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Again & Again
Jim Kirwan
This is also the literal translation from 'Revelations' that became one of the foremost weapons in their establishment of the Judeo-Christian Ethic.
It remains relevant in several aspects-foremost among these is the use of Fear and Terror, of the unknown that drove so many into the early Christian fold, where they might find 'protection' from a hostile world.
"Again & Again" is a seven-foot oil sketch © Kirwan 1974 & 1977.
However these particular Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse also bring us some of the basic realities that very few choose to think about today.
'Conquest,' the first weapon in the arsenal of Global-Domination carries the burning Flag-of-All-Nations. Its single star is composed of all possible variations in the colors of humanity, contained within a single green line, for what was left of the earth 34 years ago. Behind him comes never-ending "War" that always hides behind "the pawns" that always make it possible.
Think for a moment about the WHY's & WHY-Not's that have torn this nation into shreds: particularly since the Outlaws stole the US government in the first year of the New Millennium!
The reason for choosing the five colors of mankind for that flag, is that beneath the skin we are all the same: we bleed the same blood, hunger for the same necessities and often we dream the same dreams and yet today ­ thousands of years beyond the creation of this concept ­ far too many people still try to divide us from each other by blood or color, by gender, or by human-created belief systems that have tried to set people against each other for more power and greater personal wealth, almost since the beginning. It was ridiculous then and it's even more ridiculous now.
Black, Brown, Red, White or Yellow ­ all men and women deserve equal treatment, equal payment for the sweat from our brows, and equal treatment before whatever passes for the Bar of Justice ­ and yet if anything ­ we are going backwards now at an unbelievable pace.
Why for instance are Congress & the Tarnished House trying to extend Tax-Breaks-for-the-Rich? Time and time again this was supposed to 'create jobs, stabilize the economy and lead to not only victory in the pre-emptive and illegal invasions, but to peace and financial stability at home and abroad.'
Since these tax-cuts were initiated, job losses have exploded, and the outsourcing of American industry and commerce has become our only real export, along with some buzz-words left over from what used to be our Republic. We have lost literally millions upon millions of good jobs just to over-fill the pockets of the super- rich. These tax-cuts have clearly done exactly the opposite of their supposed purpose ­ why keep them?
The same is literally true about all the Un-American Take-Aways when it comes to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and to maintaining the full complement of our legal rights during the wars: So that Americans don't forfeit their Republic or their freedoms to never-ending fears and to the terror of that which can never be known or proven. The Constitution calls for keeping all our rights, even and especially during a time of war ­ including the right to challenge the government's policies at every step. Yet this government has chosen instead to invoke the 'logic' of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ­ to shut down all dissent, to silence critical thought at the point of our weapons, and to institute "Fear &Terror" as our only motivation for doing anything that this so-called government demands of us!
Just look how far we've fallen: Our leaders are not bound by the same laws that each of us must answer to. The cops are not bound by the same laws which they "enforce" too often using torture and deadly force on unsuspecting people, who once looked to them for protection from - both crime and government ­ yet now we get only mechanical mercenaries who do not question before attacking anyone that will not immediately obey them, without Question!
Judges, in too many cases, now decide which parts of the Constitution they will "allow" into their courts; especially in cases brought against the IRS: This from the entire third branch of the US government that is (again) supposed to protect and serve the people who actually pay them. That's probably understandable since the Supreme Court of the United Sates broke the law by appointing Bush to the presidency on 12-12-2000. Since they became outlaws, how honest will any of the lower courts be, when dealing with the rest of us? That answer is still unfolding every day that the government fails to prosecute any of the criminal "cops" that daily attack the population, in the name of Homeland Security, without any fear of sanctions.
Office-holders and political appointees, along with the entire cadre serving in the thousands of US Intelligence Services ­ are also now apparently immune from any laws requiring them to answer for their actions in public and before the Bar of Justice ­ that task is reserved to lowly taxpayers and ordinary working people ­ all others have a Get-Out-Of-Jail FREE card that has no expiration date.
All of this seriously began with the swearing in of Regan-Bush and it's been picking up speed ever since. It's no wonder people no longer look to government to help them ­ because those who are awake now know, that this government, is the one-true and unflinching enemy that we must come to fear because they have proven this a million times over in the twenty-eight years since that dark day that Reagan climbed over the American hostages to obtain the White House, courtesy of GWH Bush who arranged it all!
Since the dawning of "Morning in America" ­ Reagan's America-the 'Changes' that have been brought to all Americans have been designed to kill us, and every body knows they have damn near succeeded. The Great-Communicator had a lot of help. GWH Bush was Ronnie's 'Cheney' who went on to have his own stint at using the governmental Guillotine to force Americans to cease to question. He was followed by Clinton for eight years and then The Son-of-41, Bush 43. Largely these cretins have succeeded beyond even their widest dreams ­ because apparently Americans have failed to notice any of their crimes, if one goes by how much was ever done about any of them. No we waved the flag, and watched our 'games' and just ignored the truth: Again & Again!
If our dead could talk to us - what would they say about not only their own deaths - but about all the obscenities, the tortures, the maiming, and the murders of those who died with them?
In the meanwhile the public continued to demand nothing by way of qualifications from those who they 'elected' to public offices across the land. But while the public slept the Outlaws privatized the entire election process, and created computerized voting that was nothing but an organized and government sanctioned theft of any and all real elections. This eventually became known as the selection process-the PC way that all candidates could now be selected and approved: not by the voters but by massive interest groups and powers that are larger than most nations. Yet through it all the American public remained asleep-Again &Again!
How asleep were we? Here's the last section from the current 'resident's' resume!
"All records of my tenure as governor of Texas are now in my father's library, sealed and unavailable for public view.
All records of SEC investigations into my insider trading and my bankrupt companies are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.
All records or minutes from meetings that I, or my Vice-President, attended regarding public energy policy are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public review. I specified that my sealed documents will not be available for 50 years."
Does this sound like someone that anyone would want to have run their country? This puppet and his collection of international criminals have conspired to break all the laws, national and international, moral and legal, in their unending quest to destroy this country.
America no has no laws for any of the criminal components that have stolen it outright. Yet how many 'candidates' have mentioned any of the above problems with this country? The Constitution (flawed as it is), was written to give the new Republic a single standard of justice and of law. What we have now contains nothing that has not been broken in the interests of greed and paranoia, and not just here. The long and corroded arms of the Empire, that we now claim, currently reach militarily into a hundred and twenty of the one-hundred and thirty counties in the world today. No other nation presents such a mega-threat to global stability- and nothing is immune to our lust for power, or our greed for illicit profits that we routinely steal.
Food, water and public health are what Barbarians have used for years to control the masses. Look again at Famine, with the starving children clinging to him, holding as he does in his two- headed balance, his gold that always outweighs the needs for basic survival!
Of course his companion is Death who rides the transparent horse. The one pathetic note is the red-head on the pommel of Death's saddle, the activist, who tries to stop the passage of time, by clinging to the minute-hand on the clock that rides between the saddle's horns. This is where we are now, trying to think of ways to stop these hideous creations that were envisioned in the Millennia that went before. It's time to bring an end to this worship of these vile shadows that have haunted humanity throughout so many generations. We need to begin by ending the careers of all our current pretenders to this non-existent throne of darkness ­ so that we can take back the Republic that should have been! To do this: We must Wake up!
Kennedy, King, & Paul ­ video
Graphic-Addendum to Again & Again
Jim Kirwan
While the message delivered by the whole image is one of an overwhelming power and darkness that dwarfs the blood red sun, the keys here to their very real demise are also visible amid the details.
CONQUEST - His upper body is armored in gold & silver but in his left armpit the symbol of chaos is born. His right shoulder guard is feminine and in the corrosion of the left guard rests the masculine. The stone glove that carries the flag brings a volcano in mid-eruption. The massive armor seems impressive but it's too heavy and too thick to allow to the figure to exercise its full potential, in fact he cannot bend the arm that holds the bow, and his grip upon symbolic power prevents him from using the bow for anything but show.
On his chest are the Seven Seals of Saint John, the breaking of the first-four of which is what 'Revelations' says; has created these other-worldly visions. On his saddle horn sits Golem, wrapped around the fragile-blue world that it intends to destroy. Further down, his thighs have turned to stone, and on his shin guard the Phoenix has awakened. His hob-nailed boots cannot contain the secret that they tried to hide ­ because his 'feet-of-clay' are beginning to explode.
WAR - His shield is decomposing from the heat of the destruction of the Flag of All Nations. As in life, this invalid shield is being dissolved from the bottom up. The hilt of his weapon is made from the severed head of an Eagle. But the key to his destruction lies in the three clenched fists that forever-blaze atop his helmet and represent the chaos that War always hurls among the nations.
FAMINE - Sometimes called Pestilence and frequently stands for plagues of all kinds. His success will guarantee his failure, just as soon as we allow him to end the race of human-beings altogether.
DEATH - This figure has always been a major part of Life. His cloak is held by a golden sundial that indicates the value that his presence lends to Time. A pair of Egyptian Funeral Vultures decorate his breast-plate, and his shin guard carries a totem image of Ancient Egypt's Four-Most-Important things.
His upturned boot reveals the hated blade that comes with violent endings.
There is another form of Death which this inspired ­ and this one speaks of other truths: http://www.kirwanesque.com/deck/crossroads/ xiii.htm
The face-plate for his horse is made directly from the skull of his trans- parent mount, but Death's presence is constant in all that everyone must undergo so there will always be a physical end to everything that humans undertake, including all of Cheney's WARS!
This literal image from the Christian Bible ends up telling us far more than many want to see. But in the end humanity will have to deal with 'Conquest' 'War' & 'Famine' before this 'Death' will come to take us to another realm.
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