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Torturing The Truth
Jim Kirwan
It's difficult to keep track of just how many times the Owners have gone from using torture and embracing it; to denying that we use torture at all.
In 2008, there is absolutely no longer any need whatever to force anyone to "say" anything. Technology can very easily create any-statement-whatever that this government wants to hear and see, from any person under their control. The entire exercise of "torture" merely panders to the perversions of those in our Black-Ops agencies around the world who get-their-kicks by emulating those hooded executioners who thrived during the Inquisition of the Holy Roman Empire. So why do it!
The primary reason is to foster and intensify FEAR at all levels within the targeted populations that the owners seek to crush. But their ancillary reasons feed the twisted-appetites of those that have always run this show. (2)
Our real problem with these policies began with the character of those chosen to write the US torture policies; those who introduced this medieval practice into military and intelligence practices.  If those individuals had not basically been sadomasochistic perverts who simply pandered to the perversions of their superiors-then none of this could have happened.
All of this was part of why this and other forms of torture were specifically outlawed under the International Rules of War and the Geneva Conventions in the first place. When the US signed those agreements their provisions became the same as US law-and every violation of these "laws" is also a violation of United States codes and settled US law.
Picture Cheney, Scalia, Bush and Rumsfeld being counseled by former Attorney General Gonzalez, accompanied by their new puppet at Justice: On the validity of these new practices that could be used SECRETLY, in their new dungeons at Guantanamo and in dozens of other torture-sites around the planet.
What sticks in the mind is the commonality of the sneers and the sick laughter that echoes through that fetid room with its ominous audience of generals and 'advisors' in shadowy but fully-compliant attendance. This is what the congress will not challenge-which is why it will continue!
In this case the TRUTH is far uglier than any LIE that could be told.
1) London Bombs Justify Torture says Bush
2) Who owns you Americans
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