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Dump The System -
Give Me Back My Life!

By Jim Kirwan
Actually, I think I was born in the wrong age - I should've been part of the Pagan world at its Zenith. Today's idiocy is predicated on so many hangovers that were brought to us by the Victorian Age' that ultimate world of zero tolerance and imperial superiority complexes based on religious edicts that had no bearing on the lives or the welfare of real human beings. Even then the lusts of greed and power were as alive and well as they are under Zionism today, they just did a much better job of hiding their true intentions than today's crowd does,
Growing up in Oklahoma, I remember that every election was about cleaning up the corruption starting with pornography, prostitution, gambling and bootleggers. This was supposed to equal control, control, control. Instead what happened was that every "new" politician, preacher, judge or sheriff simply took over the existing businesses and raised prices. People were no better off, life continued with the proviso that all your "sins" were simply going to cost you more. Elmer Gantry was a staple of Oklahoma Life, along with Jimmy Swaggart, and the whole host of dealers in the dirt of life (according to them).
No one ever seriously considered that the whole problem might lay with the totally skewed insanity that the Victorian Age brought to power. (At its height prostitution had never been higher, right along with Syphilysis and all other STD's) This involved the principle of placing a giant padlock on the liquor cabinet door and telling the kids:  "NEVER TOUCH WHAT'S BEHIND THAT DOOR." Which of course guaranteed that they would ALWAYS find a way!
What enlightened me a bit more came from the prostitutes, street-walkers, pimps, and dealers that lived in some of the hotels (flea-bags) that figured in my early youth. I spent many a night talking till dawn on the stoops of those decaying structures - listening to the music from a drifting vagabond, or dealing with the real life abuses that the local vice-squad were always dreaming up, but also there was the beginning of "COYOTE" the association that attempted to unionize the sex trade: They at least made sense, and I decided that if they could get what they were after - licensed houses with doctors and protection, clean and tax-paying businesses - then I could probably spend some time improving on Greek and Roman murals, that attempted (poorly) to depict desire and passion as an everyday part of lust and life. I wanted to create much more subtle work that might even be considered something that went beyond just sex.
Of course that idea makes too much sense, and if it were tried, even today, the public might actually change their minds about a whole lot of things that have become so strict and idiotic that life itself has become strangled in the millions of cogs that society has now placed between people and their desire to live their own lives as they see fit - rather than surrendering all aspects of their lives to this blue-nosed idea of RIGID & Completely-Artificial-Morality as is still being brought to us by corrupt churches, corrupt politicians and now by thoroughly outlaw-oriented police and government agencies that IS FAR FAR WORSE THAN ANYTHING THAT ANY CITIZEN COULD EVER WANT TO DO WITH THEIR LIVES.
Corruption, just like prostitution has been with us always, and it's most active step-child is the totally rigid code of ethics that only a machine could aspire to having. Damn all these 'holier-than-thou people in whatever area of life they seek to use their own professional positions to shield themselves, while they indulge themselves, in committing the same actions that they have spent their entire lives supposedly opposing. By the time I was 15 I knew all this crap was bogus, just another shell in the massive series of shell games that this society is so proud to have created.
It's over and we're going down for everything we've stood for: and that includes all of this garbage that says some people are superior to others because of blood or gender or birth, or nationality. That's just part of the' same old game' with higher stakes, and a smaller group of insider's to rake off all the profits! 
To Hell with all of it and since corruption has become the RULE and is no longer the exception in today's "world" - that only means that we'll all be heading for the wall at ten-times the speed we were already going before we opted FOR everything forbidden by virtually all the natural laws, and even the corrupted ones we tried to add ourselves...
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