Skolnick - Marc Rich And Others...
Fingered By A Letter
By Sherman H. Skolnick

The monopoly press reportedly is interested in a strange letter that has surfaced. It names specific persons and events and it relates to the apparent murder of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., July, 1993, the manipulation of the gold markets by Marc Rich in combination with large financial forces, as well as tied to huge illicit funds money laundered by the Bush family in combination with Bill Clinton as their little-publicized crony and confederate.
In the letter, our editorial comments to update those who might not be knowledgeable are in brackets. Visit our website story for more details on the how and why murder of Foster, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush Family".
THE LETTER, verbatim as received:
22nd day of January, 2001 A.D. To: U.S. President George W. Bush U.S. Vice President Richard (Dick) Cheney U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno U.S. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder U.S. Federal Judge David L. Russell U.S. White House Counsel Bernie Nausbaum [Clinton White House] Estate/U.S. W/H Deputy Counsel Vince Foster, Jr. U.S. DoJ Attorney- John Russell S.E.C. Chairman, Arthur Levitt Dresdner Banque, COB, Bernhard Walter Deutche Banque AG, COB, Rolf-Ernst Brewer Georgio Bomio, Esquire Central Authority for U.S. Requests Division of International Legal Assistance Federal Office For Police Matters Bundesrain 20, 3003 Bern, Switzerland Credit Suite, COB Guy Studor, et al Former Director/FBI William Sessions [who was sacked on flimsy grounds the day before Foster was murdered] SAC Bill Lecates SAC Glen Speedy SAC Jeb McGruder SAC Gary Small [followed by bracket, identifying them] Section V [asterisk after Speedy identifying him as]U.S. Secret Service, Nashville, TN, USA U.S. DoJ C.L. Ford, Esq. cc: Frank B. Ingram (FBI SA 32 NY) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury/U.S. Custom Service Rick Reynolds (S.E. Asia ops SA 233 MS) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury/U.S. Customs Service _____________[name left out]/(S-31-IANO) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury Office of Internal Affairs/Sector V-New Orleans FROM: Ambassador Leo E. Wanta/Stillpoint.ops Diplomatic Passport No. 04362 & 12535 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
IN THE MATTER OF: (A) MARC RICH- Visit in Lausanne, Switzerland at Hotel Au Lac with Ms Lorrayne Fine
(1) of L.H. Financial(Tel Aviv & Johannesburg, SA);
(2) of Ameritrust Corporation (USA) as Corporate Secretary & Account Signatorie at Credit Suisse, Lausanne, Switzerland;
(3) of Ameritrust (Suisse) Societe as Director and Corporate Co-Ordinator with Suisse Banque- as to: Private Contract between Humewood Enterprises (London & Dublin) and Ameritrust Corporation (USA) for Prime Banque Guartanees (PABag/icc 400/500/600)- Aggregate Amount of US Dollars Five Trillion with rollovers and extensions- as authorized by U.S. Government entities-and International Banking Groupe, et al.--
Marc Rich at Hotel Au Ladc Lausanne further discussed the scheduled meeting with Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster, Jr. on 07 July 1993, as to:
(1) Children's Defense Fund "set-aside" allocations of US Dollars Two Hundred and Fifty Million (US $ 250,000,000.00), through Credit Suisse Banque, Agent for Ameritrust Corporation (USA); [see our website story, New/Old White House Gang]
(2) Suisse newlly-organized "AmeriTrust (Suisse) Societe" to meet Suisse Tax Regulations, as to PBG transactions as authorized under Title 18 USA Sec.6/USG Proprietary Corporations- and endorsed through USGovt entities.
(3) New lodging at Hotel de la Pax, Geneva for: (07 July 1993) (A) Vince Foster Groupe (B) Frank B. Ingram (SA 32 NV) (C) Rick Reynolds (SA 233 MS) (D) Consul General Giovanni Ferro (E) Italia Judge Pierre Liugi (F) Italia Secret Police Erika Ruffo (G) Somalia President Haji Mohammed Hashi Haile of Mogedishij, et al (H) Ms Lorrayne Fine (Mossad) and her daughter from Johannesburg SA (I) Banque Paribas Vice Chairman, Antonio Salvatorie, et al.
When U.S. Treasury Rick Reynolds observed Marc Rich on Lorrayne's Hotel Patio; no one was certain that Lorrayne had advised him of Reynolds/Ingram/Wanta planned attempts to travel by Laussane boat ferry across to French Casino, 45 minutes across Lake- with L. Fine, g. Ferro, Fine's daughter, L. Wanta, et al.
Please Note: FBI Director William Sessions had authorized this groupe to take Marc Rich, if and when, he was out of Switzerland for "tax evasion". Bill Lecates also authorized F.B. Ingram to take down Marc Rich if the opportunity came available. [Editorial note: President Clinton by unceremoniously sacking Sessions, the day before the later Foster murder, put a stop to FBI Director William Sessions' elite unit investigating high criminal offenses by both Clinton, former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons Neil, Jeb, and George W., little-known business cronies of Clinton, as well as other top-level criminals jointly with Bush/Clinton gang. The gang included Clinton White House Senior Advisor Rahm Emanuel, who is also reportedly Acting Deputy Station Chief for North America of Israeli Intelligence, The Mossad, of which Ms Fine ostensibly was an operative. Rahm, now a Managing Director in Chicago of reputed worldwide money laundry operation Wasserstein Perella & Co., specializing in laundering huge funds through the Chicago markets for the Red Chinese and the Red Chinese Secret Police. See our previous website stories.]
Our U.S. Groupe (Intel) was also involved in the T.A. Trace Analysis Lab in Morges, Switzerland (Dr. John Lutz) as to Bulgaria delivery of Red Mercury 20/20 to Iraq via Trieste Port. Israeli Zvi Margelit, et al., were also delivering RM 2020 to Iraqi Military via this travel plan & Andras Szasze et al. (See Thieves World, by Claire Sterling, Simon & Shuster, NY-1994 release) [Editorial note: Sterling, a CIA front operative, unfairly condemns Leo E. Wanta in her book, yet Wanta played a key role in wrecking the Soviet government in the Soviet Ruble caper of 1990 which is highly detailed in that book. Also note: Red Mercury is the ingredient in "suitcase" nuclear devices that can be carried around by terrorists. ABC Network high-paid propagandist, Barbara Walters, has reportedly been a sizeable stockholder in Israeli weapons manufacturers that apparently sell diabolical weapons to all comers, Red Chinese, terrorist organizations, and such. As we have pointed out in some of our website stories, ABC News has received the CIA subsidy, since 1988-89, once had by CBS News, for ABC News to run their foreign bureaus as a vacuum pump of intelligence data for the American CIA.]
It was not known in July, 1993, that Suisse Surete, Interp[ol, et al., was aware of our intel to take down Marc Rich- until Suisse Surete arrested Somali Ambassador Leo Wanta for failure to pay alleged, and bogus, Wisconsin Tax Assessments for 1982 and 1988-thus the Sessions arrest warrants for Marc Rich were illegally discovered- and I believe resolved in the murder of (1) Vince Foster (Washington, DC, USA) (2) Freddie Woodruff (Tbilisi, Georgia) [An American CIA official] (3) J.J. Smith (Mexico City) (4) Lino Burys (Hong Kong) (5) etc., etc. (AA) Further, Ms.Fine was aware of the oil activities of Commerce Secretaary Ron Brown, Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary, Somali Ambassador Wanta as to: Operation Restore Hope, 90 Million Barrels of Saudi light crude oil as bid contracted to: Marvelous Investments Limited Hong Kong-as assigned to- White Cloud Petroleum Corporation (Delaware) c/o Bank of New York for Delivery to Houston, Texas, USA [White Cloud was/is reportedly owned by the George Herbert Walker Bush Family] (BB) Purchase of Ciga Hotels and properties- (CC) Purchase of Credito Italiano Bank et al., (DD) Rome American Hospital (Roma) facilities, (EE) U.S. Treasury Note Procuremejnt/delivery via London Treaty Porivisons in favour of AmeriTrust Corporation (USA), Marvelous Investments, Ltd. (HK/BVI), New Republic/USA Financial Group, Ltd.Gesellschaft of Wien, Austria-Europa [Vienna, Austria] (FF) Certain forex currency transactions as authorized under 18 USC Sec. 6 et al. (GG) Certain Suisse & European Property purchases, as well as other European trade companies/societes-
Our intel and related corporate documentary evidence and exhibits are readily available to interested parties; on a "need to know basis", due to the sensitivity involved. Respectfully submitted under penalty of perjury, Ambassador Leo E. Wanta DPP #04362 & 12535 22 Jan 2001 AD. Approved by: /s/ Rich Reynolds, Rick Reynolds (SA 233 MS) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury /s/ Frank B. Ingram Frank B. Ingram (SA 32 NV) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury.
[Editorial notes: The exposure widely of the details in this letter would tend to expose the Bank of England together with a Wall Street cabal including Goldman Sachs & Co., implicated in forcing down the price of Gold so as to attempt to save certain huge hedge funds borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars on what is known as "gold carry" or "gold carriage" arrangements. That is, a low price of gold, below the cost of production of the most efficient mines, enables certain huge speculators to borrow tremendous funds for as a little as one per cent. A party to this huge Price-Fixing Fraud has been Alan Greenspan as the head of the conspiratorial Federal Reserve masquerading as a "U.S. Government" entity when it is a private-owned, private run group of alleged banks issuing paper money masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar".
As to the contents of the letter and what is involved, both Time Magazine and Newsweek Magazine are aware of it as is ABC and CBS News. ABC and CBS have a severe hang-up conflict of interest because of the Israeli-"Red Mercury" nuclear suitcase bomb matters involved. Newsweek is owned and operated by the British who have a substantial interest in covering up these matters to protect huge British interests, including the Bank of England and others. Newsweek's Michael Isikoff who is reportedly aware of the letter is a reputed asset of The Mossad, Israeli Intelligence, going back to the time he helped kill stories reportedly, as part of Newsweek's sister publication the Washington Post. ABC is a proprietary operation linked to the American CIA which subsidizes, for intelligence gathering and spying, ABC News' foreign bureaus. ABC as earlier mentioned has Barbara Walters with a substantial interest to reportedly kill any story about the letter because of her reputed financial linkage with sizeable Israeli weapons manufacturers and "Red Mercury".
As we have discussed in other items on our website, Foster ran a secretive "Gold Bank" in the Caribbean for intelligence agencies and together with his sidekick, Hillary Rodham Clinton, worked worldwide money laundry deals based on smuggled gold bullion. Any mass media admission that they lied to us about the death of Foster, earlier claiming it was "suicide" when they knew all along it was murder, would inevitably bring up the smuggled gold matter as well as the gold Price-Fixing matter. See our website item about the Roger D'Onofrio Affair, as discussed by foreign wire service bureaus, early December, 1995; involved jointly criminal activities of the Vatican Bank once headed by Bishop Paul Marcinkus originally from the Chicago-area mafia enclave of Cicero and their First National Bank of Cicero, later re-named several times. See our website story about the Giannini Family.
To silence Wanta, he was framed with the connivance of Tommy Thompson when he was Governor of Wisconsin and part of the CIA's reputed operation Children's Defense Fund. See our website story, Old/New White House Gang. Tommy Thompson is now part of the cabinet of alleged "President" George W. Bush, who some consider to be an "imposter" President. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press has a lot to lose by dealing with the different situations in the letter.
The liars and whores of the press have not even begun to tell us the details of the massive worldwide fraud and murders implicated with protected espionage agency darling MARC RICH. More coming.
Stay tuned.


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