No Reason To Celebrate
Sharon's Victory
By Barry Chamish

My message, to those who respect it, is clear. The Israeli political leadership has been corrupted from abroad and no one running for Prime Minister is exempt. And that includes Ariel Sharon above all. I can understand the widespread celebration of his unprecedented rout of Ehud Barak. Finally, those elements determined to drag Israel into a suicidal pact with the PLO have been given a resounding message that the people have had it with them. As a temporary relief valve this election served a most therapeutic function. Unfortunately too many people think Sharon's victory means the war has been won and they are about to be very disappointed because Sharon will betray them just as much as Barak did. Only the style will change.
Here's how we got the elections in the first place. On a Wednesday six weeks ago, Binyamin Netanyahu was in the middle of a lucrative American speaking tour. There, he met two members of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), George Shultz and Henry Kissinger. In Netanyahu's own words, they told him the time was right to run for prime minister; a very noble message except elections weren't planned for another two years.
Netanyahu then hopped on a plane to Israel, he claimed to attend a Bat Mitzvah, had a few words with Barak and flew back to America to continue his lectures. Two days later Barak, who Kissinger and gang put in power beginning with a New York meeting in May 1995, resigned and called for elections in which he would remain a candidate.
Now why would he do such an insane thing unless told to? He was losing badly in the polls and began the race in a hopeless position. Then he continued with a campaign guaranteed to get him trounced at the polls. The CFR determined that it was Sharon's turn to drag Israel into war. Barak had prepared the path and now Sharon would lead the war. And the world and its Jews, getting dumber by the day, believe that all these events will be explained by random actions.
A few years back I received a phone call from New York from Joel Bainerman, who was attending an Israeli economic conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan. Excited, he said, "I was walking through a hall and guess who I saw come out of a conference room? Sharon and Kissinger." Joel told the same story to journalists covering the conference and at the next morning's press conference Sharon confirmed the meeting adding that, "In order to achieve peace, concessions will have to be made." He was asked if he meant territorial concessions and he refused to answer. Kissinger's talk had moulded the man.
Meanwhile, I called Sharon's spokesman Raanan Gissen and asked him what was discussed at the meeting. He replied, "They met to discuss overall Middle East security issues." I asked why Sharon, the Infrastructure Minister should be discussing security matters at a trade conference. He answered, "You're right, of course. They were discussing economic matters." I persisted, "Why was Sharon meeting Kissinger in the first place?" The reply was boggling; "Minister Sharon has met Mr. Kissinger every time he has flown to America since the end of the Yom Kippur War."
This was way too much to digest so quickly. I blurted out, "What do you know about Kissinger's leadership in the Council On Foreign Relations?" Gissen paused and answered, "Mr. Sharon has left instructions that this topic will only be discussed when he writes his diplomatic memoirs."
Ariel Sharon was born and raised on a radical-Left Mapai moshav, Kfar Malal. In early 1973 he quit the IDF and formed a political party, Shlomzion, whose followers were anticipated to be from the Left. Sharon even invited the extremist Yossi Sarid to join him in the party leadership. In October of the same year, war broke out and Sharon emerged the national hero. Now his political career would rise and the CFR decided that he had to be on their side.
He met with Kissinger and his proteges in early 1974 and received their power and blessings for a rise to the top, but with conditions. The first was that he become a mole in the Israeli Right and that he destroy the Herut movement. He returned to Israel, built up his party and proposed a united Right wing party to run in the 1977 elections. He amalgamated the Liberal (Gahal) Party with his own and Herut to create the Likud.
The election of the honorable and independent Likud leader Menachem Begin sent the CFR into a tizzy and Sharon was called on to neutralize and ultimately remove him. Before that could be done, Begin was outflanked by Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat and with all the power of the CFR behind the Egyptian position, Begin relented and withdrew from the entire Sinai Peninsula. The withdrawal could only proceed because Sharon was leading it. When one stubborn town, Yamit refused to be obliterated, Sharon sent in the bulldozers to do the job, one reason he is known as "the bulldozer," and a better reason to fear his real policy on uprooting Jewish homes.
On June 6, 1982, my army unit entered the Lebanon War. Following a trail of battles, we finally arrived at our position on Jebel Barauch, high in the Chouf Mountains, 80 km. from the safety of the Israeli border. We gathered around the tv set for the evening news and we heard Defence Minister Sharon's lie to Begin that the troops would stop advancing once they had reached the 40 km. line in Lebanon. We were stunned. The nation and its Prime Minister were being given a totally false picture of the war by Sharon. We all asked why and no answer was satisfactory.
A decade later Joel Bainerman and I spent an afternoon interviewing Menachem's son, Benny Begin. He was very coy with the facts we sought but, nonetheless, provided vital testimony. His father's war had been fought mostly to reverse a deal reached by Kissinger, Rabin and Syrian President Assad in 1975. Assad wanted Israel off the Golan Heights, Rabin couldn't deliver so Kissinger came up with a neat idea. Syria wanted Lebanon just as much, so let's give her it. We'll ignite a civil war and Israel will allow Syrian troops in to bring peace.
Benny Begin recalled. "Rabin laughed when he told this story and I said, 'Why are you so happy, 300,000 people died in that war?' He smiled and answered. 'Don't worry, it was a good deal.'" Menachem Begin's goal was to reverse the Middle East of murder organized by the CFR and Sharon's task was to stop him.
Benny Begin stressed one point without adding the precise details we sought; Sharon deliberately ousted his father from office.
We now recall the 1983 massacre at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps. On a Friday morning, Sharon gave permission for Phalangist forces to eliminate remaining PLO snipers in the camps. The Phalangists had been victimized by savage PLO massacres and Sharon must have known how they would react if given a free hand to operate in the camps. Word of the massacre reached him by the night but he did not order the Phalangists removed for two more days. Sharon suffered a temporary career setback for his negligence but this was the beginning of the end of Menachem Begin.
Sharon has been a magnificent performer, building on his deserved reputation as a daring commander, since 1974 he has been the darling of the Right. And since his rise, the Right has been slowly disintegrating. When Netanyahu was ordered by his CFR masters to sign the upcoming Wye Agreement, which gave the PLO more territory than Rabin or Peres ever handed over, both they and he understood that a huge ploy was needed to prevent massive protest against the outrage. So Netanyahu appointed Sharon his Foreign Minister, and barely a week later, Sharon gave his seal of approval to Wye. How could anyone protest when the militant, darling of the Right authorized all its clauses?
Early on during the recent election campaign, numerous Israeli journalists wrote that Shimon Peres and Sharon were plotting against Barak. The goal this time, was to have Sharon's buddy Peres replace Barak as the Labor candidate.
However, Barak caught on and fought back with the strongest weapon in his arsenal; Peres's organization of the Rabin assassination. The far left Meretz Party was about to back a motion led by Yossi Sarid, to make Peres their candidate for the elections. Their central council was all ready to approve Peres when according to Yediot Ahronot, "Rabin sent a messenger to remind the council members about Yitzhak Rabin." Meretz then changed its mind about Peres. The media speculated that Barak reminded the Meretz members that Peres snitched on Rabin about an illegal bank account in 1977 that drove him from office or that Rabin called Peres, "a relentless conniver," as if those facts weren't known and that they could turn the party against Peres.
Despite the Meretz rejection, Peres called out all his forces, especially in the media, to mount a campaign to replace Barak with him. Then Barak appeared on a morning radio show on Reshet Bet and said that if Peres didn't stop his campaign, he was going to talk to the Rabin family about the assassination. Peres's campaign to replace Barak came to a grinding halt.
Every available Saturday afternoon, for over twenty years, Sharon and Peres meet at Peres's home for what they call "social visits." At Peres's 70th birthday party, Sharon was placed in the seat of honor beside him. They are the closest of friends and their "vicious" rivalry over the years has been brilliantly stage managed.
Do not be surprised if the happy couple come out of the closet and into the Knesset. If Sharon has his way, Peres will be his Foreign Minister. Yes, he knows about Rabin, all the insiders do. So Sharon will fight any legal action which could bring justice to the memory of Rabin by trying his real murderers. He'll protect his buddy Shimon with all the considerable powers he has just received.
And Israel will go to war under Sharon, not because of him, he is just the right "hard-line, militant" pawn to justify bloody violence against the Jewish nation, but because the real powers who rule this planet have planned it that way all along.
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