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The Back Story Of Bush's
Visit To Tanzania

The following is from a resident of Tanzania...
They have 600 people - yup 600!!! - people in his (Bush's) group: press, military, security, advisors, etc.  It's crazy around here.  There are signs up around town welcoming him and random American flags in random places. You still get the sense though that lots of people are not too happy about it. I would really like to contrast this with a Barak or Clinton visit.
Either way, about $700 million is coming into Tanzania from the US...so Kikwete (Tanzania's President) sure is glowing.  The irony of this huge 'donation' is... the US said they are giving it because Tanzania has an accountable, stable government. Last week, the Prime Minister resigned along with a group of ministries because of huge corruption that leaked out.
Enter stage left, the leaking news that Bush has made secret agreements with Kikwete to build a huge American military base just north of Dar.
Ahh, it all makes sense now.  $700 million 'to fight AIDS and malaria' ... and build a new strategic US military base.  Why hasn't that part made the news?
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