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A Parallax View
Of 'Change'

Jim Kirwan
"The apparent change in the position of an object resulting in the change in direction or position from which it is viewed" - Webster's New World Dictionary
After seven years of massive failures, collapsing opportunities, and the now routine use of Double-Speak to reinforce the lies of government's around the world; the public has finally discovered the word "change." But strange as it might seem that word can mean totally different things, depending on the position from which 'change' is being called for.
If the people of the USA want to insure that real changes happen, there is a simple formula that needs to become part of the answer. Given that the last two national presidential elections were stolen by those that now hold the power-the pubic needs to enact a mandatory ninety-day period between the day of the elections and the inaugural-to verify the validity of every vote cast. Every voting machine, every vote count, every irregularity regarding the voter rolls, the tabulations, and all of the equipment used must be checked and certified before the so-called Electoral College is convened.
This 'drastic measure' is required because the entire American political process has proven to be criminal in nature; so to proceed without changing anything about the same process that brought the Outlaws into power in the first place-would compound the previous two crimes and would insure the outright end of this Republic.
During the same ninety-days, Congress needs to hold open hearings on the cabinet level positions of all the finalists in the presidential race. Each 'advisor' to the candidates needs to have his or her background thoroughly aired, on the record, so that the public will know exactly what and 'who' they ostensibly voted into office. This way there will be no 'great surprises' in either foreign or domestic policy; such as occurred when Cheney seized control over energy policy or when Rumsfeld wrecked the War Department. Here's the short list of 'advisors' for seven of the potential candidates. (1)
'Change' may be the word of the hour, the day and the year: but if the people are to ever to have real changes that benefit them: Then the public must demand some safeguards for both their votes and for the full and unvarnished vetting of the entire Presidential Cabinet. That used to be the job of Congress but they can no longer be trusted with anything important. Witness what congress did when they gave away their oversight powers to the Decider on the SECRET North American Union sellout.  (2)
The Decider has told millions of lies since he 'arrived' but so far he's been right about only one thing: "America is at War!" While Bush would have us all believe that "Lies are Truth," in this case, the WAR he is referring to is the declared War-upon-America" and all of its working population. This is an example of how the Owners have used the Parallax View to keep us in the dark.
The arsenal of weapons that the Owners have unleashed against the people begins with their own Scio-Political, Economic and Banking Complex backed up by the Federal Reserve and the IRS. (3)
This was made possible by government's near-total subversion of the airwaves, for Black-Ops, with the full cooperation of the FCC. This in effect, has given virtual control over "what the public needs to know" to the same forces that are actively seeking to destroy what remains of this country and its people. This further illustrates both the intent and the reality of life, under an as yet undeclared Martial Law: A condition that now exists in all but name.
"For the first time in human history, there is a concerted strategy to manipulate global perception. And the mass media are operating as its compliant assistants, failing both to resist it and to expose it.
The sheer ease with which this machinery has been able to do its work reflects a creeping structural weakness which now afflicts the production of our news. I've spent the last two years researching a book about falsehood, distortion and propaganda in the global media." (4)
To retain our 'right' to be both human and free, requires that we demand the right to question everything, and especially all the "CHANGES" that so many say that they are seeking! The US Constitution says, several times that: "no person shall be deprived of life or property without due process."
Yet in this Parallax View of 'American prosperity' that is in reality The War-upon America ­ the owners did not stop with massive violations of those rights-instead they've added the spying on all Americans, that began seven months prior to 911 and followed that with court decisions too numerous to mention. The latest one involves the recent congressional approval of a new communications bill that will expand their spying and will not hold the communications companies responsible for breaking the laws that made the spying possible in 2001. <http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/
This has been compounded throughout the last seven years by things like the Patriot Act and that artificial wasteland of Homeland Security; the militarization of local police and security forces, along with an extreme prejudice that has begun to mark all dealings between the Owners and those they daily insult, intimidate, and sometimes kill. (5)  
Among the things that their Parallax View has cost us can be seen in this line in a television series called The Prisoner: "The right of an individual to be an individual." That is what this country was to be all about. The annihilation of that sacred idea is what has driven the Owners, throughout the long dark decades of their hatred for freedom and their eternal lust for everything that is not theirs.
Since the War-upon-America is an unofficial secret, no daily bulletins are issued on that front. However what does get through on the web is devastatingly real, and clearly outlines the actual State of this Nation. Here are some of the events that outline the shape of the collapse that continues as we speak: We no longer bother keeping track of millionaires as there are now too many-only billionaires matter now. Yesterday GM declared the loss of $38.7 billion, and joined Ford and Chrysler by offering buyouts to all their hourly union workers. America's big three car companies are no more, thanks to Clinton and Bush who rammed through all those global trade packages that ended American manufacturing. So when McCain toldMichigan voters that their jobs would not be coming back, that was one of his very rare moments of actual truth.
Then there is this news: that 'one out of every three people can no longer keep up with their credit card payments (largely due to unfounded and skyrocketing interest rates) that have no justification ­ except to feed the excess-profits of the bankers. This goes hand in glove with governments proposed changes in when mortgage payments must be made, instead of cutting the obscene interest rates that the Banks and money-lenders maintain, despite the cascading crush of foreclosures that are killing the entire economy.
Day after day this WAR-on-America continues to intensify: Did you know that the 'Housing Quagmire' with all its collateral Tar-Baby's has only seen eight percent of the real damage that will eventually come to pass? Or did you notice that the "Stimulus Package" is not actually an incentive at all-it is an advance payment on your own refund that will be deducted from next year's illegal debt that will be collected by the IRS! Double-Speak is alive and well, here's the explanation:
"First, no, the rebate checks will not be taken out of the refund amount you receive in 2008. This is a misconception that probably stems from aCNN article that, earlier today, erroneously implied that the rebates would be borrowed from next year's tax returns. The article has since beenrevised.
The bill works by reducing the tax code's 10 percent bracket on the first $6,000 of taxable income to zero for 2008. That 10 percent of the first $6,000, $600, will come back to you as a check in advance, probably sometime in May. That check will basically be a "prebate" on a temporary tax cut that will be enacted next year. So, since the new zero percent tax on the first $6,000 of your income will have already been taken care of, when you go to file your taxes in 2008, everything will seem normal and you will be eligible for the same refund amount as always. The rest of your income will be taxed as usual." (6)
There is an Achilles Heel inside the owner's power of their greed that both drives them and drains them. The 'power' they seek is so compelling that it frequently blinds them to the massive holes throughout their War plans. Questions, when carefully thought out can be as deadly to them as their edicts are to us - we need to ask more Questions! 
The public has weapons that will hasten the unmasking of the real plotters, the assassins, and the financiers behind it all. Just pick a category of major interest to you. Are you losing your home, have you lost someone in the other WARS, what has become the one big-thing in your life right now. You have to know that this did not happen to you alone, so why make this just a personal problem? Why not find the others with the same problems (something like four million homes have recently been foreclosed- with 92 per cent more of these foreclosures yet to come). Several million people make a lot more noise than one-at-a-time ever could. Pay a collective call upon the Banks, the radio and television stations and let them know by the numbers alone that something major must be done-NOW!
The same is true of the families of those in uniform: Why for instance is Rummy's head not metaphorically on a pike over the doorway to the Pentagon? How many lives is he personally responsible for, and why does he still have a desk in the Pentagon! If I had blood relations that died or were maimed on his watch-I would get answers to my questions, and I wouldn't stop until Rummy's sorry-ass is left to rot in one of his own hell-holes where he should never see the sun again! Cheney, Rummy, Condi, the whole boatload of US government facilities including the Supreme Court and 490 members of the 535 Club are all in service ONLY to the owners: People, citizens or taxpayers don't matter at all except as road-kill on the way to the end of the United States as we knew it - do you still think that there is no real War-Upon-America!
Another weapon the public has in its arsenal. Currently the Owner's media is pandering to the NEXT-911, and they're treating this as an absolute fact "that will happen on American-soil." Two nights ago on NBC National News a number of strange people without titles or names brought this "story" to us as an accomplished set of facts. These unidentified faces made this sound as though the entire nation is deeply involved in all the intricacies and lore of Al Qaeda-almost as if that step-child of the CIA was actually the pinnacle in some mysterious holy rite. This "absolutely will happen" attitude was reported in the same way that major sporting events are-all hype and no facts! Using the Parallax View it is clear that there must be another 911 otherwise there will be a real investigation of 911 and that would find the Owners and their puppets clearly guilty of high treason. (7)
The above was 'background' for the six people that the US wants to blame for 911. Government admits that it tortured the three key witnesses. Now they want to put them on trial and use the information derived-from-torture against them-except that they also want the world to see this as a fair-trial! The current Criminal-in-Charge at the "Justice" department now says that while the prisoners were being tortured, that practice was legal-hence the CIA and their assistants cannot be charged with those crimes. But in a US courtroom testimony derived from torture is excluded because it is not considered as truth, but the "confessions" came directly from illegal coercion.
By the way ­ All those "Jobs" that politicians promise to create are needed now because of all the millions of good jobs which those same politicians permanently destroyed in collusion with the Owners. Now they blame it on the Global-competition they insured by creating GATT, NAFTA, the FTAA and now the final piece in that equation the NAU! America has no idea of what these criminals have done to all of us. However there are many things that you can do and the links below can illuminate some of the possibilities in greater detail.
George HW Bush knew well what he had done when he said: 'If the people ever find out what we've done they would lynch us in the streets.' But to do that: People would have to KNOW of their own knowledge, just exactly how criminally this government has treated us. The longer you remain in denial the more intense your losses will be - Is there nothing in your life that screams for resolution or demands real answers! Every time you hear the word CHANGE, think about who is calling for it and what it will actually come to mean for YOU!
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