Skolnick - Alleged 'FBI Spy'
Story Full Of Holes
By Sherman H. Skolnick

In espionage parlance, there is the term "LEGEND". That is, the creation of an entirely or mostly fake background to cover up details of a spy-type who has somehow surfaced. For example, right after the murder of President John F. Kennedy, the mass media, without divulging that they got the data from the American CIA, trumpeted the so-called background of Lee Harvey Oswald, who was actually the CIA patsy, falsely designated publicly as the "lone assassin", selected ahead of time, unknown to him, to be blamed for everything, and then murdered right in police custody to stop further questions.
Take the case of ROBERT PHILIP HANSSEN, identified on February 20, 2001, as an alleged "FBI AGENT" who became an alleged "Russian spy". His father, Howard Hanssen, was a Chicago Police officer, ostensibly part of the Chicago Police "Red Squad".
Police in big cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, starting more or less in the 1920s, began calling some of their Intelligence Units, "Red Squads". Their mission was to seek out and destroy labor union organizers, anti-government dissidents, and such, on the false theory that ALL such were "Reds". Many outspoken immigrants, because they were activists, because they pressed for higher wages or better working conditions, were jailed without legal formalities or proof that they were "Reds", or simply thrown out of the country, without remedy or recourse.
By the 1960s, "Red Squads" were busy targetting for dirty tricks blacks seeking equal rights sometimes even murdering them; framing up labor activists on false charges of "bombings"; and peaceniks, during the Anti-Viet Nam War period, as supposed violence makers. Documented examples as to how Los Angeles and their police intelligence unit arranged local political murders and mayhem, are in the book, "The Glass House Tapes" [slang for their intelligence unit headquarters] by Donald Freed and others. A New York City "Red Squad"-type officer, undercover, posed as the supposed bodyguard of Malcolm X in 1965, and bent down to be sure he was dead as Malcolm lay mortally wounded on the floor of an auditorium where the outspoken activist was to have given a speech. Some contend the agent of the secret political police arranged for the real assassins to escape and the bloody deed to be blamed on "lone nuts".
A host of details point to the reasonable and obvious conclusion that Robert Philip Hanssen, because he was exceptionally bright, was reportedly recruited when he was a teen-ager, by the American CIA with the reported aid of his father, a reputed "Red Squad" officer. [Recruitment by teachers, family members, and such is typical of the CIA, such as the way they separately selected Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham, at an early age, for separate tasks for the spy agency. The Clintons being supposedly "married", actually a marriage of convenience, "a CIA couple".]
In Chicago, the "Red Squad" was part of "Operation Chaos", to disrupt dissidents, and operated under the auspices of the American CIA, NOT the FBI. The American CIA and their puppet, the Chicago Red Squad, became a matter of documented fact in various Federal Court anti-spy cases in Chicago in which this writer and his associates played an instrumental part or actively followed the proceedings, from 1970 and thereafter.
Robert Philip Hanssen became proficient in Russian. None of the accounts, whether in the print media, or radio or television, of the Establishment Press, state exactly where Hanssen studied Russian or how he became good at it. Rather, most accounts in the Chicago local press state he studied dentistry and accounting at Northwestern University.
The monopoly press does state, without real details, that the younger Hanssen got into the Chicago Police Department getting quickly into the elite, super-secret C-5 unit [not merely street work]. They falsely state that C-5 was to condcut internal investigations of police corruption. The C-5 unit was the CIA's operation, as a small group, within the Chicago Police Department.
In Chicago, 1969 to 1975, a group of "street commandoes" that worked with the Red Squad and the American CIA, had as their commander, a retired Naval Intelligence officer. As agents provocateurs, they specialized in infiltrating Anti-Viet Nam War groups, to disrupt them, by urging them to get off their chairs, and start up fighting with the police. The purpose was so the police could disrupt peace parades with violence to be blamed onto the peaceful marchers. Also, to get the dupes arrested and discredit the Peace Movement.
Starting about 1969, and thereafter, I angered the monopoly press by instructing students and others, how to identify provocateurs, by me conducting seminars at non-elite, working class colleges and universities. About the same time, I was the first in the U.S. to identify some of the mass media "reporters" as assets for, or linked to, the American CIA. [We continue to identify some local "reporters" as linked to the CIA, by way of our weekly public access Cable TV Program which reaches a large audience within Chicago.] The big, private, Establishment schools opposed my open discussion of the dirty tricks provocateurs use to discredit grass-roots movements. I also conducted classes on this at a local broadcast school, educating classes how to finger provocateurs and put them out of action. My students became adept. A non-student received my permission to monitor my class. After class he tried to get some of the students into violence. Following my instructions, they traced down his finances to a government spy unit and unmasked him publicly. He fled Chicago.
By 1975, the American CIA and the Red Squad in Chicago began trying to throwaway their expendable "street commandoes", by arranging frame-ups and dirty tricks. The local press began a series of stories designed to blame all the spying and violence on the "street commandoes" who knew that I was an open-minded independent.
These "street commandoes" did not know who else to turn to for help, so they called me. With my friends guarding my address as a precaution, I invited these "cover-blown" spies to my house. On the phone, I started to give them instructions how to find me, and they said "Sherman, don't you understand? On orders, many was the night, we sat in a car, spying on you and meetings at your house, by looking through your windows. Hey, we know how to find your address!" Wow! One of them confessed to me, "Sherman, the higher ups told us to plan to firebomb your house. But we like the way you and your friends go after crooked judges. So, we violated orders. Now they want to jail us on frame-ups, to get rid of us and shut our mouths. Hey, come on, help us go public to finger the CIA, and the secret unit in the Nixon White House we were working for." They brought me the rough typescript of their tell-all book they were working on. I went on some local late-night radio talk shows with one of them who from direct knowledge fingered the CIA and their bloody tricks IN THE U.S. against the Peace Movement and others.
Through all this, the CIA's C-5 unit in Chicago was more or less exposed. So, C-5 Unit Officer Robert Philip Hanssen left the unit in December, 1975, and the CIA assigned him to reportedly penetrate another situation by becoming a supposed "FBI Agent" stationed in Northwest Indiana, just across the state border from Chicago. Hanssen was reportedly to sniff out high-level FBI treason.
Just prior to Hanssen leaving the C-5 Unit, I suggested to some students at the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus, a working class school, that they contact the faculty advisors to see if they would approve of my seminars being conducted on campus, including about CIA provocateurs operating in the United States in violation of the CIA Charter forbidding domestic U.S. operations. When the faculty originally opposed it, a very distinguished looking student offered to help, William Peter Kampiles. He said he could persuade the faculty to agree to have the seminars in the largest lecture hall on campus, in the Behavioral Science Buidling. He was about the only student I saw on campus who came to school each day in a business suit and jacket. He got the faculty okay.
From various witnesses and circumstances, I found out later my seminars were being secretly taped for the espionage agencies to study my methods of instruction as to provocateurs. I was also shocked to find out a little later that seminar-organizer Kampiles graduated and went to work for the American CIA, as a security guard at their headquarters in McLean, Virginia. While stationed there, he was trusted to go all over the facilities. He somehow grabbed the instruction manual for the super-secret KH-11 CIA satellite which was designed to film over places like the Soviet Union and then as it crossed the U.S., by parachute drop the film package near a secret facility in Tennessee. A sizeable reward was given to local folks there who retrieved the packages and turned them in to a certain address.
In Hammond, Indiana, right near Chicago, Kampiles was put on trial for theft of secrets of the U.S. Government. Kampiles intended to defend against these serious charges by showing that he wanted to do a trick as a double agent, to get promoted within the CIA, in that he sought to use the secret manual to infiltrate the Soviet Embassy while he was visiting in his family's home country, Athens, Greece. The federal judge in Hammond, however, was dying of cancer[which was not widely known outside the courthouse] and had no patience to permit Kampiles' CIA-linked attorney [who had a reported conflict of interest] to defend Kampiles with the necessary details. The Judge was not about to shift the matter over from Kampiles to even more serious treason by high-level FBI officials; these traitors were being reportedly investigated by Hanssen while pretending to be a reputed "FBI agent". Minus a proper defense, and apparently innocent, Kampiles, my former seminar student and seminar arranger, was found guilty of treason, or its equivalent under the federal criminal code, and sentenced by the sick judge to over 40 years in federal prison.
Kampiles had a girl friend who came every day to the trial. Her father reportedly ran a small restaurant in Chicago preferred by quite a number of FBI agents. There was reason to believe that Kampiles and/or others with him were assisting the CIA to keep track of certain FBI people sort of reportedly like what Hanssen was doing. Kampiles' brother from time to time exchanged data with some of us.
Little-known or discussed, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has operated all the years without any legal charter or federal statute authorizing it to exist. They were simply created out of the mists and vapors hovering over the Injustice Department. The American CIA, on the other hand, is authorized to exist by a known charter. Whether that charter empowers them also to arrange or finance the assassination of domestic and foreign leaders that the CIA does not like, is another matter. Not adequately publicized is that alleged "President" George W. Bush has quietly revoked the federal edict, entered when Jimmy Carter was President, forbidding the CIA to engage in political assassinations.
Retired "spooks" contend that there are actually five top-level traitors in the FBI giving away to enemies of the U.S., America's "family jewels", profound secrets warranting the death sentence. The U.S. would face a horrendous crisis of crediiblity were the true apparent background of Robert Philip Hanssen to be allowed to come out in the Federal Court record and in the monopoly press. As a clandestine CIA operative reportedly within the FBI, while for years reportedly compiling treasonous criminality data on top-level FBI officials, Hanssen may have a very adequate defense to the matters with which he is charged and of which he may be innocent. Riddled with spies and relying in some instances on American CIA funds to operate overseas bureaus, the U.S. monopoly press is in no position to deal with this subject.
In case some still do not know, the FBI and the American CIA have been fighting each other from the time the CIA was formed. The CIA contends the FBI should not be running overseas bureaus and is poaching on CIA jurisdiction, among other things.
Details mentioned as to the "street commandoes" and their links to the CIA, NOT THE FBI, and links to what was a secret unit of the Nixon White House, are contained in Transcripts of Proceedings in anti-spy cases in the U.S. District Court in Chicago. Those proceedings were NOT in open court, but in a Judge's chambers. Some of the foregoing details are based on little-known voluminous and undisputed court records from those anti-spy cases involving the Chicago Police "Red Squad", "Operation Chaos", and the American CIA. I and members of our group were instrumentally involved in some of those matters and/or closely followed the court matters.
On the other hand, the sparse details in the local press in Chicago on the Robert Philip Hanssen alleged spy case, are misleading as to references to the C-5 Unit; as to Hanssen's father; as to the "Red Squad"; and related matters; which are contained either in stories in the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, 2/21/01, as well as on Chicago local commercial radio and TV, in their local broadcasts.Why did the local mass media in Chicago falsely state the C-5 Unit, of which Hanssen was a part, was simply to find local police corruption? when in fact C-5 was an American CIA operation in Chicago. More coming.
Stay tuned.
Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court reformer and since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Since 1991 a regular panelist and since 1995, Moderator/Producer of a weekly one-hour public access Cable TV Program, "Broadsides", cablecast within Chicago to 400,000 viewers each Monday evening, Channel 21, Cable TV, 9 p.m.

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