Very Important on this thread: so keep the thread moving through the groups.
"I had a Gentleman call me when I got Home from the Kent Meeting last night from New York.
He happens to be publishing a book with photos of all of the 2004 Election Fraud Evidence, that was supposed to be published by a company in Kent State? He literally has the photographs of burned and otherwise mutilated, destroyed ballots. He is very familiar with how to follow the fraud, due to his research in the book.
I would call him an investigative Journalist, in Election Fraud.
I don't know him from Adam.
He called me last night, from New York, upset about huge numbers of precincts in Texas, where there were thousands of registered voters, and ZERO votes at all, with 100 of the Precincts reporting in.
He repeated so I understood.
He is saying there are precincts with over 2000 registered voters, and the official count is saying NO one voted at all in that precinct after the precinct has reported in officially!
He said he has been studying elections now, for years. He has NEVER seen anything like this.
He said the number of zero precincts, are especially High in the Panhandle of Texas.  He also mentioned what Ron here is saying in this post.
Ron Paul got more votes in his precinct for Congressman, than he did for president in the same precinct...by huge amounts.
This investigative Journalist is just about to publish the research on the fraud, and now, the company that was going to print with his book, has suddenly pulled out, and refusing to publish.
He was supposed to be doing a book signing at Kent on the anniversary of the shootings, that happens annually there... I guess.
He now has to self-publish, which, given the situation, and the fact that he is the only one with his "manual", puts him in a great deal of danger.
Maybe I am a little paranoid for him, because of my past experience with revolution researchers and publishers who have suddenly gone missing, or suddenly 'commit suicide,' over the past ten years. But while we were on the phone, we were getting echoes, then, three or four voice cut-outs for ten, then 20 then 30 seconds. Finally, we were disconnected, and could not get reconnected.
I did ask him to write to me so I could foreword the Texas research he did to all, and let you hear about the Ron Paul Information, since I know all of you would care a lot.  I explained to him how to get a hold of the Ron Paul Texas Meetups, so they could investigate, and move on the situation, if they chose. I am hoping for an email from him this morning. I will be trying to call him back all day today.
So, please to the degree you can, keep an eye on this thread. If I get him on the phone, I will let you know. He needs some help getting his information out, and wants to investigate the Ron Paul campaign and election fraud, on a larger scale. Will follow up.... and if he does send an email, I will be sure to post it to you all
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This message was sent by Ron (ronpaul2008@neo.rr.com) from Kent State and Portage County for Ron Paul 2008.
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