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Black Friday's Back!
Jim Kirwan
The numbers sizzle across the wires, the world can no longer be deceived: this huge dark problem that was once called the United States of America is no more!
On Black Friday the fourteenth, the first of many mini-disasters began to unfold in the cleansing glare of sunlight for all to see and ponder. Bear-Sterns is on the ropes and waiting for another infusion of money, still wet with freshly printed ink, while the military flagship of The Iron Triangle, the storied Carlyle Group, fell to less than ten percent of its supposed value. (1)
The owners have been playing fast and loose with fate and apparently this roll of the dice represented one-too-many chances-taken, even for their unquenchable greed to carry. That's the public perception, but in reality this was all carefully planed, and is coming to pass with stupefying speed.  First there was the dot-com bubble, followed by the housing-bubble, and now we come to the last and largest of them all ­ that inherent built-in bubble that was once their impregnable Iron Triangle which was going to guarantee global dictatorship, to be purchased of course, with other people's money! (2)
Not only is the nightmare descending, but the conspiratorial-dreamers are being stripped of even the shredded scraps of their once secure masks that used to protect their real identities. "The times they are a-changing!" The old world is collapsing just as the twenty-first century is trying to flee from the crime-scene of their long standing creations. While this drama is unfolding, the trembling crowd still stands in silence-watching without seeing-while this world that was built by others begins to melt away into the criminal-oblivion of too many dreams-denied!
These are only some of the clear indicators that the Nightmare is imploding, in much the same way as the three World Trade Towers imploded into their own footprints. The causes of these financial failures are as connected to 911 as surely as the owners are directly connected to the Zionist principles of power and greed worldwide. Just as those three towers were mined with explosives, months before they were imploded, it is equally clear that these financial implosions are not caused by ordinary financial pressures: but were initiated by massive criminal enterprises performing on cue, to finish the destruction of what was once this nation's solid-financial base. The owners made their deal-with-the-devil almost a hundred years ago, and now it's time for the little people to pay and for the owners to begin to rake in all the illicit profits, that always freely-flow during every major economic crash!  
On the surface all the news is ugly with even more drastic failures sure to follow: The price of gasoline, the loss of real value in the real estate markets, along with the about to be crippling loss of credit and its immediate partner, the devaluation of US currency-worldwide.
This should not come as a shock at all, to anyone that's been following current events for the last seven and a half years. Despite the rhetoric coming from the White House, the Congress and the courts from their major media outlets-over this entire time-there was in reality no reason to 'expect' anything to be any different than what this is turning out to be. The reasoning behind this comes directly from the fact that every single act was planned and executed to bring this country to its knees. Once it became clear that Americans would not resist their real owners-then the gloves came off and now virtually everything and anything goes, in this race to the bottom that has become the norm in American life today. (3)
In seven and a half years the administration cannot point to a single thing that has benefited the public one iota. Every area of life has come under withering attacks from inside this government and from Israel and Britain: The outcome being the loss of jobs, the perversion of our military forces, the draining away of our national wealth and the loss of any real value in our currency, along with what remained of our international reputation for honor and decency. Today the USA is just another outlaw state that is fast approaching the barbarity and savagery of Israel, our yet-to-be-house-broken co-conspirator and ally-without-portfolio.
The point that the public has completely forgotten here is that there is supposedly only one standard under law that is supposed to apply to everyone in the US from the highest office-holders to the lowest citizens. Yet there is no longer any law within the government, so in reality there can be no law for anyone else. This amounts to anarchy, and while that is not yet official, it is still leading this country by example, directly into chaos!
There is one more player in this quagmire of failure and defeat that has yet to show its face. That is the face of those that have supported all this criminality and horror with their greed and with their interminable silence throughout this most treacherous chapter in all of American history.
These are the would-be emulators of those in power, regardless of how corrupt or jaded the individual criminal-figures might actually be. These are vulture capitalists in-waiting, not yet fully fledged, but still very eager to find a way to get their own piece of the corpse that was the USA. They are the reason that so many have remained silent and complicit with all that has transpired. In reality these seemingly ordinary people, have made it possible for the owners to get this far without a violent public backlash.
Now while the real players have begun to pull their money out of everything, it is these small-time opportunists who will be left with nothing, because they weren't smart enough to get out before the major dominoes began to fall. Now they, along with us, will be left holding the bag and screaming about "what could have been!" Because whenever any major 'bubble' bursts, the key players not only escape, but they always have made huge new fortunes from each new chaos-while the suckers lose it all.
This time there are literally millions of suckers that did not study the Stock-Market Crash of 1929, so they've just been waiting in the wings to be crushed by this burden: which was always part of this design that was created to insure that this failure will be total!
The lesser beings that sought to profit with the criminals "believed implicitly" that they would end up on the winning side with their own smart-money profits as a bonus. But re-born Robber-Barons do not suffer fools or casual opportunists-instead they eat these 'hangers-on' that would have cluttered up their kill. So, once again only the few will profit, while all the rest of us will pay because 'the run on the banks' has begun and the Fed can't print money fast enough to stop this, if it reaches beyond the business class and into the general population.
There is one other group of 'true-believers' that are keeping the wolves of reality at bay. They are the voters that actually believe this can all be managed by elections; yet not one in a hundred have any idea of how the system actually works!
Elections are supposed to be confined to the few months before the general election is scheduled to be held. This time the 'selection process' has been going on for over a year and it still has eight more months more to go. What the voters still don't seem to "get" is that they are not voting for their candidates, they are voting for a party-flunky called "a Delegate."
These 'Delegates' are those who in theory "represent the voters" at the conventions, but they can switch their votes to suite the Party's needs. In other words, much like the old USSR, the political parties are everything and "the voters" have become just so-much useful noise ­ background for the pageantry of political machines that stand for nothing except power and access to even greater power. The entire elections process is flawed all the way from the initial voting process in the primaries to the Electoral College ­ where those "delegates" too, can also change their votes, to match the predetermined needs of their political party bosses over the votes of the people who thought they were actually electing a president.
This game is rigged at so many levels: It is beyond clear that the choices made by people at the ballot box, even if their votes were not manipulated, as they will be by hackable machines and corrupt party officials at every level-will have their choices stolen by forces they cannot see control or ever understand. Beyond this, there are also the major political puppet-masters like the Council on Foreign Relations and AIPAC that predetermine every American presidential election long before the conventions are even held. Yet the American public continues to play this selection-game as if it were real! No wonder the world now sees us, as the herd of sheep that we've now become! (4)  
When was the last time that any serious candidate ever spoke to any of the causes for our current plight? We've been at war for five long years, but this does not merit real concern-because it's part of the plan by those who underwrite all the candidates. They do mention job losses and the need for new jobs, but this is coming from the same people that sent the jobs offshore in the first place-so how realistic are their concerns for the unemployed or the destitute they helped create?  What happened to the US Constitution (to which every president swears an oath), what happened to the separation of powers, the oversight duties of congress, the US Department of Justice that now endorses torture, and the congress that fails to extract penalties from the communications giants for opening their records to the government illegally seven months before 911, so that the Decider could spy on all Americans, without regard for any legal consequences?
The list of crimes committed in these pre-emptive wars against the people of the world exceeds the powers of the mind, to grasp the enormity of what this means, to what's left of the civilized world. Yet no one running for the office charged with overseeing all of this is even willing to suggest that we might need to completely re-evaluate our national purposes, in undertaking this war upon the world. Here's what the congress did when they gave the Decider his "License to Kill" and in that bargain apparently (according to Bush) granted him the right to the more than one thousand signing statements ­ wherein he makes everything the congress does into nothing more than idle scribblings. (5)
What happened to the FBI who had just 14 people on their no-fly lists before 911, but who have now developed a list of 900,000 names, and are adding 20,000 new terror suspects every month: If true this means that they have FAILED to do their jobs, because we have had less than a dozen trials since 2001, yet we are told there are nearly a million terror suspects in the country! Somebody is lying-again: and no one running for office has yet demanded a full and completely new inquiry into the black heart of this whole problem of September Eleventh 2001. That day changed the bank accounts and fortunes of Israel, the CIA and all the black-ops agencies of the United States and Britain, but instead of a real investigation we are told this fairy-tail of terrorists-in-caves that managed to defeat the most sophisticated air-defense system in the world, and then the final insult: We are expected to take all of this on the word of a man and his outlaw friends that have never spoken a single word of truth, since the day they stole his first election!
Against this background it appears that Black Friday, shrouded in her shifting-cloaks of gray, has begun to make her grand entrance accompanied by her ever-present Chaperon, He is that fabled Piper with a huge sheaf of Past Due Bills under one arm and a flute in his other hand. Behind them both the silent army of the dead whose numbers exceed even the most vivid imagination, are beginning to take human form again.
These are the dead of all the wars in which they were needlessly slaughtered for these same ends. Everything from World Wars One and Two, and on through Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia and of course both Iraq's, plus dozens of smaller wars, along with the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and now the War on America masquerading as the War on Terror.
Now this slowly moving army of tens of millions of the dead, is coming our way, with more than their usual grim and morbid interest in what those of us still living plan to do -  to stop or even interrupt the coming nightmare that so many still refuse to see, much less believe in! There will be more Black Friday's coming all too soon, it might be time to think long and hard about what you plan to do. . .
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