Chamish - The Guilt-Ridden
Jews Of The New World Order
By Barry Chamish

A couple of weeks back, Shimon Peres and Yasir Arafat shared the podium at the World Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland. In attendance was a Jewish journalist named Thomas Friedman. After Arafat cursed Israel for half an hour and Peres shook his hand after the display of venomous hatred, Friedman was so shocked that he told an Israeli economics journalist, Stephan Plosker that, "You have no peace partner until Arafat leaves the scene."
My, what a revelation from a New York Times Middle East "expert" who has spent two decades eroding Israel's position in the US!
That day, a true revelation appeared on an Israeli political site The writers there noted that it didn't matter what Arafat said or who witnessed it in the audience, the real business took place behind the scenes "at the exclusive meetings of the Bilderberg group."
Yesterday, a few people sent me a TV listing from the US. It seems that CFR member Daniel Pipes, the author of two books on "conspiracy theories," would be exposing, on a History Channel program, the paranoia of those who believe organizations like,"The Skull and Bones Society, Council On Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group," are up to plots against the people of the planet."
I have before me the latest membership list of the CFR; Pipes in on it and so is Thomas Friedman. To remind those who don't remember, during the 1980s, the New York Times sent two correspondents to Israel, David Shipler and Thomas Friedman. Shipler came first and he was a far less talented writer than his successor. However, he provided Friedman with most of his contacts, many of whom were Israeli Uncle Toms like Rabbi David Hartman, who liked the publicity and pandered to the reporters, telling them what New York radical Liberals liked to hear.
Both Shipler and Friedman wrote books about their experiences as NY Times correspondents in Israel. Neither book had anything to do with the actual country of Israel and Shipler's long forgotten volume was atrociously written. But both journalists were awarded Pulitzer Prizes for creating an Israel which uniformly despised the Likud leadership and longed for close personal relationships with their Arab neighbors.
Friedman's book, From Beirut To Jerusalem, was far more damaging than Shipler's because it was readable. Within, Friedman created out of the Middle East, a little New York, filled with fine people, all with impeccably good hearts. With a little understanding and lots of Israeli concessions, Lebanon could become another Long Island and Israel, the Borough of Queens. The damage came because Friedman put all the onus on Israel to be more charitable and was completely blind to the Medieval savagery of the people Israel is stuck with as neighbors.
However, since the recent Davos meeting, Friedman is sorry he wrote all that stuff. At least that's what his fellow CFRer Daniel Pipes writes in today's Jerusalem Post.
But let us wait before analyzing this "masterful" apology. First, let us look at the real world. By a coincidence, last night, I finished reading a truly masterful work; Europe's Full Circle - Corporate Elites And The New Fascism by British economic writer Rodney Atkinson. This is a sober expose of the Bilderberg Group and its allies in the Royal Institute For International Affairs in London and the Council On Foreign Relations in New York. The author concludes that these groups are dedicated to completing the economic plan of the Nazis and their Vatican compatriots, and in Europe the means is the Maastricht Treaty. Allow me to quote Atkinson:
"The European Union is based precisely on the social and economic structures of 'The European Economic Community' proposed by the Hitler regime in 1941. The covert and undemocratic methods of forcing European rule on Britain - through Treaty law, directives and regulations which largely bypass parliament - had their equivalent in the emergency laws by which Hitler governed Germany...The Treaty Of Rome which brought the European Community into being was nurtured at Bilderberg meetings."
Atkinson is kind enough to present a list of those who attended the exclusive 1995 Bilderberg Conference on forced economic globalization and guess who's name appears alongside Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller?; none other than NY Times Foreign Affairs columnist, Thomas Friedman!
Today CFRer Daniel Pipes, decided to bail out his fellow CFR member, who just happens to also be a Bilderberger, the distinguished journalist Thomas Friedman. Now keeping in mind that Pipes is a proud conspiracy debunker, how does he do it?
First he introduces his colleague, "Thomas Friedman may be the journalist who has the most influence on the way the outside world understands the Arab-Israel conflict." Maybe true, but now we learn how he views the issue; "His signature concept is applying a globalization theory to the conflict." Ooh, could he have picked that up at his Bilderberg/CFR meetings by some chance???
"If Arabs and Israelis would concentrate on fulfilling the imperatives of globalization, he argues, they would not only live better but also find themselves too busy making money to hate each other." This was not just Friedman's stupid idea but note, this is also Peres's New Middle East and isn't it a cosy coincidence that both Peres and Friedman were at Davos together this year?
It was this globalization concept of Peres and his partner in crime Yossi Beilin, that led them to handing the PLO 40,000 rifles and thus turned both into accessories to mass murder. But Pipes forgives Friedman his role in Israel's bloodletting because, "Of late, Friedman has woken up to Middle Eastern realities." As if better late than never works out fine this time around.
But that's okay, too because, "To his credit, Friedman has candidly acknowledged his mystification...Sadder but wiser, Thomas Friedman is learning a deeper truth about the Middle East. This is one region where politics trumps economics."
And so we end on an upbeat note. The world's number one propagandizer against Israel is sorry. He was wrong all along. And thanks to his Lodge buddy Pipes, we're all going to thank him for changing his mind. Even those Jews mourning their dead will be grateful because Friedman has seen the light at last.
Back to Atkinson's Bilderberg list; what struck me was the paucity of Jewish Bilderberg members. The vast majority of members are from Northern Europe. There are undoubtedly Jews who have lost their moral compass and are plotting a world government based on the Nazi model but Friedman's about-face leads to the conclusion that others were invited as dupes, to promote an agenda they were too dim-witted to see through.
Which leads to a final question; when will Daniel Pipes get a brain and stop aiding his worst enemies?
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