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Why Did Jewish Communists
Threaten Huey Long?

By Christopher Jon Bjerknes
Huey Long opposed American involvement in the First World War. As a lawyer, Long successfully defended a man prosecuted under Zionist President Woodrow Wilson's "Espionage Act". Huey Long eventually emerged as a Presidential candidate, who promised to curtail the corrupt power of the Jewish financiers, and who promised to defeat Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt was a darling of Jewish Communists and brought America into another Jewish manufactured world war.
Long pledged to distribute the wealth:
He directly and personally attacked the selfish power of Bernard Baruch and other top Jewish financiers who ran the American Federal Government. Though many of his liberal views mirrored those of the Socialist and Communist Parties, both Jewish controlled parties denounced Long as if a Fascist and smeared him as if he were another Adolf Hitler. They objected to Huey Long's plan to distribute the wealth through the income tax, while maintaining the productive capabilities of Capitalism. They also objected to Long's alleged dictatorial control of the Government of the State of Louisiana.
Jewish Communists have never wanted to help the working class. Quite the contrary, Jewish Communists deliberately do everything they can to destroy society, and with it the working class. They do this in the name of preparing the way for a Communist Utopia, which is in fact a prophesied Jewish Utopia. The Jewish Communists wanted to abolish private property, which is to say, they wanted to place property under the control of the Jews, as was prophesied in the Old Testament.
Huey Long sincerely represented the interests of the working class, while the Jewish Communists sincerely represented the interests of Jewish financiers. If another Huey Long were to come along today, the Kosher conservative Jewish mouthpieces in the Jewish controlled media would call him, or her, a "Communist". In point of fact, these neo-Con Jews are themselves Trotskyite Communists and Communism serves the Jewish bankers, not the working people of the World. The redistribution of wealth has never been the honest goal of the Communists. Their goals are to kill off the best of the Gentiles, steal Gentile wealth and weaken Gentile society to the point where the Jewish minority can dominate the Gentile majority. This is exactly what Jewry did to Eastern Europe and all of Russia.
In 1946, Robert Penn Warren (author of the racist and segregationist essay "The Briar Patch" in Twelve Southerners, I'll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition, New York, London, Harper, (1930); which sought to prevent blacks from entering into competition with whites in the labor markets) posthumously attacked Huey Long in a novel entitled All the King's Men, Harcourt, Brace, New York, (1946). The highly-talented Communist film director of Jewish descent, Robert Rossen, made Warren's book into a movie in 1949. As a "former" member of the Communist Party, Rossen was called before the House of Un-American Activities Committee and eventually told them the names of 57 other Communist Party members. [See: A. Radosh and R. Radosh, Red Star Over Hollywood: The Film Colony's Long Romance with the Left, Encounter Books, San Francisco, (2005).]
Isn't it odd that Communists took such a strong interest in defaming Huey Long, who struggled to help the working class and to redistribute wealth, while at the same time they covered up Joseph Stalin's (Lazar Kaganovich's) many crimes against the working class?
In 1935, Dr. Carl Austin Weiss allegedly shot Huey Long and Long died soon thereafter due to the failure of his doctors to properly treat the gunshot wounds Weiss, and Long's own bodyguards, allegedly had inflicted on him. Immediately after Weiss allegedly shot Long, Long's bodyguards shot Weiss with at least 20 large caliber handgun rounds-perhaps as many as 60 rounds. Weiss was very dead and very quiet. [See: H. B. Deutsch, The Huey Long Murder Case, Doubleday, Garden City, NewYork, (1963). D. Zinman, The Day Huey Long was Shot, September 8, 1935, I. Obolensky, New York, (1963). E. Reed, Requiem for a Kingfish, Award Publications/E. Reed Organization Baton Rouge, Louisiana, (1986). D. H. Ubelaker, "The Remains of Dr. Carl Austin Weiss: Anthropological Analysis", Journal of Forensic Sciences, Volume 41, Number 1,(1996), pp. 60-79.]
It was alleged that Weiss had shot Long because Long had threatened to reveal Weiss' interracial family secrets. If true, it is odd that Weiss believed he could save his family from embarrassment and keep secret facts hidden, by shooting Huey Long, which was certain to embarrass Weiss' family and call attention to his family's secrets. Some believe that Huey Long's own bodyguards shot Long and used Dr. Weiss as a "patsy". [See: H. B. Deutsch, The Huey Long Murder Case, Doubleday, Garden City, NewYork, (1963). D. Zinman, The Day Huey Long was Shot, September 8, 1935, I. Obolensky, New York, (1963).]
The Jewish mafia attempted to murder Henry Ford in 1927. The assassination attempt ended Ford's political ambitions. Ford was also a pacifist who tried to end the First World War. Ford also promoted the interests of the working class.
The murder of Huey Long was equally successful in ending his political ambitions. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Communist and pathological liar, enjoyed four terms as President of the United States.
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