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Worst Drug On Earth
Stops In 8 Milliseconds

By Ted Twietmeyer

It's been said that anything you can't live without is by definition a dependency. And when you remove a drug that someone is dependent on, they go into a painful withdrawal. Another essay "The Power Failure from Hell" defines the painful details and serious implications of going through such a withdrawal of being without power while being trapped in your home.

A reader of that essay wrote me and wisely said, "Guess that will teach me to read articles on Rense.com before going to bed!!"

So I'll warn that reader now ­ this essay isn't any less stressful. But I'm sure even if you're about to go to bed, you'll still read it. That's human nature, not unlike people running over to look at a fatal motor vehicle accident. It's that irrepressible curiosity factor humans are cursed. Some say curiosity killed the cat. It's also killed many human beings, too.

Alternating current addiction is no different for the BILLIONS of people on Earth and 300 million Americans, than cocaine is for drug addicts. Many will rant at me "Your *** full of it" but this is nothing but the hard truth. What I'm writing about here is common sense, but these are things we as human beings in our "civilized world" rarely ever give a moment's thought to.

We are ALL seriously addicted to AC power, like it or not. If you are reading this on a screen, you couldn't be doing it without the AC drug and the internet. Cell phones might be battery powered but sometime, somewhere they must ALL be plugged into AC and recharged unless you live in your car or in an RV. But the fuel for that vehicle must be pumped out of storage tanks in the ground ­ and that also requires alternating current.

Readers of the Power Failure from Hell essay that wrote me were agreeing with the essay's conclusions. One reader told me to "Put my faith in God and calm down." This is my response to her: God did not stop Stalin, Hitler, Lenin or many others in history from their acts of genocide. Were these crazies "Doing God's work?" Sorry, that's more crap and no common sense ­ if God is all powerful as billions believe,  then he doesn't need sick, twisted human beings to do his dirty work.

We went to a funeral many years ago, where people looked down tearfully at a 16 year old boy's closed coffin that was beaten to death with a baseball bat. Someone at the funeral blamed God saying, "It was God's will that it was his time to die." That was purified bullshit. I knew the boy, and he wasn't evil. No, it was the WILL of someone EVIL to kill him, not God's will. It all shows that God does not interfere in much of anything.

People blame God for everything to make themselves feel better. Even for World War III we're in now, God has been blamed as using "The Decider" aka the dictator, for His tool as they try to put a religious face on the sick war which was claimed to end some FIVE years ago. Did he stop the dictator from killing thousands of Iraqis and Americans? Heck no.

God is the ultimate, perfect whipping boy. He takes the floggings, deserving them or not, and says nothing about it. At least for now.

If people don't wake up NOW from the deep sleep organized religion has lulled them into, they will have rude awakening later when the AC power is gone. And they will feel like total crap on that day, thinking God has forsaken them. Yes, either God will get the blame again or people will say that the so-called terrorists are doing God's work.

We envision what it will be like with the AC drug gone for those few grocery stores that remain open for awhile after the big power failure. Those stores accepting cash will have customers cursed with waiting for clerks who can't count simple change. It will be a pathetic sight, when they keep constantly looking at the dead cash register display for help on what the proper change should be. Even handing the clerk a dollar for a 99 cent item will create mental overload in the clerk. Many clerks can barely count your change now with a cash register display telling them how much to give you.

Our AC drug will let us down, with all the force and power of a sledge hammer to the side of the head. Gone will be the internet. In a matter of days, the internet will become a faded memory as far more serious matters occupy people's minds. The daily checking of email and tapping the delete key over and over until you get a blistered finger will be gone for the foreseeable future.

Webmasters will be instantly and perhaps permanently, unemployed. When schools finally stumble back into session, teachers won't function worth a crap. Teachers are now accustomed to heavy dependency on computers and DVDs. Learning by candles and chalkboard will return to mainstream education. Sweating and damp papers and books will also return, as air conditioning becomes nothing more than a cool memory.

Let's not forget life-saving drugs in hospitals, most of which either require refrigeration or protection from temperature extremes outside of indoor temperatures. But not to worry, as Uncle will take those drugs away for his own use to protect the health of the troops. Martial law must go on.

People will be scrambling for books in libraries to learn candle making and re-learn how to extract burnable fuels from natural resources like plants, all over again. Those that go into the libraries that remain open will ask a tired, hungry librarian standing there in half-washed clothes how to find a book. She will point to a card catalog, and the web-addicted idiot will say to her "How do you use that thing? Where's the keyboard and monitor?" It will be both laughable and pathetic, all at the same time.

Have a nice garden in your yard? Be ready to defend it with DEADLY FORCE, 24/7 until it's ready to be picked. When rationing starts, stealing from any garden around will be a way of life for many. And there won't be any police officers who will care about your problems either. They will be all tied up helping the military and catching looters.

Soap and toilet paper will be among the many seriously needed commodities when the AC drug is gone, and rest assured people will KILL you for either one. Women who are menstruating will return to the ways of yesteryear - tearing up old bed sheets and linen, because these pieces of cloth are almost infinitely washable and re-useable. Of course, this only works if the material is cotton. Mothers with babies will do the same, who will only know how to use disposable diapers. Without the AC drug, NOTHING will be disposable anymore. And they will find that polyester material is next to useless for the job at hand.

For the better part of human history and in many countries today, the hand is used in the bathroom when there wasn't toilet paper. And it probably still is used in areas of the world where no toilet paper exists. Eventually even in America, NO ONE will shake hands when they meet someone.

One of the nastier and easiest to catch bugs making a quiet run today is C. Difficile, or as doctors like to call it, "C-Diff." This is basically getting sick from a tiny trace amount of someone's fecal matter. It can, and has, killed the sick and infirmed. And what are the symptoms C-Diff? Non-stop diarrhea that can last more than a week. There still aren't any drugs to cure you of it - you just have to ride it out. Just what everyone needs to catch without toilet-paper! That disease alone will become just another part of the epidemic killing off the elderly and sick when toilet paper no longer is available. And about those drugs ­ what if a drug is developed to treat C-Diff? It wouldn't matter, because you wouldn't have any way to get access to the drug.

Yes, that drug we know as alternating current will have the worst withdrawal side effects in history. We will re-enter the 17th century overnight. But there is just one big difference ­ the people that lived in the 17th century were prepared to live in it, because that's how they lived. By and large most will not be ready for it. Common jokes about "stone knives and bearskins" will no longer be laughed at.

When the AC drug vanishes, which requires exactly 8 THOUSANDS of a second or less to cease existence (the time for one-half of the AC cycle in your wall outlet to return to zero) it will be culture shock of the highest order. Throw into that the chaos of martial law, and presto ­ the formula for COMPLETE ANARCHY will be complete.

Have you ever been in a store when a blizzard, hurricane or tornado was on the way? I've seen women literally snatch a loaf of bread out of another woman's hand saying "I saw it first" and run off. And that's just a temporary inconvenience if the power goes out ­ now amplify that by a thousand times when people suddenly learn the power is off and will NOT be coming back on for the foreseeable future.

Most likely what will happen is that the power companies and the media will lie to the people for sometime in order to prevent widespread panic. I have witnessed first-hand power companies lying to the public when ice storms hit in New York and Virginia, telling the people "Power will be back on in about 1 to 3 days" even though they know hundreds of power lines are laying on the ground, many under 5 ton trees that must be removed first.

If martial law isn't yet openly declared, lying to the public will provide a few days for the military, both American and Canadian and perhaps some other foreign troops to be mobilized into position. A rationing system will be established. When the military is ready and the closed grocery stores are secured, then the announcement of the power being off for months or perhaps years will be made. When the people swarm to the stores, the troops will be standing there brandishing machine guns. And they will not hesitate to use them, hence the agreement between the US and Canada military for sharing troops. Many Canadians hate Americans, and won't hesitate to pull the trigger and fire the first shot. After that first shot, it will be easier for others to fire.

After the rationing system is announced, Wal-Mart and other big chains like it will become food distribution centers. They already have Homeland Security offices in a secured section of their corporate offices of Bentonville, Arkansas. Why are H.S. offices are located at Wal-Mart? Because the government has nothing else to do?  No - something very bad is in the works and when the time is right it will be unleashed upon America by switching off AC, the drug of choice.

In the Rochester, NY area back in the 1990's, a military detachment went into the mega-grocery store chain known as Wegmans. Most people haven't heard of this chain, but they have giant grocery stores in a few northeastern states. Their target market is the middle and upper class. Wegmans was named as one of the top ten companies to work for in the United States. The military came in, walked through the store taking notes and left. I know this took place as a fact from first-hand witnesses. There's no need to explain what that was all about. This has probably happened at thousands of grocery stores all across the United States.

When the AC drug distribution stops, the small "mom and pop" corner grocery stores will quickly run out of stock and close up. The bigger stores have distribution systems which absolutely will be taken over by the military and used for logistic purposes. You will see Wal-Mart and related food distribution trucks on the roads and probably very few others.

This will go on for a number of days until the food eventually runs out. This will be the point when serious civilian unrest REALLY beings as people are pushed to the breaking point. Suicide rates will suddenly increase, too. It won't be long after that when cannibalism will start as hunger pains become unbearable. There are those who have tried it and have said that "people taste something like chicken." Unfortunately, many, many millions of people will come to know that sickening flavor. It's well known that the two most powerful senses for memory recall are scent and flavor.

We have come to depend on the AC drug for literally everything. This is human nature. When you buy a car or truck and it was a reliable vehicle, naturally when it's worn out you go looking for another one of the same model. Same for tools, appliances, shoes, etc

AC power is no different, but there will be no AC to be found. Even generators cannot run without fuel. Tesla gave us this wonderful drug to live on. He also provided a way to distribute AC power WITHOUT wires, but the greedy JP Morgan didn't like it and killed it, so Tesla died broke. We can really thank Morgan for the unreliable and highly vulnerable nature of our WIRED AC power distribution system. A system which is vulnerable to everything including sunspots, drunk drivers, dynamite, hacksaws, termites and torches.

Unfortunately, only a bleak future remains for anyone living in or near any town or city. These are places where the military will concentrate most of their efforts. And this is also the reason why I drive 38 miles to work. Hopefully when all hell breaks loose and the drug of choice disappears, I'll be able to get home in time before condition red takes place. Or before they come to pick me up as I'm probably on FEMA's red list.

My point to all this doom and gloom is a simple one. If you're standing on the railroad tracks and a train is coming, do you continue to stand there? You know the train can't stop in time. The real answer is a simple one ­ don't be caught standing on the tracks in the first place!

Do something NOW while you still can. Even if it's a big sacrifice to move, move now. Move out into the countryside and become self-sufficient. Don't end up begging face down at the curb in front of foreign troops to be taken to the "safety" of Uncle's Carlisle POW camp. That's a fate far worse than death.

It's now only a matter of time before the globalists who are doing the bulldozer remodeling of America flip off the big switches by staging a FAKE terrorist attack.

When the AC drug of choice is suddenly gone, it will be too late to do anything but run.

But run to where? What if you have no place to run to?

Ted Twietmeyer


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