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Creating Success
One Failure at a Time
Jim Kirwan
When Orwell introduced the world to 'Doublespeak' in his classic book, "1984," few could have imagined just how twisted this world could become.
Now we are living in it and very few have any clue as to what's it's really all about. From Betrayal to Failure talked about the failures of the Owners, when it comes to what they said they were aiming to achieve; however their real targets were reached and in many cases were surpassed. I'd like to explore the reality beneath the Doublespeak, along with the real results as some of their mini- quests near completion.
Toward the Establishment of the State of Israel: This was begun under the umbrella of the British Empire and was undertaken by the House of Rothschild and the other eleven families that own the central banks of the world. This project is still unfinished as this recent map so clearly shows!
Yet The State of Israel after 62 years still has no clearly defined borders, and no clear mandate to rule over this blood-soaked piece of land. The War on Iraq and the coming War on Iran are only the latest chapters in the continuing Crusades that began in 1095 and lasted some 250 years. (1)
The Crusaders, like the Owners in our 'War on Terror,' were colonial instruments of power in search of potential conquest, by the West against the East, long before oil became a valuable commodity. The one constant that connects the ancient failed Crusades with today's wars is the financing. The ownership of the world's money is still the key to everything. The twist here is that failing in the wars can be seen as a major success; if creating profits was the goal instead of merely military victories.
In the course of this intractable and one-sided bloodbath over who should be allowed to live and who must die in Palestine: what can be seen is the failure of the Owners of the Western Colonial Powers to impose their will upon a people determined to be free. Palestine was to be only the first step, soon to have been followed by Iran and Iraq along with Syria and Lebanon to finish the criminal- imposition of the Greater State of Israel over all these now separate and still besieged nations. This is most of what is driving the coming attacks that will plunge the world into a global nightmare.
The quagmire in Palestine was created by the Palestinian resistance to the Zionists, in the still unfinished State of Israel. This is and has always been, financed by the House of Rothschild. This is also true of the United States of America, because the American colonies never succeeded in escaping from their original monetary ties to the Old World Empires also funded largely by these same twelve families that still run the central banks of the world. (2)
Many people want to make this into an "All Jews" blame game, but this misses the reality of what is happening throughout 'the War-on- Terra.' The owners are not solely from any one race or religion, because their 'god' is Money & Power only. To do what these people have done has taken millions of others that are not Jewish, or Zionists, or who even have any direct connection to the State of Israel. These facilitators share the goals of the Owners, in the profits that they seek for themselves, but they are not directly connected. To leave these individuals and organizations out of the equation is to overlook 'the way things work.'
Profits & Losses: Humanity is losing on every front, in the new wars that appear to have been designed for unending slaughter: Because global depopulation is also a major part of their long- range goals. Their real goal is to keep everything in chaos because every hour of every day that the situation remains unstable, the profits continue to roll into the pockets of the elite in their privatized billions upon billions, while the thirsty world begins to starve.
Money: along with power over global supplies of oil and water is undergoing massive changes that were designed to crash the currency to prevent the world from having an actual redistribution of the wealth of the planet. This is the point of all these changes, in order to keep all control over money and power in the hands of the Owners.
As the total-corruption of all semblance of national and international law deepens, the corporations and many of the compromised governments that now serve the Owners and not their own people; have begun their final push, to take back all the money that anyone might have made in the last series of bubbles. To do this a whole array of new policies has been crafted to take back social security, to upend the cash economy, to block whatever profits might be due for all the long hard years of work that so many did in order to retire with some security.
At the end of the 1950's when the veterans of WWII were ready to retire, the government changed the rules and kicked out hundreds of thousands just before they were due to retire. The same thing happened throughout American industry to people that in many cases had worked their whole lives for a single company; only to be denied retirement benefits by some slight of hand just before their use-by-dates came due.
This way the companies got to keep what they actually owed their former slaves, just as the government kept what the GI's had earned in the military. This is where the Owners got their inspiration for this twisted idea of theirs: To crash the economy in order to prevent those who earned their own profits from obtaining the use of that money.
As a prelude to the current disaster we had some major bubbles: the Dot-com boom, the real-estate boom, and now the financial-boom ­ all of which has, or will result in, those most heavily invested going bust! The profits from these bubbles reside with the Owners, and the suckers get both the dregs and the bills.
The Owners are playing with the economy of the planet, using their ownership of the water and the food, the money and the profits to control the global population. "WAR" has become a sidebar, along with the sex and slave trade that goes hand-in-hand with legal and illegal drugs that continue to make hundreds of billions for the Money-Changers on the dark side of the world's economies.
Between the Acts: Right now we are in an intermission; between Acts One and Two. And as we wait for the other half of 911 to take us into Martial Law we can see that perhaps the directors have too many balls in the air to succeed. But we must also see how much they have already achieved.
The public is no longer a threat to them, because the laws have been compromised and crushed along with the Constitution and all of our supposed human and civil rights. Our institutions have gone along with the wholly owned private media that thrives on the public's airwaves, while our watchdog agencies have become police- state monitors of everything we think or say or do.
Our civil and police agencies have been militarized and privatized, and our prisons have become labor camps that pay pennies for jobs that real people used to have. Our borders have been turned into employment agencies for those who will take our jobs for half of what they should be paid-and the result of this wholesale sell-out of the American work force has been the fleecing of the entire safety net that was meant to protect the lives of Americans in trouble. (3)
To understand this we must go back to when it all began. Back to a gentlemen's club in London, around the time of Darwin that envisioned a New World Order-a perfect world as they saw it. That was their stated goal. The second sentence in their creed called for 'the total destruction of the existing world, in order that they might replace what was, with their perfect-little-world where no one questioned anything and where everyone obeyed their face- less but duly appointed masters.'
Everytime the world approaches real change or even the possibility of having any real wealth from the sweat of their labor, then the Owners step in and change the rules again. The difference this time is that because of the technological advances that they now have ­ it is finally possible for them to do this on a global scale, instead having to do it one small nation at a time. In this effort the war-machine of the military industrial and congressional complex, is only one of the weapons that the owners have arrayed against us. The weather, along with food and water and air, as well as pollution are all being used to herd the public into the pits and corrals which have designed to hold those that might still be of some use to the Owners. Everything from sociology and psychiatry through medicine and insurance to education and human interactions is now slanted in favor of the Doublespeak world of Big Brother and the red-shield of the House of Rothschild.
Parts of this needed rebellion happened before during the Italian Renaissance, and after the Second World War with the GI Bill.
Overlooked by this obsession with Conquest; the Crusades of old also indirectly gave the West much that we still value today. The Renaissance is part of what can happen when people learn from history, rather than to just try and own it; but these rare exceptions are almost unique in the long forced march of tyranny down through the ages.
"The Renaissance began in northern Italy and then spread through Europe. Italian cities such as Naples, Genoa, and Venice became centers of trade between Europe and the Middle East. Arab scholars preserved the writings of the ancient Greeks in their libraries. When the Italian cities traded with the Arabs, ideas were exchanged along with goods. These ideas, preserved from the ancient past, served as the basis of the Renaissance. When the Byzantine Empire fell to Muslim Turks in 1453, many Christian scholars left Greece for Italy. "
The Renaissance was much more than simply studying the work of ancient scholars. It influenced painting, sculpture, and architecture. Paintings became more realistic and focused less often on religious topics. Rich families became patrons and commissioned great art. Artists advanced the Renaissance style of showing nature and depicting the feelings of people. In Britain, there was a flowering in literature and drama that included the plays of William Shakespeare. The Crusaders returned to Europe with a new understanding of the world." (4)
If there is any solace amid the nightmare above it comes from something that GWH Bush said in the June, 1992:
"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."
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