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Why The Western World
Needs Armageddon

By Benjamin Fulford
Former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief
Forbes Magazine
The Western world is suffering from an ancient illness that can only be cured with Armageddon therapy. Christianity and Judaism represent a schism between the Greco-Roman civilizations and the Sumerian-Egyptian civilizations. This schism has resulted in a society with a split personality. On the surface Greco-Roman values such as Democracy and the rule of law predominate. Under the surface ancient Sumerian-Egyptian derived secret societies manipulate the masses for the benefit of a hidden elite. To heal the split personality disorder and to cure the West's obsession with end times, we need to fulfill Judeo-Christian biblical prophesy. We have the technology to do this now. For the sake of the planet it must be done.
Let us start by analyzing the origins of the West's mental illness. For over 3,000 years, Sumerian/Egyptian civilization had evolved a system of government that involved having people believe in an all powerful God while at the same time a man with God-like powers sat on a throne. The God-king had at his service priests, financiers and warriors who controlled the masses on his behalf. They had deep and esoteric knowledge of how to manipulate society using a combination of religion, financial incentives and violence. When their rule was secure, the existence of a king as an intermediary between God and the people was not kept secret. His rule was absolute and not to be questioned. His symbol was an eye at the top of a pyramid. Jesus Christ was a rebel in their midst who called for greater help for the poor and more equality among humans.
The Greco-Roman civilization evolved a slightly different system of government. Open debate between elite members of society formed the basis of government. It also used laws and precedents as a basis for arbitrating social disputes. Later it adopted a non-hereditary form of dictatorship.
When the Roman empire conquered the ancient Sumerian kingdom that had Jerusalem as its capital, a 3,000 year old social system was violently attacked and its elite rulers slaughtered and scattered. They then stole many of their ideas and created a new system, incorporating the philosophy of Christ and Greco-Roman religious beliefs. That new pyramid became the Roman Catholic Church. The new "Christian" system belittled and insulted the creators of the original pyramid system.
The ancient Sumerian system of government with the knowledge of their elite class was forced, due to intensive persecution, to become a secret society. We know of them today as the Freemasons or the pyramid with the eye on top. The goal of this secret society was to get revenge against the Romans and restore the rightful rule of the ancient line of Sumerian kings.
The Sumerian sect was able to survive and thrive in central Asia and create a kingdom. When that kingdom was overthrown by the Mongols and the Russians, the elite fled to Europe and once again operated as a secret society. This time they wanted revenge against the Russians, the Mongols and the Romans as they worked towards the goal of ruling all of humanity.
The Sumerian ruling class was able, in Europe, to trigger a "protestant" revolt against papal rule. This led to the rise of two competing power pyramids in Europe. In the Catholic countries the pyramid was visible and the pope was its eye. In the Protestant countries only a tiny elite was ever aware of the existence of a Sumerian or Babylonian power pyramid and the presence of a would-be God king in their midst. The secret Sumerian ruling class of intermarried aristocrats and plutocrats had, for safety reasons, to keep their presence hidden from the majority who believe they have a Democratic law-abiding government.
This dual nature of Western society, the public and the "occult" has degenerated to the point where it threatens the safety of the entire planet. The Sumerian self-styled God kings, bent on imposing their highly-centralized system of government on the planet, have been continually manipulating the peace-loving majority into war after war.
Weapons technology has become too fearsome, however, for war to continue to be a way to continue "diplomacy by other means." Furthermore, the rise of the internet and the collective conscious it represents, means that the occult part of the Western world can no longer manipulate people with 911-type events.
So, what needs to be done is to come up with a solution that satisfies both the hidden and open strata of the West. That solution is Armageddon.
Here is a suggested way of carrying out that Armageddon in a way that satisfies both Jewish and Christian millennial prophesies.
First of all the Western secret governments (I believe they have split into two factions) need to prepare the biggest inside job in history. With the cooperation of the aware portion of humanity, they will create a huge, fake world-wide disaster. Television news programs will broadcast scenes of famine, plague and global total warfare involving all forms of weapons of mass destruction. There will be earthquakes, plagues of locusts and as much else as can be predicted. Hopefully the armies of Europe, China, Russia and India etc. could be asked to cooperate to make the show as real as possible. The event must be so terrifying that humans will never wish to wage war again.
The role of the anti-Christ can be played by a devil worshipping secret society. The Messiah can be played by the collective human mind that found expression in the internet. At the end the devil worshippers will repent and "convert" and be forgiven.
Humanity can then have a party to end all parties and inaugurate a "New Age."
To fulfill Christian prophesy, all humans who wish it must be given DNA therapy to assure the close equivalent of immortality. People will also be given the choice to enhance their intelligence and other abilities through gene therapy.
The Western elite can then become the chosen people because it is a fairly safe bet that intelligence genes carried by families like the Rothschilds and the Einsteins will become prized. Most people will choose to have the intelligence genes of the families that ruled the West for so long and helped make it strong.
The release of suppressed technology, most importantly the suppressed energy technology, would lead to an exponential economic expansion that would allow this planet to easily support 20 billion people (although the population is expected to reach a plateau of 8 billion). The new technology would also allow a systematic colonization of space.
The Jews can then finally celebrate their freedom from "Babylonian" captivity and rebuild their temple (but not over the remains of the old one). The Catholic church, I am sure, can then be convinced to hand over any relics they may have in their possession (including, it is rumored, the original Menorah) of the original temple.
The Sumerian ruling elite will no longer have to hide but can operate in the open, using the internet and their powers of persuasion to get a large global following for their God king.
Once all this is accomplished the West will finally be cured of its split-personality disorder. It will no longer harbor a hidden agenda of world-conquest. The result will be a permanent end to warfare. World wars can be replaced by a world court and special competitive campaigns. The first one could be an intensive 3-year effort to remove disease, poverty and environmental destruction.
After that humanity could have, as a basic purpose, the job of combining energy with carbon to create life, lots and lots of varied and beautiful life.
The current UN Security Council can be replaced by a group of seven sages. China, India, Japan and Asean, Europe, Africa, the Muslim world and the Americas could each select one of the sages. Decision making would be by simple majority and a veto would only apply to the region the sage represents.
All that it would take for this to happen is a psychological cure for the Western world. Armageddon therapy to unify the Sumerian and Greco-Roman traditions is just the right sort of cure.
Benjamin Fulford
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