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A Carnival Of Madness
By Judith Moriarty
What is not being reported on the 'news' in the U.S., is the billion dollar walled 'embassy' (really a small town of several thousand) being constructed, which in reality, is the new headquarters for the 'oil ministry' - serving U.S. Oil conglomerates in the U.S. The 'Hydro-Carbon Law' - written here by U.S. energy interests, is the only holdup. The Iraqi people do not want their oil given away as war booty. Meantime, private equity firms, are investing in a huge Disney World theme park - outside the Green Zone.
Part of this will include (slated to be completed in July) a MILLION dollar skateboard park! The U.S. is sending over thousands of skateboards and ramps. 
The private equity firms, involved in this Iraqi theme park, pontificate about Sunni's and Shiite's congregating together, and how they need this positive influence! Yes - a Disney World theme park in the midst of war - a carousel of madness. The Baghdad Mayor made the deal with these investors (sum unknown) giving them a fifty year lease. Before Gulf War I, and the newest five year conflict, Iraq had several parks (all bombed) for youngsters.
They also had the best medical services in the middle east, colleges, (free) and state of the art hospitals. You see, besides the mantra from the media, of Saddam being the most evil monster of modern times - ( Kim Jong wins hands down with all of North Korea a prison camp), he made the mistake of nationalizing the oil. He invested the monies in schools, hospitals, the infrastructure etc. This angered the U.S., in that surrounding countries - invest in U.S. weaponry - thus ensuring billions in profits for the military industrial complex.
Also, Saddam insisted in being paid in Euros for oil - not American dollars. Not reported (above) are the walls being built throughout Baghdad, separating Sunnis and Shiites, who, up until our pre-emptive war, never had a problem with one another. Before - theme parks - the greatest need is WATER, LIGHTS, affordable fuel (it costs Iraqis 5 cents a gallon under Saddam - now its the same price as U.S. fuel), water treatment plants, hospitals (now empty hovels) and schools! There is no work, because the private contracting firms of the U.S., now import cheap labor from Bangladesh, the Philippines etc. Bremer (now living in Vermont) not only dismantled the Iraqi army (thus creating thousands of militants), but he closed all the state owned factories. His idea was to have U.S. firms come in - thus privatizing them all.
The hydrocarbon law (written by an American firm) will give 2/3 of Iraqi oil to foreign (American) investors - thus the holdup in realizing victory! We can't leave Iraq - we can't leave these billions of barrels of yet untapped oil fields to the Chinese/Russians. These oil predators will bankrupt ( $5000 a second for this invasion - borrowed) American for this booty. This is why McCain, in one of his more lucid moments said, we'd stay a hundred years - a thousand. He neglected to elaborate on how important these oil fields are - thus time is of no consequence or the deaths of multitudes.
Little Ali above (now living in UK) will not be enjoying the new theme park. Our purple sweater little girl - was killed during the 'surgical' strikes of 'Shock and Awe' - which Americans watched on TV, complete with commercials of Carnival Cruise . Thousands more who suffered the same fate - (upwards of one million Iraqis have died) will miss the skate board park, water slides, turbaned cartoon characters.
Others who will miss out on this new theme park (built by the same contractors who did Disney world) are the thousands of children, being born deformed (or dead), due to the U.S. (since Gulf War I) using depleted uranium in weaponry. It 'cuts through metal like butter'. Besides the butter analogy - it also, upon exploding releases billions of invisible radiated particles, (half life 4 billion years) that are breathed in (military and Iraqi citizen alike). This causes chromosome/genetic mutations, cancers, kidney damage, neurological impairment etc. It is passed by returning military, to their spouses, through sperm (contaminated equipment and clothing). The severity of those affected, depends on their proximity (length of time) to these explosions, contaminated tanks, sitting on ammo boxes etc. Iraq, being an arid country, with massive sand storms, results in these particulates being blown all over the mid east. This is forever destruction!
These are surreal times we live in. We're trapped in an epic Twilight Zone program - of melting clocks, groundhog day politicking, monopoly money burning up the presses, Washington dinners, millions of foreclosed homes, echoing factories, lead coated toys, and millionaire canidates - slurping down cheap whiskey - advising those in rural America (which they'll never visit again), how gosh darn challenging it will be, going to some 2 year community college, and starting life over at age 50 ! Of course, the banks, utility companies, and food markets will put your bills on hold - until you graduate and compete with Bill Gates, and Hillary's, hundreds of thousands of imported guest workers, along with the millions of unemployed U.S. workers. We're trapped in this maddening theme park with mutant gargoyles tending the rides. There is no off switch. 
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