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One Question
Jim Kirwan

After 60 years the Question still lingers. Exactly what is it that ties the still incomplete state of Israel to the United States of America!

These two rouge countries seem to share so many of the same flaws, yet very few of the same theoretical founding principles bear any relationship, from one state to the other. Now sixty years after their invasion of Palestine, Israel seems even less of a coherent 'state' than they were as a disparate people. Many factors have contributed to this conflicted almost paranoid view of themselves, perhaps because they are still uncertain as to just who it is that they really are. But whatever the reasons for their incomplete identity, as a nation or a 'people': their affect upon the rest of the planet has been disastrous. So why does 'America' profess such an undying loyalty to the twisted desires of this still unfinished state of Israel?

Whenever anyone questions why anything happens in the world, the one place to look for answers is usually found in the history of the region or the people, and in their actions on the subject anyone wants to know more about. But what history has to say about Israel is largely a chronicle of continuous war, outrage, and a total hatred of any authority outside themselves.

They officially began as a British protectorate which managed to obtain the Balfour Declaration; after having tormented and terrorized the Brits into giving them what they wanted. Their first serving leaders were former members of their own terrorist organizations. Some say this was tantamount to our rebels who broke with England to help found the fledgling United States from the former thirteen colonies. Yet the difference in time between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries leaves many unanswered questions.  

Israel seems to believe they were born in the flames of conflict, having been attacked by five Arab nations shortly after they declared themselves a State.Without American help, and Harry Truman's sponsorship in the UN, Israel might not have survived their first few steps into the twentieth century. Beyond the similarities in our separate efforts to become free from the dictates of others: There are several other circumstances that seem to fit into a rough pattern. The colonists in America were opposing the world's most powerful Empire, while killing off the natives. Israel began by inserting herself into a region that had become hostile to the idea of their new state, without consideration for the people they sought to kill or displace. However the American colonists were basically poor, while the Zionists were anything but.

Americans had created a most unusual Constitution that threatened the traditional Monarchs and the Old World Order, if they could survive to fulfill the promises that were implied by the rise of this new Republic. Both nations drew on people from other places for their population base.

Israel had no such place in the hearts of the world, they had only money and a biblical claim to lands they said were theirs; coupled with their near-death experience in WWII at the hands of the Nazi's. This attempted 'Holocaust' became their hold card which has been played against the world of the 1930's and 40's, in which a callous world stood by and watched the Nazi's attempt to exterminate the Jews. Is that enough of a reason for the USA to worship and adore all things Israeli today?

Not in light of the fifty years of blood-drenched deeds, during which Israel surpassed the treatment they received under the Nazi's; with their own brutal and unyielding denigration in their occupation and mindless control over the Palestinians that surpassed in practice, what the Nazi's did to the Jews. Torture and imprisonment along with starvation, privation, and the denial of medical services, as well as any humanitarian consideration: all the while that Israel continues to steal the land that no occupier is entitled to.

Yet none of this reaches the Western media, because main-stream reporting on the region always casts the Palestinians as terrorists and the Israeli's as victims: which over-time has become an ever-increasingly monstrous lie. Some have equated the treatment of the Palestinians as synonymous with the way Americans treated our own native populations for over four hundred years, others find a relationship between the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and Israel's treatment of the non-Jews in their midst. To all of this most Americans continue to turn a blind and disinterested eye.

Then there is the matter of military standing in the world. Both Israel and the USA have become rogue states-states that will bomb, kill, maim and destroy in an eyeblink, regardless of national borders and without any consideration for national or international laws, compacts or agreements. Both nations appear to be spoiled brats or teenage thugs that act out of fear and greed, using their armed forces to answer to every bloated whim they see, as being in their own national self-interests.

In the global society of nations, these rogue states are making the world ungovernable. The USA has over 200,000 nuclear weapons, and wants to maintain our unrivaled title to our nuclear club. Israel has anywhere from 200 to 600 nuclear weapons yet still refuses to claim any, while simultaneously refusing to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that virtually every other nation, except India but including Iran, has already joined.

The United Nations that has repeatedly 'condemned' Israel over 65 times, yet Israel is never held to account for ignoring UN resolutions-that is left to every other state that has had problems with the US or Israel to do. Yet no one seems to be bothered by this outrage, and to date it has cost the State of Israel absolutely nothing to ignore the UN, thanks to the protection of the United States. 

Israel and the US have become laws unto themselves, international powers that exist above and beyond all mortal laws and responsibilities:Israel because they claim they are the chosen ones: while the USA does this because there is no state willing to publicly oppose us. So the world is left with these two outlaw-states that can never own enough of anything they might cast their gaze upon. Israel wants The Greater State of Israel, for starters: while the USA seems to have targeted the rest of the world. Is world-wide power the undying bond that ties these two rogue states together, or is it something else? (1)

Where these Outlaw-states come together is in their preferred use of force. What the Israeli's have done in the camps of Palestine, the US is doing in our own military prison system from Gitmo to Abu Ghraib and beyond. The Nazi's had the dreaded SS, but what the US andIsrael are doing in "Their Joint-Venture" (the War OF Terror), makes the SS look like adolescents in grammar-school.

Many Americans believe that the 'wars' over there, are necessary to keep them from coming here. That concept is what we are supposed to believe-however nothing could be further from the truth. These same gullible people have no idea that those 'foreign' wars are already here, on the streets and highways of the USA, right now! If you live in a city you see the privatized-troops that are here to kill you every day, wearing the Uniforms of HOMELAND Security, many of whom are private mercenaries, not  government employees but thugs-and this too has always been part of the real War OF Terror.

These mercenaries, the government calls them "contractors," are killers for hire. They are battle-hardened veterans of dozens of wars in places that most Americans have never heard of. Many are not Americans at all, but are graduates from the School of the Americas, or they come from any number of places where death-squads are as common as daily bread. These human hyenas live to kill and many of them are exceptionally good at what they do. This is the Dictator's privatized-shadow-army. There are hundreds of companies, and hundreds of thousands of these savages for rent worldwide, and some were deployed here during Katrina. Now they are being used to re-train local, state and federal police forces, by secret private contracts, to serve as militarized units for population control when Martial Law replaces civilian rule. (2)

Israel doesn't need these bestial creatures because all their people must serve in the armed forces there. Hence the 'people' of Israel know exactly what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. While Americans take no formal part in the defense of their country, we leave it to immigrants and the poorest among us, to defend the corporations and the rich who all have much better things to do with their time that to get involved in protecting others.    

The second place to look for answers to real questions is usually found when one follows the money. In the case of Israel, the money trail is overstuffed with lavish contributions from the U.S. Treasury, in the many trillions of dollars. What, one might ask. has all that money brought the people of the United States in these last sixty years? It has not been peace or greater security, in fact the exact opposite is true: We have had nothing from Israel but expanding wars and occupations and war-crimes and torture and the virtual enslavement of other people, under the heels of Israeli boots for over four decades. Thanks to our "association and our inexplicable protection of Israel" the world is now a much more dangerous place than it has ever been before!

Again, what has all that US taxpayer money brought to the people of the United States: Is this why the 60th Anniversary of Israel is not being applauded in the USA, or are there far more devious reasons! (3)

Might it be that if the plan for Greater Israel were looked at in depth, we might see that this plan involves taking over the very same nations we are fighting now, and some of those that are about to be attacked as well. This is not being done with the IDF: It is being done with the bloody and damaged American troops, not-so-ably assisted by a huge army of mercenaries (140,000) that taxpayers are also hugely over-paying for, in the same illegal and criminal wars of conquest that were initiated by our dictator and his owners. Why then do we pay Israelso much money ­ for what? (4)

Israel and Mossad are eye-ball deep in everything related to 911, and the son of Mossad's first covert woman-agent is our director of HOMELAND Security, Michael Chertoff. <http://www.rense.com/general77/chert.htm>http://www.rense.com/general77/chert.htm There are films and books by the dozens about all of this, yet Americans still refuse to even Question anything, while so many seem to blindly-embrace Israel, even to the point of killing this nation's actual national security interests; along with everything else that any nation needs to survive!

Why did LBJ want the USS Liberty on the floor of the Mediterranean rather than to allow US Navy fighters to come to the aid of that USship that was being consciously and furiously attacked by the Israeli's? Has Israel been blackmailing us, in addition to stealing our national security secrets! What is the actual motivation behind our unparalleled treatment of this outlaw state? (5)

So much literal hell has been unleashed by these two rogue nations since Israel began its nightmarish journey toward nationhood, that the world must come together to put an end to this very real "Axis of Evil." Whatever it is that forms the answer to this as yet unanswered question, it must be found and terminated: because the world cannot survive the continuing barbarity and the never-ending wars that these two outlaw states keep on creating!

Given the blood of millions that have been slaughtered, damaged or displaced in so many places just to keep this pot of privatized-opportunities at a low boil for booty and pipe-dreams is far too high a price to pay for number-oneness: whether it's for Israeli or American purposes, or whether it's just the latest chapter in the Banker's blood-filled vaults of broken dreams and deaths uncounted. (6)

Instead of celebrating the birth of Israel, we ought to be demanding to know why so many in the US government find Israeli-interests to be so imperative to US national policy-even to the point of endangering the life of this country, just to please the back-stabbing power-mad characters that run the extremist state of Israel.

Maybe it is no longer in our character, maybe we lost that along with our personal nerve: but people must begin again to Question Everything, if we are to survive in this New World Order of private-shadow armies that serve private-shadow governments for very bloody endings that cannot be rewritten or corrected-later, because the end product will be dead people by the millions with chaos and anarchy joining in a global bacchanal! America is no longer free, and it appears that too few care enough to regain that most basic of all freedoms: the simple right to be left alone by one's government!


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