Two Thais Reported Infected
With Mad Cow, Malaysia On Alert

KUALA LUMPUR (IRNA) - Malaysia's Agriculture Ministry has directed the Veterinary Services Department to be on the alert following a report that two people in Thailand have been infected with "mad cow" disease.
Deputy Minister Mohd Shariff Omar said on Monday that the department should take stringent measures to check the movement of cattle at the Thai-Malaysian border to ensure the disease does not break out in the country.
He said the department should strictly follow quarantine procedures and liaise with its Thai counterpart to determine the source of the brain-wasting disease considering the fact that Thailand is a beef supplier for Malaysia.
"The department should also check whether farmers in Thailand feed their livestock with bone meal from Europe, which we have stopped giving our cattle," he said.
"We are not taking any chances although Thailand banned the import of beef from seven European countries two weeks ago," he added.
Mohd Shariff said the government had banned the import of beef and bone meal when news of the deadly disease first surfaced.
The disease, officially known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, is believed to be spread through infected cows fed with animal feed.
Malaysia, he said, buys its beef and animal feed supplies from Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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