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Where The Freedom Was
Jim Kirwan

The landscape of American political life was created as one huge political distortion based on lies and half-truths that successfully destroyed the ability of most Americans to accurately determine who we were, as well as what we have become.
Largely this came about because unlike other 'isms' we failed to discuss or even to fully understand what exactly is involved in the true nature of unchecked Capitalism, as a philosophy, or as the major component in our lives that it has now become.
Capitalism began its takeover of the Republic when it gained control over the printing and distribution of our money. No major nation would even consider allowing any privately held entity to hold total control over the printing and distribution of their money-supply: yet that is exactly what the USA did when the Federal Reserve System was established in 1913. (1)
This move was in response to the bankruptcy of the Constitutional Republic that became official and secret, in 1913. To escape from this financial death-grip, the Constitutional Republic made A Deal- with-the-Devil that is only now coming to light. That 'deal' created the IRS which is actually the collection arm of the privately held Central Banking System, in which the Fed is the US player among the world's twelve major banks. The money collected by the IRS goes solely to pay the interest on the US money that is printed. Our taxes go back to those Central Banks in the form of interest payments to this Global cabal that is not part of the US government, as these twelve banks are each privately held. The public believes that the Federal Reserve System is part of the US government. The secrecy surrounding the creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and its stranglehold upon the Constitutional Republic was kept well hidden from the public, long enough to create the public myth that the Federal Reserve was and is part of the US Government-but this is not, and never has been true! (2)
Since Christmas Eve 1913, this nation was no longer was bound by the Constitution that was designed to be "of the people, by the people and for the people." Then, with the imposition of the National Security Council, in 1947, the process of the three branches of the government, under the Constitutional Republic were effectively trumped by the Corporate-controlled USA Incorporated: Wherein Government of the Corporations, by the Corporations and for the Corporations, effectively took charge of this nation which was and still is in receivership, due to the bankruptcy of 1913.
What the creation of the NSC called for sounds good, except that once the Double-Speak is decoded it is clear that 'cooperation and coordination' is shorthand for bypassing the congress and the courts while leaving all power directly in the hands of the Executive branch: This is the unchecked Corporate Dictatorship that is now running this country.
"The National Security Act of July 26, 1947, created the National Security Council under the chairmanship of the President, with the Secretaries of State and Defense as its key members, to coordinate foreign policy and defense policy, and to reconcile diplomatic and military commitments and requirements. This major legislation also provided for a Secretary of Defense, a National Military Establishment, Central Intelligence Agency, and National Security Resources Board. The view that the NSC had been created to coordinate political and military questions quickly gave way to the understanding that the NSC existed to serve the President alone. The view that the Council's role was to foster collegiality among departments also gave way to the need by successive Presidents to use the Council as a means of controlling and managing competing departments." (3)
Currently the Decider is violating virtually every law that was created under the Constitutional Republic-yet nothing is done to stop him-because what he is doing is completely legal under the terms of USA INC. He is the Dictator and we are his slaves-whether we know it or not. What is monumentally disturbing is that due to the public's continued ignorance of these facts: virtually nothing will be challenged or reviewed.
Think about why Bush continues to issue his constitutionally illegal signing statements, yet the congress does not challenge him. Why has Hillary refused to sign on to 'reinstituting the Constitution' and why did Obama promise not to seek prosecution of the current administration for the vast and hideous crimes and deceptions throughout the two illegal terms of his reign? Why has congressional oversight of everything that government does been left to starve in the legislative wasteland that mocks the public's right to know! WHY-because they have no authority under USA INC., they're just a left-over part of the cover-story that was needed to get this Coup to this point in time. We could dissolve both the Congress and the Courts if we were honest enough to admit to the truth of what has happened to us-but we cannot admit the truth even to ourselves, because then we too would be complicit with this crime of many decades that has come to be who America really is upon the global stage today.
Ron Paul is no saint, and he is certainly not perfect but he is right about a number of things. The IRS must be dissolved, and the taxes levied against working people must be stopped. The Federal Reserve's charter must be revoked and the United States must take back control over its own money; just as we must reinstall the Constitution of the Republic and outlaw the unchecked Corporation that replaced it.
The usurious "Debt" that was run up under the contrived cover of the Federal Reserve System was illegally created and therefore uncollectable. Those officers of the government that pandered to this secret takeover need to be held for questioning and charged with treason. That is the ugly truth and the only legal way out of this twisted nightmare. Of course it is probably completely impossible given all the inroads throughout this society that have signed-on to this mega-lie at the very root of everything the nation was supposed to be about.
If that last statement is true, then why bring this up now. I'm one of those Americans that believed we had a Constitution, and until I did the work and began turning over the slime-encrusted boulders under which all this was hidden ­ I actually believed that we had a chance against the whirlwind and I still do. Any first step requires as much knowledge as it is possible to obtain, before next-steps are even thinkable. I also wanted to understand why all parties aside from Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney want to keep the illegal powers that the Decider has been using all along.
Treason has openly become the operative currency in American politics, just as actual patriotism has become a dirty-word. Censorship, Double-Speak and Terror of Everything about-to-be have become our watchwords now; since we have sacrificed our freedoms for a token of security that is unattainable.
We have been content to only watch while every column of this Republic has been systematically dismantled in the name of self- preservation. And thanks to the removal of the separating wall between religions and the State, we are about to be flooded by tidal waves of racial and religious hatreds that shall sweep away whatever's left of that dream that once seemed to promise each citizen, a chance to live his or her own life as they deemed fit- without intrusions from either the state or from any overly zealous religious edicts.
This country was born from the blood of the massacre of its native populations. We then continued those colonial polices on a global scale and in so doing we have earned the enmity and fear of the entire planet. It is one thing to fight to actually defend this nation from a direct attack-an opportunity that we now have as the facts actually have made clear. It is another thing entirely to make war upon the rest of the planet because we have placed ourselves and our desires above all the other people in this world.
The true enemies of this country are known, if you do the work, and if you care about the truth of what you'll find. But to continue to simply swallow what you're being fed by those who say they own the world and every person in it, is a travesty that cannot go unnoticed forever. The price of that knowledge is very high, but at least it can bring an end to the blatant lies and the barbarity that we continue to practice while we torture, imprison and destroy the lives of so many millions around this planet!
No one can know the outcome if we do not even try to change the nightmare for a new beginning-but time grows shorter with every passing moment!
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