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Possible Smoking Gun -
Tinkering With The Sun

By Ted Twietmeyer
I believe we have finally found the smoking gun that someone is tinkering with our sun and/or perhaps time with Earth. Needless to say, the implications of this cannot be good for the Earth in the long term.
This story began yesterday morning, on the 19th day of February 2008. I noticed upon my regular observation of solar activity, that something was wrong with the X-Ray activity. Specifically, this was about the lack of X-rays for a longer X-ray wavelength and a very low level for a shorter X-ray wavelength. (See [1] for more details.) This was beginning to look like a possible time jump had taken place. However, until today no repetitive pattern to the odd X-ray levels had been established.
The first thing I did this morning was to look at the same chart again. Incredibly, no new data had been posted in the past 12 hours. Normally this X-ray chart and other charts from the GOES 10 satellite update automatically every 5 minutes with new satellite data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Note that the time on the chart shown is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the USA, since this is Universal Time. In the past this was commonly called GMT, and is a reference to zero degrees longitude located at Greenwich, England.
Around mid-day today, I noticed that suddenly the missing data had appeared. After capturing it an analysis for patterns was performed. What was found was quite amazing. When comparing the past three days, it became apparent that numerous X-ray level shifts occurred with peculiar synchronicity over a three day period. According to the National Science Foundation a "solar heartbeat" was discovered several years ago. The heartbeat has a 16 month cycle but clearly this isn't the function we see.
This X-ray pattern is a complex waveform by any standards. For a chaotic mass like our Sun to perform such a duplicate X-ray variation almost exactly 24 hours apart just doesn't happen. I have been monitoring solar X-ray, magnetic field, proton, electron, sunspot and other activity daily since it became available in real- time on the web back in the 1990's on the web. To the best of my knowledge, a complex pattern perfectly timed like we see below has not happened before.
Solar X-ray chart - data collection ending Feb. 20th 2008. White vertical dashed lines show nearly perfect temporal (time) alignment. You can also follow the lines across the chart, and see that X-ray levels match as well. (I left these lines off for readability.) What is the mathematical probability of all this happening by coincidence over three full days?
In this chart, we see that timed X-ray level shifts have occurred not once, but several times over the past THREE days. Each of these major shifts with only a few exceptions, took place with the same timing intervals. The tick marks along the bottom of the large graph define 3 hour intervals. Note that the X-ray activity for both types of X-rays dropped to nearly zero, just before midnight on Feb. 19 for three hours, and again at midnight on Feb. 20.
On the third day, we see that the complex waveform was repeated. However, the start of the X-ray variations was delayed by about 3 hours. The third day more closely resembles the first day, Feb. 18, other than one small reversal near the center of the waveform. When the X-ray variations commenced again on the third day about 3 hours late, we can see that numerous X-ray levels were repeated again, with the very same timing intervals and X-ray levels!
If this X-ray data provided by NASA is real and isn't a game, then this is the smoking gun many of us have been looking for. It shows intelligent manipulation of either time or the Sun. And it should be of great concern for all of us, considering we've had tornados in WINTER this year.
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] - http://www.rense.com/general80/time.htm
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