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'UFO Drones' - CGI Desktop
Computer Creations

With the continual appearance of these 'ufo drones' in the news, it is time, again, to try to balance things out with the following examples of how easy it is to create faked images... and video footage of them.
In the following links, the poster named 'saladfingers' created these images to show the drone shots were not only easily-accomplished as stills, but he then put them in motion.
He not only rebuilt the drone in a 3D/CGI program, which alone is an accomplishment, but matched the lighting conditions --- something fairly automated with higher end 3D/CGI animation programs (ie, the Hati UFOs, which were very impressive -- only we came to find out even the palm trees and scenery were cgi, too!)
Here are three links which tell the story clearly...
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