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The World Starves As Zionist
Bankers Grow Fat

By Michael James in Germany
We've all read the headlines and we all know, or think we know, why the world is now poised on the brink of starvation. It's "climate change". It's the growing demand for protein in formerly poor countries. It's the business cycle. It's poor planning and the "just-in-time" food delivery chain that has collapsed on account of rising fuel costs. It's all these things, you think, and more.
They'll give you a thousand different reasons why entire societies, especially in Haiti and Africa, are now living on clay-patties mixed with oil and dusted sugar. The mainstream media will garnish you with the answers you can sleep with. Nothing to do with Pharisaic money-market speculators. It's basic economics, pure and simple. Natural shortages. Problem solved: go to sleep.
But take a look at your own grocery bill. Seems rather at variance with what you were paying just six months ago, doesn't it? You're not yet ready to riot, as they have been doing in Senegal, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, Haiti, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, Argentina, Columbia and Brazil. But you're concerned. And someone, somewhere, wants you to take that concern to bed with you and sleep on it even more.
It worries you. And they feed of off your fear. It's their nourishment.
However, step out of the Zionist Jewish Control Matrix and look around you, wherever you are. Do you not see that God has supplied all of our needs in abundance, with much more to spare? Where apparent "shortages" exist, we all have the collective ability to relieve the worst effects of suffering wherever it is to be found. We are all made in the image of God, and if we reflect on that image, what we see are endless possibilities rather than artificial limitations. Do you not doubt for one moment that the providence of this wonderful planet upon which we live can supply a hundredfold the needs of billions more human beings than we have in the world today?
It is one of the great tragedies of the human species that not only are we so few in numbers (a mere 6.5 billion beautiful human beings), but that we seem unable to withstand the endless trauma- based abuse inflicted upon us by an evil and occult elite of Judeo- Masonic cabbalists. These people, whether Zionist Jews or Freemasons (collectively known as Satanists) have for centuries dedicated their efforts toward the depopulation of the "Goyim" (non- Jewish people) in an attempt to thwart God's plan for the full realisation of our potential to reach the stars and beyond. And their agenda is clearly spelled out in the Georgia Guidestones, The Talmud and the Protocols of Zion, the latter of which is a composite rendition of a manifesto written by the "Elders" of World Jewry, an authentic document that has semantically defied all attempts to disprove its authenticity.
The mainstream media will always give you a sound and "rational" reason for a calamity somehow beyond the best exigent thinking of our "ever caring" political elites. A G8 summit meeting of the world's satanic prefects has been convened to discuss the problem of global starvation. And as a consumer of everything you're told by those ever-so-polite ladies and gentlemen on the BBC or the crop- haired Jewish lesbian frontages who earnestly face-file you with the "bare facts" on CNN, you naively believe them. After all, whom can you trust to tell you the truth?
Let's not mention Israel's thieving war for Iraqi oil now on transit to the port of Haifa and its Antichrist designs on complete regional hegemony that have already cost the lives of one million Iraqis. Or the imperialistic strangulation of Russia and China and a concomitant fake Tibetan revolution in the name of the demonic Dalai Lama, a deceitfully charming CIA asset in a pink girlie blouse. Or Monsanto's Kissingerian drive toward universal food crop monopolies and demand-destruction in the name of the "global warming" hoax. Or state-financed organised terrorism to keep us all in a state of fear, running to our "caring" governments for protection from the people they trained to kill us. Or the outsourcing of jobs and manufacturing industries to deliberately impoverished nations grateful for the Jewish shekel and other acts of usurious sodomy. No, let's not mention these breaches in conversational niceties.
It all sounds rather "anti-Jewish", doesn't it? And, oh, my golly gosh, who wants to be labelled "anti-Jewish"? Just think of the awful "holocaust", which we know to be indisputably true thanks to Stephen Spielberg, reels of spotty old film footage of some rather sickly-looking people who resemble typhus victims and Nuremberg confessions extracted at the expense of crushed testicles. After all, my bank manager, employer, publisher, physician, investment fund manager, lawyer, socialist senator, conservative rep, insurer, abortionist, and local feminist activist are all Jews. How can we not trust them?
And aren't Jewish scientists at the forefront of combating that nasty old global warming catastrophe, warning us that we must consume less and breed far fewer white children, whom we all know leave a "carbon footprint" ten times greater than your local neighbourhood Somali kid?
Hey, buy it if you want. Millions do. But the whores who call themselves journalists who work for CNN, the BBC, the NYT, the Washington Post, ITV, the Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, the Bild-Zeitung or any other Zionist-owned outlet you care to mention will never for one moment tell you that the world upon which we live is so richly abundant in resources that it could support ten times our current population. Nor will they tell you that only a fraction of this planet's vast mineral resources have been unearthed and exploited for the good of all mankind, perhaps coveted by the International Race at a time when we're safely out of the way.
Why aren't they telling us the truth? Why are they selling us the myth of "Peak Oil"? Why are they flogging us this "man-made" global warming bullshit even in the face of statistics that demonstrate sustained global cooling? Why are they saying that every switched- on light bulb is a crime against humanity when there exists absolutely no authoritative evidence of energy scarcity on the face of this vibrantly energetic planet?
Because they fear us. They hate us. They don't want us here.
Those who control the print media, television, radio, the banks, the organs of government, the universities and every influential organisation you can think of number just 13 to 17 million people worldwide. By sheer coincidence (and here I must profess my absolute shock and utter astonishment), most of them just happen to be Jews.
Could there be some reason why this very special race of people, whom we all know as the Shining Ones especially buttered and salted by the Great Bagel in the Sky, seek to cull our numbers by means of climate hoaxes, artificially-caused shortages and starvation in addition to the many wars they have already ignited over the last several centuries? Surely not. For are these not the people their "god" once described as "a light unto the nations".
Unfortunately, dear reader, they are not.
As I stated in my article 'The Baphomet Conspiracy and the Laboratory of Fear': "It is important to remember that the Children of Israel, including the Judahites and Judeans, were not the same people as the Jews (Idumeans), who were a mongrel Canaanite people descended from Cain and Esau (the dispossessed elder brother of Jacob) given over to the worship of Baal and Baphomet. Modern Jewry readily admits this today, just as the Jewish Pharisees did in the time of Jesus when they told him: "We were never in bondage [captivity]."
This is of crucial importance to those who consider themselves Christians, but who worship the father of the Jews, whom Jesus rightly identified as Satan. Knowing this, you will understand why Jews and crypto-Jews worked assiduously to spawn the evil term "Judeo-Christian", an oxymoron that literally describes a Christian who has been deceived by a vengeful Esau into worshipping Lucifer. To call yourself a "Judeo-Christian" is tantamount to referring to yourself as a "Satanic-Christian".
In the original Masoretic texts and the very first edition of the King James Bible, a very clear distinction was made between these impostors (the despised and hated "Idumeans", which spawned the Herod dynasty), Judeans, and Judahites. Later editions simply merged the racial terms so as not to confuse the reader (no Ritalin in those days). Thanks to modern education and the treasonous Catholic and Protestant established churches, handsomely financed by Jewish publishing concerns (and Judaized clerics), those very subtle but all-too-important differences were lost in a flurry of wearying academic nuances. So, almost overnight the Idumeans, Judeans and Judahites all became known as "Jews", which is like classifying an Icelander and a Chinaman as an "African".
We have all been deceived as to the true identity of the "Jews", and they laugh at us for our ignorance. And gullible Christians send them their paychecks, buying bullets by which the Children of Satan murder Palestinian children, the nearest descendants of the ancient Israelites. How ironic.
Jews are not, and have never been, the "chosen people". On the contrary, they have been rightly identified down through the ages as a mongrel people possessed of particular malignant and viciously infernal traits that have caused great distress to the host nations they have infested. They know fine well that the real Chosen People are those, predominantly of European stock, who recognised and accepted the Judean-Celtic (Gaul-i-lean) Christ as God Almighty, who warned his people (you), and continues to warn them, of the perfidious Jew and his irremediably evil ways.
The world is starving on account of the selfish occult agenda of a demonically possessed race that has hypnotised the entire world into believing its intentions are benign and "scripturally" founded. This tiny group of deceitful, self-seeking parasites appropriately embodies the beguiling Serpent in the Garden of Eden, whose smooth talk and seductive words led to the fall of the pure, unblemished Adamic race. We continue to believe the lies and false promises that emanate from the Serpent's mouth. We buy its crooked investment strategies, its falsified history and fables, its corrupt and perniciously destructive "entertainment", its pharmaceuticals, its lawsuit enticements, its so-called "literature", its attempts at music, its "science", its wars, and its litany of self-replicating deceptions and myths.
The Serpent's war to destroy its perceived enemies and seize their respective oil reserves has forced even some of the richest nations in the world to process life-sustaining food crops into combustible fuel. These evil bastards knew full well that the consequences of their esoterically veiled wars would lead to world hunger, and that's exactly what they want: the revival of international communism under Jewish leadership, a One World Government and a Jewish-run central global bank.
They've already made great headway with the reconstructed German Communist Party, "Die Linke", under the leadership of the evasively cunning Jew, Gregor Gysi. Nicolas Sarkozy, another Jew, would willingly play the socialist card for the chance of a game at the table of international usury. I could name more, many of them crypto-Jews, but you already know who they are.
But they have a shock coming. For the revolutions that will convulse the world will be patriotic, nationalist revolutions that will forever provide our people, our children and our cultures with a new kind of forward-looking, truly democratic, nation-based "Volksgemeinschaft" that will provide fertile soil for a new renaissance in European and North American science, art, education, healthcare and industry. In this society, there will be no room for the speculative and usuriously destructive Jew. He may go where he will, but among us he shall no longer be welcome.
But as yet, half the world is starving on account of Zionist derivate meltdowns brokered by Jews in May 2005, Judaic speculative banking mendacity and a soon-coming 516-trillion commodities derivatives catastrophe that will make a nuclear war look like a nice day to go sunbathing. These financial disasters were long in the planning, and the smart Jewish money got out a long time ago. They have it all planned down to a tee.
And there you are, my fellow Europeans and Americans. You sit at home and vegetate on your Paxil, Zoloft, six-pack beers and Jewish television pornography, or work three jobs to finance a mortgage you can no longer afford. You pay no end of taxes into a system that exists only to enrich the Shylock interest-takers on the illegal loans transacted by the traitors you elected to Congress or Parliament. You send your boys and girls to die for sewage vermin who spit at Christians in the streets of Jerusalem and whose Talmud says that Jesus is forever boiling in a vat of Jewish excrement and that his mother was a whore.
Each and every day, you make a conscious decision to ignore God's Natural Laws by refusing to arraign and execute the hideously treacherous scum you at least tacitly recognise as your national leaders: filth, real human excreta who go by the names of Gordon Brown, David Miliband, Jack Straw, Queen Elisabeth, George Bush, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Blair and the many nameless minions who run the United Nations and the European Union, both of which are unlawful and illegal corporations which must surely perish by either popular mandate or under a storm of fire.
And each and every day, you allow this walking, talking shite to throw your hard-earned taxes into the bottomless coffers of bankrupt Jewish banking scams that have brought the world to the point of endless war and decades of inflation, unemployment, poverty, disease and depopulation.
I cry for you. Because I am you.
Whether you are an American, Englishman, Irishman, Australian, Scotsman, Welshman, Canadian, German or any other kind of ancestral European, let me tell you this: Whatever your income or station in life, you are the salt of the earth and the Chosen of God above all others. He actually died for you: to save you from the wickedness of the Jews.
Between you, there are no differences; and where such differences exist, let them be a source of strength to us and not hinder us in the fight against the Enemy of Mankind, International Zionism and World Jewry.
For those of you who have been heartbroken, left homeless, wounded, marginalised, forced into addiction, exploited, abused, humiliated, abandoned, impoverished, dismissed by the Jewish media as "white trash" and made to feel as if your life is not worth living, I have a message for you, my brothers and my sisters: YOU ARE ROYALTY!
Now claim your throne.
Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.
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