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Your Life Or Your Freedom
Jim Kirwan
What began as a simple realignment of government authority behind the scenes, in the 1950's, with Truman's creation of the National Security Council has now begun to consume all the safeguards that were in place to protect national Domestic Security in the United States. Exactly how this came to be could not have been an accident.
Simultaneously with the creation of the NSC, Truman created the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from the remnants of Office of Security Services (OSS) left over from WWII. This massive agency was intended to be used only outside the Constitutional United States. However, since its inception the CIA has been running specific black-ops programs within this country, disguised as National Security priorities that serve USA Incorporated, which we became after NSA took control over the government of the Republic and its CEO, the figurehead president of the Constitutional Republic.
When was the last time a CIA or FBI agent was ever publicly charged with any crime other than espionage? Given our global involvement with criminal activities, is it not reasonable to assume that these huge law-enforcement agencies, and their contract operatives like Blackwater, might routinely violate the laws of the USA, either here or overseas? For that matter when was the Director of any of these supposed agencies ever charged with anything like responsibility for the actions of their agents: as in international drug-running, gun-running, death squads, or the illegal overthrow of so many governments world-wide? We have attacked over fifty nations in the last fifty years: so are we to believe that everything that was done in these black-operations was always and forever legal or this just the-way-business continues to be done today!
To add to our problems a huge new agency was theoretically created by Ronald Reagan in the 1980's when he reconfigured FEMA that had previously only been responsible for assisting the country during moments of crisis. This change created a direct line for the arrest and incarceration of the public, during and after the coming Martial Law.
When Clinton left office, the Decider decided to make all this into official and public policy. Bush with yet another congressional surrender, managed to merge 22 separate government agencies into an 180,000 strong bureaucracy to "manage" the final takeover of the nation. To assist with the lockdown and imprisonment of this country he secretly hired the former head of the USSR's Secret Police, and the former head of the East German Stasi to set up the real-ID card and the six to eight-hundred detention camps in the continental United States. (1)

"We are immersed in two wars, yet we seem to remain in complete denial of that hideous fact. The number of the dead mounts daily, both of our own, and of the others that we routinely slaughter - calling them "insurgents" - which is a complete misnomer. The definition of that term requires that there be an "authority" in place - and since we began these wars, this has not been the case for those that oppose our forces. The White House solution for this "semantics problem" has been to propose US Death squads to "pacify" places where rebellion against US hegemony in any area might be building. Through it all, our own dead and wounded and their treatment by this government that put them In Harm's Way, is still SECRET, because it's bad PR to tell the truth!



"There are yet deeper levels of these lies, that the above cover stories were meant to hide. One of the first real accomplishments of this administration, since they committed the attacks of 911, was to officially Capture Freedom: and with the imposition of the first Patriot Act, the official perversion of Justice also began. All of that was completed with the appointment of a National Intelligence Director (NID), as just another cover, because that position is a function that the president alone is responsible for. By passing the buck again, the Bush-gang has inserted yet another tar-baby between the people and those responsible for the actions of this government - against the people they took an oath to defend!" (2)

Currently we continue to move closer to absolute slavery with the passing of every moment. Our local, state and national police have been militarized and the Supreme Court has rendered their illegal and brutal actions immune from prosecution. The media will not cover these outrageous crimes against the public, and the government will not say anything publicly about them. Supposedly we are in the middle of a campaign for the presidency, and yet the purportedly major candidates are not compelled to answer for any of our real problems during the campaign. The confiscation of personal weapons after Katrina is only one example-because the basic truth now is that US citizens live at the mercy of privatized mercenary's and militarized police who are NOT subject to any of the laws spelled out in the US Bill of Rights! (3)

The Supreme Court did away with property rights, and when the Patriot Act was passed that did away with the right to have and keep your own money-now we no longer have the right to keep and bear arms and we have already lost the right to protest or to speak against any government activity. We are spied upon 24-7 and have been since seven months before 911, and our 'right' to have and hold a job has been undermined by this government that has imported between 12 and 20 million wage-slaves to undermine American workers and American jobs, in virtually all areas of employment, except of course for those at the very top of the criminal corporations.  

"Taxation without representation is Tyranny" and to practice this under cover of holding public office is Treason against the people that those government officials supposedly represent. After we withdraw from all the recent global trade policies, we need to seize all that remains of this government's assets, under RICO laws, and send all this government's figureheads offshore as fugitives-without-a-country. We might actually have had a shot at doing this, if we hadn't allowed the North American Union to merge our military forces even before their agreements become public knowledge. We have been captured-all that remains to be seen is whether or not we will resist these horrific crimes that have created this entire situation. (4)

Only two things remain to be accomplished before this takeover becomes permanent. The first is whatever they are planning by way of a second major attack upon US soil, to convince a terrified public that they are in real danger from global "terrorists." The second and perhaps more chilling is the passage of S-1959, to go with the already passed H.R.-1955 (404-6) that will establish Thought-Crime as a legitimate criminal enterprise in America. Together these two final outrages against the integrity and liberty of the people trying to survive in this Republic will shatter any illusion that Americans have any thing at all to say about their lives or the lives of their loved ones in what used to be these United States! (5)


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