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Feminist At The End
Of Her Rope

By Henry Makow
What better example of stupid, self-defeating behavior than the latest advice of a veteran feminist?
In an article entitled "Marry Him" (Atlantic Monthly, March 2008) Lori Gottlieb advises her sisters to "settle"--marry anything in sight...and fast. This kind of abject surrender, while satisfying in an "I told you so" way, is also sad.
Millions of women who outsourced their common sense and trusted the media, their teachers, their leaders and their society are now high-and-dry. They were told they could have it all but most can't.
("Most can't" http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/99dec/ 9912whitehead.htm)
There are three times as many single women in their 30's now than there were in the 1970's. By the time these women have established their careers, many are too hard bitten and used, and the good men are all gone.
They are the victims of the most evil, most successful, social engineering program in history. It was designed to turn out exactly as it has: give them career instead of family. But until feminists acknowledge that they are victims of a cruel hoax, they won't be able to salvage whatever is left.
("social engineering" http://www.savethemales.ca/001904.html)
I'll elaborate on this theme later but first Ill give you a taste of the wisdom of a woman who defines "pathetic."
Ms. Gottlieb begins by describing a picnic where she and a friend (both with babies by sperm donors) are not feeling "satisfied." Surprise. They miss not having husbands. No doubt the children will miss not having fathers.
"Ask any soul-baring 40-year-old single heterosexual woman what she longs for in life...what she really wants is a husband..." Gottlieb confesses.
While she and her friends "still call ourselves feminists and insist we're independent and self sufficient...every woman I know-no matter how successful and ambitious, how financially and emotionally secure, feels panic ..if she hits 30 and find herself unmarried."
Sounding very much like a Jewish harridan, or Oprah, her advice is to "Settle!" Forget about true love, his annoying habits, his halitosis or abysmal sense of aesthetics. Marriage, she has discovered ,is about having a team-mate, even if he's not the love of your life. She even recommends gays as possible mates.
How did she end up like this? Too much "education" I imagine. Too much feminist empowerment and Hollywood- fueled expectations of romance and men. Earlier in life, she dumped someone because although they had "strong physical chemistry" and their "sensibilities were similar, they proved to be a half-note off, so we never quite felt in harmony, or never viewed the world through quite the same lens."
Apparently, she was looking for a clone.
"Now, though, I realize that if I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life, I'm at the age where I'll likely need to settle for someone who is settling for me. .. We lose sight of our mortality. We forget that we, too, will age and become less alluring. ...Which is all the more reason to settle before settling is no longer an option."
"Take the date I went on last night. The guy was substantially older. He had a long history of major depression and said, in reference to the movies he was writing, "I'm fascinated by comas" and "I have a strong interest in terrorists." He'd never been married. He was rude to the waiter. But he very much wanted a family, and he was successful, handsome, and smart. As I looked at him from across the table, I thought, Yeah, I'll see him again. Maybe I can settle for that. But my very next thought was, Maybe I can settle for better. It's like musical chairs-when do you take a seat, any seat, just so you're not left standing alone?
"But then my married friends say things like, "Oh, you're so lucky, you don't have to negotiate with your husband about the cost of piano lessons" or "You're so lucky, you don't have anyone putting the kid in front of the TV and you can raise your son the way you want." I'll even hear things like, "You're so lucky, you don't have to have sex with someone you don't want to."
"The lists go on, and each time, I say, "OK, if you're so unhappy, and if I'm so lucky, leave your husband! In fact, send him over here!"
"Not one person has taken me up on this offer."
Did I say "Pathetic" ?
My advice to single women in their 30's is -Do Not Panic. Do not "Settle." You are far better off alone than with a misfit. Also, whatever you do, do not have a child out-of-wedlock or from a sperm bank. That diminishes your chances of marriage big-time. Gottlieb is desperate to "settle" mainly because she has an infant on her hands.
The key thing to realize is that feminism was not spontaneous grass roots social change as it is portrayed. It was social engineering designed to phase out gender, marriage and the nuclear family. There are half as many nuclear families now than there were in the 1960's. The destruction of the family is part of a larger agenda to destabilize and depopulate society in advance of a thinly veiled totalitarian world government. Read my book "Cruel Hoax" and see my website for details.
Sexual liberation is part of this agenda. Men see no reason to marry now that unfettered sex is so plentiful. I advise women to consecrate sex for long-term loving relationships and end them in 6-8 mos. if marriage is not imminent. Don't waste time on window shoppers.
Feminists have been neutered by adopting the male role model and eschewing the feminine one. They need to rediscover their natural feminine instincts. This involves finding a man they can believe in, and nurture, and not settle for less. True love stems from the sacrifice that women make for the person they love. Let him lead and keep your mouth shut about all his faults. But don't let him take you for granted and dump him if he doesn't love you back big-time!
Generally speaking, the people behind elite social engineering are satanists in the sense that they want to be God. They want to define what is true according to their interests. They want to override God (Truth) AND Nature.
Women were designed to marry and have children in their late teens and early twenties. That's when they are irresistible to young men. They should marry men who have graduated and are starting their careers.
Raising children is what married people do together. It's not an afterthought. It's what they have in common.It's natural growth, both biological and in terms of their personal development and fulfillment.
Nature doesn't give rain checks, as millions of women are discovering, the hard way.
Thanks to JD for sending this article.
Read this classic article in support of nuclear families: "Dan Quayle Was Right" by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead
Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New
World Order." (www.cruelhoax.ca) His articles can be found at his web
site www.henrymakow.com He enjoys receiving your comments, some of which
he posts on his site using first names only. hmakow@gmail.com
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