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Rebuttal - 'Palestine
Belongs To Israel'
Response to a Response for
the Madness of Israel

Jim Kirwan

Terry: Your view of history is limited, to say the least. Sixty years is but a small segment of the total time on which to base your flawed, self assumed insight into the overall problems surrounding this area.

Kirwan: Oh really, so glad that you have given yourself 'the right' to decide what matters and what does not, when it comes to the genocide of an entire people. End the occupation and Israel might have the "peace" it says it wants - continue it and Israel will disappear from history - again!

Terry: Israel has tried to make peace and has not been allowed to do so. State suicide for your convenience is not in the cards and will not happen just because you prefer it.

Kirwan: Israel is very proud of its methods, some might say they are beyond Vain: "By Deception thou shalt do War" is the motto of Mossad, and that has nothing to do with suicide! Conversely the motto of the CIA is "Know the truth and the truth shall set you free" which is true - unless the goal is to hide the truth from the people you are employed to protect at all costs. The other major player in 911 was the FBI, whose leader today was also in charge on 911 - which speaks volumes about the non-neutrality of that agency as well. . . It's a cozy little club that created this continuing nightmare for the world - and all of these factions need to be decommissioned: that's "What's in the Cards" my friend!

Terry: The retardation brought on by political correctness is a sickness that only a dose of realism can cure. Try living in an Islamic country such as Saudi Arabia as a practicing Christian and you will find out just how Tolerant they are to accept your open minded "just give peace a chance" approach. Peace through strength is the only thing that this corrupt faux religious, subversive, political ideology of Islam has ever respected. You want to use history...then use its entirety.

Kirwan: I'm no friend of Political Correctness - nor do I advocate for any particular religion, I am however a blood enemy of tyranny regardless of the forms that it has so often taken, especially when it comes to Israel.

It appears that you have a very short memory Terry - do you remember 2006 and the fabulous whipping that Israel got at the hands of Hezbollah, when once again Israel decided to invade that nation? Led by Ohlmert, Israel's version of our 'decider' as neither shill has any military experience, but both tend to live in grand dreams of illusions that have not come to pass. The vaunted Israeli Military tried to open a Blitzkrieg on Lebanon and Hezbollah, but couldn't get deeper than five miles into that country. You bombed Bruit again and again - just as you had before, but in August of 2006: Israel - when faced with an enemy that shot back - was roundly defeated on the global stage - for all the world to see! I wrote about it back then, while Israel was unable to stop the rockets because their military, despite all our political influence and military assistance, was no match for Hezbollah. (1)

In the article you're offended by I mentioned the $6 Trillion dollars that Israel has cost the United States in just these last few years, that's an inconceivable amount of money - for what? Israel has no economy, no culture of its own, what does it add to the world besides Deception, Extortion, Genocide, Torture, and Brutality - all of which already exists in abundance everywhere else. Israel has dispersed the people of Palestine in a Diaspora that is criminal in every way. The camps within Palestine are a forty-year crime-against-humanity, despite the fact that they are modeled on what America did to the natives of this nation for over 400 years - is that number large enough for you? (2)

What you fail to realize is that Israel is trying to leave its'' Footprints in the Sand" of time, during an unceasing Sirocco that shall wipe clean all traces of any influence that you or Israel might have wished to see - because all of Israel's efforts have been based solely on the lowest forms of deception and tyranny! (3)

Terry: Stop being a shill for Islam as an Arab Firster. 

Kirwan: I shill for no one, and my thoughts are my own: you might want to try and disentangle your mindless following of the world's most prominent failed-state, from the facts of what really happens when Israel comes out to play. Americans got their lust for violence from video-games which then became basic training for our military: but Israeli citizens must all serve in the Israeli military where each person comes to know-first hand exactly what is going on in Palestine and everywhere else that Mossad and the CIA are working to undermine existing countries. The map in the article tells the real story of what "Israel" is all about which is nothing more than unadulterated CONQUEST!

Israel must be stopped by force, because force is the only thing that Barbaric Outlaw states truly understand. But before that happens, Israel needs to begin to fight all its own wars in its own name - and stop hiding behind the skirts of the Decider and his Owners. That happens to be true, so tell me Terry who is the true shill in this mini-discussion!

Israel has been trying to "Deconstruct" the World, one conquest at a time: but it has not worked thus far, and now you're looking at a total collapse as a nation not unlike what seemed to happen to that other failed leader of yours - Ariel Sharon! (4)

Thanks for the note!



1) Who Will Stop the Countdown


2) Lakota's Cry for Freedom


3) Footprints in the Sand


4) Deconstructing the World


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