World Awakens To Danger Of Artificial Sweeteners


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Don't be fooled by artificial sweeteners
Toronto Sun - Ontario, Canada
When it comes to artificial sweeteners, many are deemed safe for use when consumed in reasonable amounts. There are some people who do not tolerate them ...
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Artificial sweeteners have tradeoffs when baking
Providence Journal - Providence,RI,USA
Trying to stay slim, you might be using artificial sweeteners in your coffee or tea. Now they come in versions for baking. Can they taste as good as sugar? ...
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Low-calorie sweetener findings leaves experts split
Press-Enterprise - Riverside,CA,USA
But the study doesn't directly link artificial sweeteners to increased obesity in humans, she added. Another study, published in January and led by Lyn M. ...
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Rat Study Links Weight Gain to Artificial Sweeteners
Voice of America - USA
Now a new study may provide some clues about the ineffectiveness of artificial sweeteners. VOA's Melinda Smith has details. In the last four decades -- as ...
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Metabolic syndrome II: obesity
Economist - UK
ARTIFICIAL sweeteners have long been touted as being good for the calorie-conscious. Unfortunately, a study just published in Behavioral Neuroscience by ...
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Artificial Sweeteners Linked To Weight Gain
KSLA-TV - Shreveport,LA,USA
AP NewsBreak: Former Republican senator to endorse Obama A study in this months issue of Behavoiral Neuroscience says the use of no-calorie sweeteners may ...
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Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain in Rats, Avastin for ...
Insider Medicine - Kingston,Ontario,Canada
(February 13, 2008 - Insidermedicine) From Indiana - Artificial sweeteners may actually increase weight gain and raise the risk of developing adipose tissue ...
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Artificial Sweeteners linked to Weight Gain - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
The scientists found that the rats who consumed artificial sweeteners tended to be more obese than other rats on the same diet but sans the artificial ...
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New natural sweeteners may trigger a sweet shift
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
"There is a huge group out there, the organic/natural food group, that don't want artificial sweeteners but need to cut back on calories," said Lisa Hart, ...
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Artificial Sweeteners May Lead to Weight Gain
The study was even able to document at the physiological level that animals given artificial sweeteners responded differently to their food than those ...
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Wholesome Organic Zero sweetener
I am no friend of artificial sweeteners, but I know there are people out there who need them for health reasons. I tried Wholesome Organic Zero ...
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Minute Maid "Light" Lemonade??
By Disneyonmymind
Does anyone know if they have switched all of the lemonade to "light" (with artificial sweeteners)? I ask because my kids are a bit particular about their drinks. They only like lemonade and a few other drinks. Due to the heat, ...
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Stevia to replace artificial sweeteners and sugar ? The revolution ...
Many people believe that using artificial sweeteners in tea and coffee or drinking "diet" or "lite" drinks is a good way to cut down on calories and therefore lose weight. True ... > Does everything you eat come out?Why you need to Act! ...
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The Toxic Truth About Artificial Sweeteners
By admin
... when you consume too much you crowd out room for healthier foods. In fact, it is estimated that on average, Americans consume over 200 pounds of refined sugar annually. On the other side of the coin you have artificial sweeteners...
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Creamy Berry Oatmeal
By roni
With all this sweetener talk, I thought Iíd take my hand at making my own oatmeal. Not that I havenít made my own oatmeal before but normaly, I rely on a pre-made packages that are chock full of artificial sweeteners like ones I use in ...
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