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911 And The
Endless War Game

By Faith Siempre


In world politics there is an international network of people who belong to a certain ethnic and highly politicized organized group  known as the Judistani.  These Judistani people have been well-connected politically for a couple thousand years due to their close-knit tribal loyalties, their competitive drive and outlook.  They have traditionally  placed a high importance on exceeding in education, law, medicine and the mastery of banking systems, as well as story-telling, which led them to dominate the areas of media and propaganda in many countries where they reside.

They have come to a zenith of their power in their adopted land of Columbiana, which had risen to become the world's only superpower over the course of a couple hundred of years. Via their focused in-roads into dominating the media, and using their vast supplies of gold and wealth to wield wonders with the powers that be, soon the Judistani became possibly the most dominant sector of the elite establishment in Columbiana.  In spite of the idealistic notion of The Golden Rule, often it is the gold that rules, a fact not lost on the Judistani elite, whose other golden rule is to do unto others as they would do unto you, assuming the worst, which explains the Judistani predisposition for preemptive war.

Upon reaching their zenith of power in Columbiana, their restless energy and ruthless ambition drove the Judistani towards attempting to achieve their ultimate goal: domination of none other than the entire world, and even into outer space, and indeed, the entire universe.



The Judistani came up with a plan which they dubbed "Project for New Columbianan Century" which was the blueprint for setting out to first conquer the part of the world where there were huge oil resources in a region known as Opeca. Conquering the rest of the world would follow later. The Judistani had already secured a little sliver of a country of their own in that part of the world, which they had dubbed Judistan, which had been propped up artificially at the expense of other countries, especially the government of Columbiana, using their citizens' taxes. With their excellent propagandistic skills and overall dominance of the world of media, the Judistani systematically honed and cultivated their Ultimate Victimhood Status, to a point which then propelled the Judistanis into a race or culture of saints, unable to be criticized or questioned.  To do so would be considered heretical blasphemy, punishable by law in some regions of the world conquered by the Judistani. Any critical speech of Judistani had become a taboo even worse than anything else under the sun, so much so that no one seemed to notice the plight of the indigenous people who had been living in Judistan, which had been known as Philistina before the Judistani came back to violently claim it again two thousand years later.  Some observers in Columbiana meekly questioned whether the Judistani had the right to do so or even wondered aloud if these Judistani actually even had any real connection to the ancient land of Judistan, also known as Philistina, but these observers had little power, and were ostracized by the powerful Judistani in the Columbianan government and media, and therefore the rest of the powers that be, and therefore by many of the people who bowed down to the authorities.

The plan called for endless wars, for that is what happens when one continually steals the land and resources of another.  However, the Judistanis were confident that the losses for the Columbianan armies would be slight compared to the losses of their self-made enemies:  the countries of Opeca, who were not as organized as the Judistani and Columbianans.  As far as the Judistanis were concerned, the life an Opecan citizen was not worth one thousand, nay, not even six million Judistanis.  And the gains from the wars would be worth it: absolute domination of the world by the Judistani and their collaborators.

But in order to get the people of Columbiana to go along with the required War of One Thousand Years (the Judistani elitist leaders strategized years in advance for the systematic achievement of their goal of global, universal dominance),  they needed a "Coral Harbor-style catastrophe" to occur, referring to a large scale attack made on a Columbianan target by an enemy country which launched a world-wide war decades earlier. This would scare the good people of Columbiana into thinking that they needed their government to attack the designated, accused evil-doers before another attack happened on Columbianan soil and to prevent these evil-doers from coming to Columbiana to rob them of their freedoms and their way of life.  This is what the leaders would come to tell the frightened people.

So some of the Judistani leaders and conceivers of the Project for New Columbianan Century were discussing amongst themselves how to go about achieving this "Coral Harbor- style catastrophe", which they would orchestrate themselves but they would make it look as if some Opecan terrorists did it.  After all, the Judistani elitists in this war circle couldn't really rely on some incompetent, malcontented Opecans to pull this off, not by themselves, anyway. The plan had to be pulled off flawlessly, and yet still be blamed on the Opecans.  This would be easy to do as the Judistanis in the media had been building a case for years that the Opecans were a real danger to Columbianans, especially Been Badden, an Opecan figurehead that the Judistani wrote endlessly about in their essays in media across the country and pundits extolled his evilness as the worst in the world, at least since Zitler, an evil leader in another country who in the past was an enemy of the Judistanis.



One Sunday, a Judistani leader by the name of Benderman Needayahoo called up his buddy and fellow Judistani-Columbiana comrade living in New Jork City, by the name of Lenny Silverbomb, as it was their habit to call each other every Sunday (it was cheaper to call on that day) and they were tossing around some ideas.

From his office at the Judistani Spy Headquarters in Televisia, Judistan, Needayahoo said to Silverbomb, "Got any ideas for a target to start the roll out for our theater of wargames?"

"Hmmm." replied Silverbomb, "How about I buy the Twin Temples in downtown New Jork? Look, they are very visible and that would really blow everyone's minds if we got them blown up and made it look like some crazy Opecans did it!  See, I've been doing my homework about this.  The Twin Temples need to be brought down anyway! "

Needayahoo, intrigued, said, "Tell me more!"

Silverbomb continued, "They are filled with asbestos and I've looked into it ­ it'd cost millions of dollars just to bring it up to code!  No matter who buys those moneypits, they'd have to spend millions to either bring it up to code or implode them and re-build.  So, I got this brilliant idea!"

Needayahoo says, "What?!  Tell me already!"

Silverbomb spits out excitedly, gesturing wildly with his hands, practically dropping the phone: "You get the explosives experts in the Judistani Spy Department to plant the explosives in the buildings, and then bring we 'em down!"  He brings his left hand up and then swooshes it down vertically as he paced inside his office with sweeping views of the city of Madhatten.

Needayahoo pauses, his electrified energy flowing over thousands of miles of cables into Silverbomb's ear,  and after a couple of moments, he said tersely, "But it will look like a planned demolition and don't you know? It takes at least a couple of weeks or so to set up the explosives for an operation like that! So people would wonder how on earth did the explosives get in there without building management knowing about it!  You know, all the surveillance cameras, the security guards and all.  But still, it's a start perhaps hmm"

Silverbomb practically shouts out, "I got it!! I got it!!!"

Needayahoo says, "Calm down!  What?"

Silverbomb continues, "How about this how about we get a jet plane to fly into one building and right after that, another one flies into the other one!  BOOM! BOOM! That way, we get the full drama of jets flying into the Twin Temples, and then we'll get the explosives to detonate right after that and the building will fall into their footprints.  Everyone will think that the fire from the jetfuel and the impact of the jets will have been enough to bring the buildings down. We can orchestrate the whole thing from building seven and then bring that down too to destroy all the evidence!  Even if it's not hit by a jet, we can just blame it on the fires and, besides, we can make sure that there's so much mayhem, that no one's gonna think too much about that. Don't forget, we own the media. And we've got all the Big Boys and Girls in the gov on-board with this too, ya know. We can try and hit the Pentagon and maybe get another flight to go bust-it'll be a real six ring circus!  People's heads will be spinning! Shock and awe, baby, SHOCK AND AWE!!!"

A smile starts to light up Needayahoo's face, "Silverbomb, did anyone ever tell you that you are an absolute genius?"  He gets up out of his chair, and effuses his joy at this idea. "Lenny, I think we've got something here," barely controlling his excitement while envisioning the bombs of fireballs going off and getting the attention of the entire world.

Lenny Silverbomb smiles like a cat that just ate a bird. "So Bender, how long will the whole attack will last from the time the jets hit the buildings, to the time they implode? Got any idea?"

Needayahoo ventures a guess, "Ehhh.I'd guess about one and half to two hours"

Silverbomb exclaims, "Perfect!!!  That's about how long a major feature film lasts!  That'll keep 'em entertained!"



"Oh yeah," adds Needayahoo, sucking in his breath, then exhaling, "That'll sear the fear right into the brains and hearts of all those American people, and they will want blood and war for it too, you watch.  No doubt! So we'll start with Afgassastan, then into Irockistan, and so on, and in the meantime, the Columbianan people will be so preoccupied with all of that, they'll forget all about the f*ckin' Judistani-Philistinian conflict, so we can step up the campaign to wipe those motherf*ckers out once and for all!  I'm losing patience on that front for sure, so this will be a good opportunity to do the Final Solution to those f*ckers.  F*cking vermin!"

Silverbomb lets out an evil laugh, and his eyes smolder with excitement about the upcoming drama, and of course, he will insure the Twin Temples to the hilt, specifically for terrorist attacks, which will seem reasonable due to the previous smaller terrorist attack there in 1993, and so he will kill many birds with one stone, or, better yet, with two.  Then he will get double the insurance pay-out.  Billions of dollars to re-build new, up-to-date buildings, charge top dollar rent for them, and perhaps even more importantly, he tells himself, feeling a sense of virtue, he will help out his comrades and the advance the agenda of Judistan: absolute worldwide domination.  As he and Netayahoo have discussed many times, the elitist, corrupt leaders of Columbiana will go along with it because they will not only be allowed to advance their careers, they will also be able to participate in the spoils of wars via the corporations that they have created specifically for wars: the weaponry, the contracts for re-building the countries soon to be ravaged by the Columbianan soldiers, and dominating the oil resources of the region of Opeca.  In fact, thanks to the hard negotiation work by the elite leaders of the Judistanis, Judistan had been already positioned to get not only a "free" oil pipeline from Opeca (to be paid for with Columbianans' tax dollars) but also to be the broker of the oil supplies between Opeca and Columbiana, as well as the rest of the world, in honor of Judistan's support for the upcoming Columbiana "war on terror".   The dream is rapidly materializing, Silverbomb thinks excitedly!

Silverbomb asks Needayahoo, "But there's one thing I'm a bit worried about.  What about the evidence? Wonder if some forensic experts come in after the attacks and start testing the evidence and discover traces of explosives?"

Needayahoo contemplates this question for a few moments, then offers, "Don't worry about that. We can plan it so that the explosives detonate at something like 30 foot intervals, so that will leave shards of steel that will be fairly easy for the clean-up company to haul away and ship it to China to melt down immediately.  I'm sure we can find one of our people who can handle this, eh?

Silverbomb chortles, "Of course.  We've got our people at all the key spots to pull this off. "

Nodding his head in approval, Needayahoo confidently continued, "And we don't need to worry about trying to find pilots to go along with the suicide mission of flying jet planes into the Universe Trade Center.  We'll just guide the planes via remote control.  No problem."

Silverbomb approvingly says, "Good man!"

Needayahoo adds, "Yep, we've got a Judistani security company handling all the airport security there in Columbiana; we've got a Judistani heading the Homeland Security, and so he'll be sure to let any of our spies who might get rounded up by the local authorities off the hook and flown back to Judistan and we've got the Columbianan media covered.. you know, we've got it so they almost never dare to say a cross word about Judistan or Judistanis.. And we've got the telecommunications in Columbiana all handled with Judistan software, and ditto with the eavesdropping technology there. I think we've got all the bases covered"

Silverbomb exclaims, "OK -  it's settled then! Tomorrow, I am going to buy the Universe Trade Center including the Twin Temples and the surrounding buildings that go with them and I'm gonna seal the deal!  How much time do your guys need to wire the buildings for the implosions?

Needayahoo pauses, and then replies, "A few months. Let's see it's April now, in six months it will be September.  What's a good date September is month number 9.  Number 9Number 9

Silverbomb offers cheerfully, "How about 9-11?  You know, here in Columbiana, we dial 9-11 for emergencies!"

Needayahoo smiles, "Brilliant! Silverbomb, you never cease to amaze me.  That's it! So we'll start the prep work for it as soon as possible but in the last few weeks leading up to 9-11 we may need to really ramp up our work, soooo how about you plan a few blackouts so our guys can plant the explosives without surveillance cameras. Think you can handle that?"



Silverbomb replies, "Not a problem.  And we've got several floors that are empty now, and we can move the tenants around as necessary, and offer them steep discounted rents for any inconvenience."

"Sounds like a plan, Len," Needayahoo said thoughtfully, settling back into his plush leather executive chair.

Silverbomb adds "And remember, we've got President Douche and his brother, who is the manager of the Twin Temples on board with something heavy going down in order to roll out this wargame plan."

Needayahoo, "Oh yeah, we've all been discussing this for years now, and he's totally on board, so to speak.  They've all been briefed and made aware that they are on a "need to know" basis in order to protect them from any accusations and to protect all of us from any "loose cannons"."

Silverbomb breathes in a deep breath, smiles as his eyes twinkle with the excitement of a pre-teen boy about to play a brand new video arcade wargame or a gambler hoping to score a windfall at the casino, rubs his hands together and said, "Well, OK, then. Let's roll!!!"

Note: This is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.

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