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US Imperialism Is The
Communist Conspiracy

By Dick Eastman
"Once communists have come to power, the next step is to set up the dictatorship of the proletariat. Lenin defined this as 'the rule -- unrestricted by law and based on force -- of the proletariat over the bourgeoisie, a rule enjoying the sympathy and support of the laboring and exploited masses.' This rule is theoretcially exercised by the proletariate, or in other words by the toiling masses of the people. But since the Communist Party considers itself the executive of the proletariate, this rule is exercised in practice by the Communist Party. The definition of the dictatorship of the proletariat, then is 'the rule, based on force and unrestricted by law, of the Communist Party over everybody else.' " 
Communism was devised to serve British merchant banking interests in Benjamin Disraeli's time. The goal was to present a false ideology to compete with the City's mortal enemy that was liberalism in the tradition of John Lock, Gladstone, Cobden and Bright etc. in the UK and the appeal of Jeffersonian liberalism in the US. Communism in every country -- Russia, Eastern Europe, China has been put in power by the money and secret influence of the International Financiers of London and Wall Street whose interests were opposed to the liberalization that was taking place in those countries before they were destabilized and overthrown by Communists. Communism does not end the rule of the organized minority over the unorganized majority -- it actually saves such tyranny from the extinction that the liberal ideas of Locke, Paine, Jefferson, Madison would otherwise have consigned them to. 
You will note that the leaders of the left never attack the power of the Rothschilds, but always the power of liberal governments and in the United States in particular against populist power. The elite of the left is the communist and the controlling elite of the communists are the agents of the Banking interests. 
The Clintons are perfect examples of this. Hillary Clinton was a leftest leader throughout most of her life. But then communist husband and wife were assigned a job by the Communist Underground to take the White House. Then it became impossible for Hillary Clinton to both serve her real masters and to maintain the pose of being a champion of the people -- and now she lies about never having supported NAFTA etc.  
Communism fell in the Soviet Block because it had served the purpose of the Bankers and so the Banker's sent their "Communist" agent Gorbechev to overthrow the Soviet State so the bankers agents -- the Oligarchs (Zionist agents of the Merchant bankers) could -- with the machinery set up by Gorbechev and Yeltsen -- plunder and privatize and buy up (like Bear Stearns was bought up) the wealth of the Russian and the other  former Soviet Union and Soviet Block states.  Today the term liberalism no longer means economic and political freedom under limited government, rather it represents the New Deal -- Great Society -- middle-class devouring  imperialist state -- for a while it was the welfare state -- but when the rich stole from the middle class saying they were going to give it to the poor, they forgot to distribute to the poor and kept it for themselves -- all the money borrowed to fund the boondoggle of the Great Society etc. and where are the results of the "war on poverty" that the Banker-owned left gave us. And the Rockefeller Republicans (Kissinger and Gingrich are Rockefeller assets -- Bush Family are Harriman assets and Harrimans are Rothschild assets in the US etc. -- and McCain -- once under the control of Chinese psychological management when a prisoner in North Vietnam - and the son of a father who led the cover-up of the true nature of Israel's false-flag attack on the USS LIberty (yes, since George C. Marshall top military leaders have included communist controlled traitors.) 
That is probably enough of an introduction for this post from Vicky Davis regarding McCain's recent speech, which reveals that he serves the agenda of those who have set the agenda for communism in order to serve their own ruling-minority agenda for all the power and wealth in the world. Just remember this: Populism, not "the left" or "the right" is what will break the chains of debt slavery, war, and monopoly communism.
American imperialism is the communist conspiracy.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

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