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From Betrayal To Failure
On The Road To Empire

Jim Kirwan
The lies that got us into the unilateral and illegal war on Iraq did not stop with our invasion, rather they have only continued throughout our occupation and all our subsequent failures in everything we've undertaken since that fateful day in 2003!
Cheney promised the world a three month cakewalk, and a democracy in the Middle East that would vindicate all these illegal actions which the US Dictator launched over five years ago.
What is finally clear now is that the tens of millions who opposed this war from before it began were RIGHT! And the Owners who demanded that this crime be committed were WRONG!
Just look at the record. We needlessly destroyed a nation and wrecked the Archives of 7,000 years of world history in the bargain. We have killed over two-million Iraqi's, displaced another two-million in-country, and over two million more have fled the conflict to other nations. This does not count the maimed and wounded or the millions of other lives virtually destroyed as road- kill in the race to achieve 'Empire.'
We have lost all credibility in the eyes of the world because we have killed any TRUST in anything we say we're doing, anywhere on the planet. 'Facts' are not 'facts,' when their supposed truths cannot be acted upon; so this 'problem' (the absence of trust) shall remain active for a many decades and cannot be altered by a simple change in the puppet that occupies the White House: Another unrecognized bonus for the survivors of this New (Old) World Order!
The visible costs in treasure alone now exceeds twelve billion dollars a month, or roughly three billion ($3,000,000,000.00) a week that has been poured down a privatized rat-hole that benefits only the most secret no-bid contractors and yet appears to have no affect at all upon the WAR. All of this is traceable back to Cheney's theft of US Energy policy shortly after the first inaugural of the current Dictator: one George W. Bush, a fourth generation Nazi-sympathizer and the second in that Dynasty to occupy the White House, as decreed not by the voters, but by the Owners of our money. (1)
As further proof of the failure of our military plans, we have now begun to bomb some of the areas around Baghdad just like the Israeli's routinely bomb and strafe Gaza and the West Bank. Wholesale slaughter delivered by US fighter jets, operating against the civilian population without regard for whom or how many, these US pilots will randomly slaughter including women and children! Nineteen more died just the other day in Sadir City, just because another failed American general decided to show his contempt.
The solution in Iraq is total and complete withdrawal coupled with mandatory reparations as the only way to actually end the quagmire. To continue to 'Stay the Course' would be final and fatal to everything else that is currently still at stake anywhere else in the Middle East!
This was all only a small part of the global-power-grab by the new Colonialists (the subjugation of one people to another) that have revised this ancient criminal activity, and turned that treachery completely upside down. In the older forms of this once popular slave trade, people were the sought after commodity, along with the property and wealth of the formerly independent countries that were stolen. The Owners want to keep the property and resources, along with whatever other wealth they can still steal.
However under the Owners new idea, people in particular, are now the enemies of their idealized state of being. Consequently, the Owners are currently using WAR to eliminate huge parts of the global population whether through various Holocausts, such as the continuing one in Palestine, or the growing one in Sudan" or through the free range of diseases, food and water shortages, or the global tragedies that remain unanswered like Hurricane's Andrew (2) and Katrina.
Since the Owners cannot manage even a country the size of Iraq, it appears that they will definitely not be successful when they attempt to take down what remains of the United States. We have 320,000 troops and mercenaries combined in Iraq now, and we cannot hold territory or direct operations within the political framework. Initially there were 27 million in Iraq, and here there are somewhere near 320 million, and the USA is a far larger territory that once they begin to attempt to take us over, will be violently hostile to whatever forces they attempt to use against us.
Their solution is to divide us into cops and citizens as in "if you're not 'cop,' you're little people." This is the application of the Dictator's axiom: If you're not with us, you're against us!" However there are a hell of a lot more of "us" than there ever could be of "them," which makes that threat wilt under closer examination.
Another of their lofty enterprises is to Crash the Cash Economy. You can see the beginnings of the Owners attempts to require credit card use in far too many places now; yet this too can never work, especially in the world economies. There will always be the Black Markets, and the Cash Economies, because there are just too many poor people to do anything else.
But just as in Iraq, the tacticians designed a plan that does not take reality into their equations-so this too shall fail.
Listening to the Crocker-Betrayal, given by the US political- liaison Crocker, and General Petraius yesterday it is clear that we are never going to leave if that decision is left to these two failures. Why is Bush still calling himself "Commander-in-Chief "if he refuses to command, and he's not a chief of anything except a mountain of lies? In real wars "The buck stops with the president" ­ in this charade the Dictator apparently wants to have someone to blame, but will not take responsibility for these two wars that he has already lost! What will it take to break up this farce that is not like any other war we have ever fought in! This nation has been bankrupted, we have done nothing of any military consequence, and now the best we can "hope for" is to leave Iraq just as it was when Saddam was "in-charge."
We have angered the entire planet with all this chest pounding and unchecked talk of still more wars: People need to start telling these stateless American idiots that they are insane, and that they should be relieved of command at all levels from congressional committee heads, to the yes-men on the general staff, but especially the entire cabinet and the whole upper echelon of the administration: We have been Betrayed by everyone in Washington, and we need to clean house completely. If we do not do this there will be no end in sight-ever!
Lots of people claim to want to want to "know" what to do. It's not the knowledge as in "Know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free" ­ NO, it's the actions that we take, after we KNOW the TRUTH that will keep us free!
This happened to the people in Germany, just like it's happening to us here and now, we need to take a page from history and learn from their mistakes and ours: because we are all running out of time to deal with these criminals.
This game is nearly over and the Owners are losing it all!
1) The Bush Family and the Nazi's ­ 10 minute video
2) Deadly Silences ­ The Hurricane Andrew Coverup
3) The Fascist Blueprint - it can happen here
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