'Lone Nuts' And High-Level Violence
By Sherman H. Skolnick

The U.S. monopoly press is always quick to identify any high-level violence as caused simply by a "lone nut". To their credit, despite their numerous wars and commotions, Europe is somewhat quicker to raise the question of "conspiracy". Some of Shakespeare's plays are an example. Such as, "Julius Caesar", and the soothsayer's warning to the Emperor, "Beware the Ides of March".
In the 1980 presidential primary campaign, Kennedy family confidant, Allard Lowenstein, was to spearhead the campaign for Teddy Kennedy. Lowenstein was murdered, in his office, just about the time of "The Ides of March", 1980. Teddy got the message and his campaign went nowhere.Using the exact phrase, "Beware the Ides of March", I publicly and prophetically predicted presidential campaign violence just before the 1980 event of Lowenstein.
Previously, in 1975, just before being thrown out of a Lowenstein press conference, on whether there had been a plot to assassinate Bobby Kennedy, (on the excuse that I was not a mass media reporter and hence had no right to be there), I on-tape confronted Lowenstein with his CIA connections back to the time he was with the CIA-front, National Student Association. He denied links to the American spy agency.
So, in 1980, I publicly questioned the monopoly press's version, that Lowenstein had been murdered by a "lone nut". Only AFTER his death, did some journalists bring up his role in 1974, assisting the American CIA to overthrow the perceived leftist government of Portugal.
Following the murder in 1963 of President John F. Kennedy, there started a movement in the U.S. of political assassination researchers. Despite the fact that I was rightfully considered part of that movement, fellow activists nevertheless often wanted me thrown out of their meetings for departing from the usual talk about which way the bullets went or did not go. Why? To their combined displeasure, I always raised the question of financial and related issues, not bullets.
[At one assassination research conference in Chicago, I was ordered to be silent or be removed, when I confronted Oliver Stone's chief researcher for the movie "JFK" with a question: Is it not true that the French Rothschilds, linked to the Kennedy Family, principally financed the 42 million dollars for "JFK", and ran it primarily in their U.S. movie houses, to get revenge on Kennedy Family enemies?]
A few hours later Oliver Stone himself showed up at the meeting, and considering me apparently as some poor wretch in a wheelchair, condescended to allow me to tape a short segment with him on a less direct question and answer.
On another note, assassination researchers have developed an eye and ear for seemingly small but revealing details tending to show a cabal. During the two presidential terms of William Rockefeller Clinton, there were several suspicious violent events:
Item: One night, a small airplane came within about 20 feet of going through President Clinton's White House bedroom window. Later, details were either played down or not widely reported. Such as, because of the obstructions on the route, the plane, according to skilled pilots and aviation experts, would have had to be guided in and around obstacles, vectored as it is called, from someone giving signals from the ground. Also the alleged "pilot" was already dead before impact, tending to prove the plane was a robot or drone guided from elsewhere. No explanation was given as to why and how, just that night, the White House rooftop-mounted ground-to-air missiles and the guidance system were turned off; they are supposed to near automatically be ready to target any aircraft that flies in the "no-fly" zone over the District of Columbia.
Item: A super-velocity rifle, or rifles, were used by one or more gunmen to shoot through the supposedly bullet-proof Clinton White House dining room windows. A skilled videographer happened to be somehow right there as it happened. Later, a copy of the videotape was seized by federal authorities and never publicly revealed. Did he retain the original? The tape, according to his associates, reportedly showed intelligence-agency covert operatives were the shooters. The video-maker was later found dead, apparently murdered.
Item: an assassin somehow got past the security guards at the entrance to offices adjoining the U.S. House of Representatives. He went straight to the unmarked first floor door into the office of Congressman Tom DeLay (R., Texas). The House Majority Whip came within a few seconds of being assassinated. According to his confidants who spoke to investigators on the promise of anonymity, DeLay took it as a failed assassination plot. He left immediately for Texas, and was guarded getting off the plane there by a virtual army. He was one of the most outspoken as to President Clinton's corruption. [Lots more details. Scroll all the way down on our website to, "FBI/CIA Warehouse- Why so many 'Lone Gunmen'?" 7/8/99]
Item: One of the most outspoken in the U.S. Senate as to President Clinton's corruption, was Senator James M. Inhofe (R., Okla.). While flying his one-motor private airplane, the propeller fell off. Luckily, Inhofe somehow was able to safely glide his plane to the ground. Aviation experts claim they never heard of a propeller thus falling off by accident. Senator Inhofe was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee,` in a position to question President Clinton as to apparent treason he committed with the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. [See our website series on "The Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".] Also, Inhofe was a member of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, in a position to have questioned President Clinton about his secret CIA background, and how with help from some in the spy agency, he turned over U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets to the Red Chinese, a sworn enemy of the United States, a classic example of treason.
Item: Clinton White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney also worked as an assistant manager/manager in a Starbucks Coffee Shop frequented by Monica Lewinsky and Clinton White House aide George Stepanopoulis. Ms Mahoney was to be a federal grand jury witness on, among other things, that Clinton, as President, from time to time, met in or near the White House, with the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun. He also headed Polytechnologies, Inc., the Red Chinese military owned and operated company producing and marketing Ak-47 submachines guns. Ms Mahoney was a reported witness as to Wang Jun receiving from Clinton as U.S. President and U.S. Commander-in-Chief, United States industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets. The firm headed by Wang Jun reportedly shipped or attempted to smuggle into the U.S., quantities of the submachine guns headed for delivery to inner-city narco-terrorist street gangs. The purpose? Apparently to destablize the U.S. government by promoting violent shoot-em-ups with big city police. For the four years he was purported "Independent" Counsel, Kenneth W. Starr had as a PRIVATE law client Wang Jun. Is it any wonder that during the 50 million dollar episode of Starr's alleged investigation of Bill and Hillary, that all he came up was a sex episode?
Ms Mahoney was assassinated at the Starbucks Coffee Shop, in an intelligence-agency style "hit", in the heart of the District of Colombia, right near the Naval Observatory, adjacent to the official residence of then Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. [See our website stories about failed attempts to assassinate Gore as Vice President.] For a long time, the local authorities, claiming "short of manpower" reportedly did not make the time to investigate the murder. I and others went thereafter on various radio talk shows where permitted, and discussed the failure of the local authorities and the FBI to investigate. Thereafter, on a cold trail, the FBI claimed they had the "lone nut" assassin, an itinerant nobody.
According to the frightened head of a medical clinic, some distance from the Clinton White House, who was promised anonymity by an interviewer, the following occurred:
A U.S. Secret Service guard, on his shift in the Clinton White House, had as an assigned task, to open or close certain designated doors. He reportedly opened a door, and routinely shined his flashlight in there. He saw what he claimed was the then First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in flagrante delicto, wriggling together witn another woman, both naked. The other woman reportedly being Mary Caitrin Mahoney. [According to a later interview with those who knew Ms Mahoney since high school, she was a known, vocal lesbian. On the other hand, on a radio broadcast, long-time once Clinton campaign advisor, Dick Morris, contended Bill Clinton's sexual problems stem from his lesbian "wife".]
The medical clinic chief doctor contends he examined the identification document of the Secret Service guard who arrived at the clinic bleeding profusely from his head.
The doctor asked: What happened?
Answer: I saw something on my shift I was not supposed to know. The First Lady grabbed a heavy metal object, apparently an ash tray, and struck me in the head.
Question: Why have you come such a distance while bleeding, to have your head wound treated here? Are there not medical facilities in or near the White House?
Answer: my supervisor said I have to get help a distance away, to cause no White Houseproblems.
While the doctor and his associates stitched up the wounded head, as part of his record keeping, he took pictures of the Secret Service guard, his credentials, pictures and x-rays of the wound before and after treatment, and related matters. In relating this to an interviewer, he emphasized, "If you reveal my identity, and that of my relative that put you in touch with me, we are both DEAD. Do you understand?" The interviewer assured the doctor by mentioning various past episodes where he absolutely refused to divulge witnesses and sources.
Why was Mary Caitrin Mahoney murdered? Because she was prepared to testify about certain details of White House treason? Because her eyewitness testimony reportedly as to Hillary, might cut off Hillary's political ambitions?
Item: In February 2001, early on after the purported Inauguration of alleged "President" George W. Bush, there was an incident near an entrance to the Bush White House. A man, later identified by the monopoly press as Robert Pickett, brandished a gun and was shot by White House guards in the knee-cap. Most assassination researchers figured it was, in fact, just a "lone nut" incident. However, some of the contradictory details are troubling. The gun-toter showed no sign of pain although shot in a place that causes great pain. He exhibited no pain in the ambulance to the hospital.
With the passage of more time, even further contradictory details may surface, tending to show it may not have been, in fact, just a "lone nut". The press described him as a disgruntled former IRS employee. He must have been exceptionally clever, however, since he had attended West Point.
Some assassination researchers point to historical examples, to give some insight. Over the centuries, those who attempted to kill a King, Queen, Emperor, and so on, if apprehended and then tortured to reveal accomplices, showed no sign of pain. This was an indication that they did not feel any pain having been hypnotized, that is, mind controlled.
The would-be Bush White House shooter, like the one attempting to assassinate Congressman DeLay earlier mentioned, reportedly comes from one of two centers of U.S. government provocateurs that we have told about previously in exclusive stories. The far southern suburb of Chicago, called Crete, Illinois, and Evansville, Indiana where Pickett is from. In 1995, through a series of exclusive stories I had posted on a friend's website, I pointed out that many of the staff members of an alternative magazine, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, "Media Bypass Magazine", had at the time several of the staff members being apparent government spy operatives devoted to wrecking the outspoken magazine. The magazine owner, Jim Thomas, several times faulted me as not knowing what I was talking about.
A few years later, however, Jim Thomas called me, more or less friendly-like, more or less apologetic for having called me a liar. He said he discovered that I was quite correct and that he is in the process of removing or firing most of the staff members who he then finally understood were government spies who penetrated the magazine for the purpose of disinformation and wrecking a publication pointing out censored stories. It may be too soon to make a definitive determination that Pickett was or was not "mind controlled". Was the incident designed to monopolize the Establishment news, to divert us from something else about the Bush Two White House? To understand the subject, read the following as background:
"The Manchurian Candidate" by Richard Condon. New York: Jove Books, 1988. "Operation Mind Control" by Walter H. Bowart. New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1978.
As we told in our previous website story, the FBI/CIA seems to have a warehouse full of these would-be assassins. Remember the so-called "assassin" of Bobby Kennedy, hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan? In the video copy of assassination researcher Ted Charach's movie documentary "Second Gun", he shows Sirhan was too far away from Bobby and that a second gunman did the bloody deed. Was the would-be assassin of Congressman DeLay under "Mind Control" and was Pickett likewise so?
There are profound reasons to divert our attention with mind-controlled robots. At the time of this posting, there has been the penetration of the Chicago markets by the Red Chinese Secret Police. [View our website articles.] Assisting in this has been reportedly Marc Rich jointly with certain fascist-like members of The Mossad, Israel's secret political police, acting jointing with criminals in Britain's Counter-Intelligence, M1-6. As stated in our stories about Marc Rich, he has been part of an espionage effort to keep Bill Clinton and his alleged "wife" under control. The worldwide fraudulent transactions of Marc Rich have been jointly with George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons, George W., Jeb, and Neil.
[Visiting the following website will give you insight as written by an espionage operative once deep in business with old man Bush and his sons:]
Can we expect a series of so-called "lone nut" incidents, most likely actually "mind control" incidents? For the purpose of sending George W. Bush a message? Just at the time the United States seems to be heading into a financial meltdown, of which George W. may not know how to deal with?
Stay tuned.

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