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Evidence Of Kosovo Atrocities
Committed By Muslims
By PanArmenian.Net
"The Kosovo Independence" has started to develop in new directions, the majority of which would take away Hashim Tachi's hopes of establishing a recurrent Islamic county in the middle of Europe. This time a person who cannot be easily blamed for his likings for the Serbs spoke with revelatory details. The former attorney general for International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Carla Del Ponte in her autobiography "The Hunt" told about how the present authorities of the independent Kosovo made money on trade of inner organs, taken out of the bodies of the kidnapped Serbs.
The announcements of Carla Del Ponte were already becoming the reason to initiate proceedings in Serbia. The circuit court of Belgrade has started the hearings on the case of kidnapping of 300 young Serbs in summer 1999, who, as the former major accuser of the Hague Tribunal confirms in his book, were called to Albania for requisitioning internals, says "Izvestia". According to Del Ponte, the leaders of Kosovo Liberation Army, among who was the present Prime Minister of the independent Kosovo Hashim Tachi, committed atrocities, which are compared with the ones committed by Third Reich in the concentration camps. Evidences of atrocities committed by Hashim Tachi have been revealed.
According to the President of the Union of the seven missing Kosovo Serbs Simo Spasich, he has met Carla Del Ponte several times and has given her the proofs of kidnapping and killing the Kosovo Serbs in the concentration camps. However, even after in 2003 when the public prosecutor himself visited the place where the crime had been committed, in the north of Albania, in the house where the extraction of organs was committed, she didn't initiate any procedure, although according to her own confession, marks of blood and medical equipment were found.
However, none of the declarations became a criminal case. Del Ponte herself in one of her recent interviews to the Italian La Stampa confessed that the prosecution of the military criminals in the modern world is exceptionally of political character. If these crimes had been revealed before, no Kosovo independence could ever be mentioned. It is not by chance that the book by Del Ponte was published only now, when the independence has already been declared. This means that the Islamic militants are of greater importance for the USA and EU, than the Christian Serbs.
According to the Belgrade newspaper "Press", Hashim Tachi himself was the head of the business. He earned millions on trade of organs, extraction of organs of people. The former judge of the circuit court in Pristine Danitsa Marinkovich tried to give evidence in Hague at the process against Slobodan Milosevich. According to her the UN Mission to Kosovo (UNMIK), which was then headed by the present Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Bernard Kouchner, prevented the investigation of the case of kidnapping of people on the territory. Ponte and her former assistant Florence Artman assure that the UN administration under whose jurisdiction the territory has been for many years prevented the attempts of calling the Albanians to responsibility. In one of the interviews Atrman announced that the UNMIK organization men didn't let the "iron Carla" initiate a case against the Albanians regarding the disappearance of people and the trade of donor organs.
It is hardly possible that Martti Ahtisaari or George Bush doesn't know about the bloody past of Tachi. In the given case, like in many others, there is the policy of double standard. The thing is though, that this time no one can guess who will enjoy the protection of the USA and EU. It is no secret that Kosovo Albanians will stop on the achieved: their aim is the Great Albania. In this regard the continuous announcements that Kosovo cannot become a precedent are more than doubtful.
Perhaps in this regard Germany and France having immediately recognized the independence of Kosovo, now speak against the integration of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO. Germany and France insist that Georgia and Ukraine are not ready yet for this step. According to the representative of the chancellor Angela Merkel, the political disorders in Georgia and the existing serious disagreements over the NATO membership among the population of Ukraine prove that these two countries "are not mature yet" for being integrated in the alliance, says The Financial Times. In his turn the Prime Minster of France Francois Fillon announced that France will not grant agree on Georgia's and Ukraine's integration into NATO. "In this issue France's opinion differs greatly from that of the USA. We think that the integration of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO will not be correct for the balance of powers in Europe, the balance between Europe and Russia," said Fillon in his interview to the radio station France Inter.
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