Skolnick - Marc Rich...King
Of The US Bullets
By Sherman H. Skolnick

How did Marc Rich became virtual dictator of the Red Chinese operation to manufacture, such as on American soil, military and civilian bullets for the United States IN AMERICA? In the 1980s, he escaped from and obstructed U.S. criminal prosecution. He fled to Switzerland, and supposedly gave up his U.S. citizenship.
Making his headquarters in the Canton of Zug, where he became the reigning mogul, he caused vast revenue to drip down, of which they have come to depend on in Zug. Large sums developed from his worldwide trafficking in smuggled gold such as for covert intelligence operations; commodity deals to disguise forbidden shipments of oil, such as "soybeans"; clandestine missile swaps interwoven with supposed metal trading; transmitting bribery loot to secret accounts for corrupt public officials in U.S. and elsewhere; osmium nuclear bomb triggers sold, exchanged, or bartered, on the black market with state-sponsored terrorists, for some other product he needs to peddle or to fill an order, such as material extracted from the earth. He was already an expert at parking bribery funds for public officials, putting them in sleepy places where no questions are to be asked.
Marc Rich, real name Reich, grew up among those who knew and know first hand, and taught him, the intricacies of how to handle secret accounts, such as in clandestine banking havens, like Andorra, tucked away between France and Spain; such as in the Channel Islands between France and Great Britain, a favorite money place for highly corrupt Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers, who like to influence and bribe federal prosecutors; such as Antigua, favorite for bribery money and blackmail funds to influence members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, like in the BCCI Affair. And other places also.
This done, in part, through major U.S. correspondent banks, like Citibank [owned by a wing of the Rockefeller Family with Saudi surrogates], that have hidden vast illicit funds for Mexican presidents. So they surely have not been squeamish in dealing with the likes of Marc Rich. And the U.S. financial press has given big criminals, like Marc Rich, a pass, for years and years. Just scratching around, if at all, the surface. Who ever mentions that former Mexico President Salinas---he and his brothers and family big in dope loot---somehow became a Director of Dow Jones, parent firm of the Wall Street Journal? Hey, when are THEY going to make Marc Rich a Director of the world's biggest circulation financial news operation, huh? Who do you have to influence [bribe?] to become a director of the firm owning the Wall Street Journal? How much do you have to "park" somewhere?
Marc Rich reportedly helped members of the George Herbert Walker Bush Family commit vast U.S. tax evasions and to commit treason during the Iran/U.S. hostage crisis, 1979-81. Rich has helped Red China, and their Secret Police in the United States, dominate the Chicago markets and hollow out U.S. finance and industry. Beyond mere whispers are the way Rich jointly with the Red Chinese and highly corrupt Israeli elite, reportedly dominate some of Chicago's La Salle Street commodity and currency brokers, such as REFCO-LFG Division [Richard Friedman & Co.] tied to both Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as the Bush Family.[Visit our other website stories.] Rich is a great corrupt influence on foreign exchange trading, called FOREX, such as with Bank of America and Chicago-headquartered Harris Bank. [Visit our website for details of other corruption of the Giannini Family, their Bank of America, and Harris Bank.]
In October, 1980, meeting in a Paris suburb with fully authorized and ratified representatives of the Iranian dictator, the Elder Bush agreed to supply Iran weapons, to be trans-shipped through Israel, for Iran's war with Iraq. To keep high the price of oil, the Rockefellers and the oil-soaked British Royal Family, instigated the war in September, 1980, with Iraq and Iran being major oil pumpers; each sought to destroy the other's oil facilities.
By way of the secret meeting Iran, in turn, agreed to keep the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages until AFTER the 1980 presidential election of the Reagan/Bush ticket. This was for the purpose of making Jimmy Carter running for re-election look like a wimp not being able to get the hostage release. Carter, however, had a plan to get the release in October, just before the election, which would worry Bush. Hence, Bush coined the term "October Surprise". The hostages were released in January, 1981, just at the moment Reagan was safely inaugurated. Marc Rich played a role in all this in that, with impunity, he was allowed to violate the worldwide embargo on Iranian oil. When Reagan/Bush took office, nothing was done to Rich who had brokered some of the weapons deals via Israel to Iran. Rich also handled, for Bush, the millions of dollars given to Iran by Bush as part of the deal. The funds were trans-shipped via a highly corrupt functionary in the financial news industry, Earl Brian [later sent to prison on unrelated charges carefully omitting any of this.]
During the Iranian oil embargo, Marc Rich made hundreds of millions of dollars by treasonously circumventing the U.S.-led restrictions. Rich did this with firms largely owned by the George Bush Family jointly with Richard Cheney and their confederates. Many of Rich's dealings were disguised as soybean and currency trading, on the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Cheney as alleged U.S. Vice President reportedly secretly helps supply Iraq oil exploration and pumping equipment through overseas firms of Cheney/Bush's Halliburton Co., as well as units Dresser-Rand and Ingersoll-Dresser Pump. [The Washington Times, owned by the illicit empire of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has covered up Rev. Moon's huge money ties to the George Bush Family. Details have been on-line by hard-hitting journalist Robert Parry., a version of his print magazines. Also, see the populist newspaper Spotlight, 11/20/00,].
Splitting hairs, the Elder Bush some time after the treasonous dealings with Iran, told the few reporters that dared ask, "I wasn't in Paris" [NO, just a Paris SUBURB], and immediately contradicting himself, he said "But if I was there, nothing happened." The Israeli aristocracy---not the common people---have been complicit in these treasonous dealings brokered by Marc Rich as a high level operative of the Israeli secret political police, The Mossad. The Israeli elite, with vast inside knowledge from being middle-men in this dirty business, were able for 8 years to blackmail huge sums out of the Reagan White House, and for 4 years out of the George Herbert Walker Bush Administration. To keep Clinton as President off-balance, The Mossad planted Monica Lewinsky as a White House intern to entrap Clinton already known as a rapist and sexual predator. Since a teen-ager, she has reportedly been an accomplished Mata Hari-style seduceer-spy. Her father reportedly going back to the time he lived in Central America, was a "sleeper" operative of The Mossad, useable when needed. On and off for 6 years as Clinton White House Senior Advisor was dual U.S./Israeli citizen Rahm Emanuel. He reportedly has been Deputy Chief of The Mossad for North America. He reportedly aided Marc Rich in huge clandestine dealings on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, dominated by the Jewish aristocracy, and the Chicago Board of Trade, dominated by the Irish Catholic elite. Rahm reportedly continues to work deals for Marc Rich jointly with the Red Chinese and the Israeli elite, through Wasserstein Perella & Co., of which Rahm is a Managing Director specializing in Asia transactions.
And what has been the role of Swiss officials in all this? In years past, the way Swiss officials protected Marc Rich is scandalous by U.S. standards. Rich was represented in Switzerland by the CHIEF PROSECUTOR for Canton Zug, who was also a DIRECTOR of one of Rich's firms, Marc Rich AG, as well as 33 other foreign firms registered in Zug. In a document to the Swiss authorities, the Chief Prosecutor of Zug set forth that Marc Rich was essential to the Swiss economy as well as that of other nations. The Chief Prosecutor's Chief Assistant sat on 26 corporate boards and the Zug police chief was a member of another ten. As the author of a book about Marc Rich described all this, "Rich went beyond covering all the bases; he bought the ballpark." "Metal Men- Marc Rich ahd the 10-Billion Dollar Scam", by A. Craig Copetas. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1985, pages 192-193.
Some savvy folks contend that what happened with Marc Rich being defended instead of prosecuted by the Chief Prosecutor in Switzerland is actually typical what happens in the United States. Federal prosecutors in America too often protect major criminals and spend the bulk of their time running after routine inner city police corruption, bribery of the city government, and such. NOT MAJOR CORPORATE CRIMINALS. Federal judges who are influenced corruptly through banks they and their cronies own are not ever the subject of a federal grand jury probe. Federal judges who stuff the court records with their judicial perjuries to falsely justify a corrupt decision favoring a major corporate entity are not federal criminally punished as they should be. The only instance of a top-level federal appeals judge going to jail for bribery was caused by our work putting heat on the see-nothing INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT, 1969-1973. The affair did NOT remedy, however, the corruption built-in to the judicial system.
Marc Rich and his sidekick Pincus Green, "Pinky", head up one of the world's largest transacters in metals, such as tungsten from Red China. Part of the dealings on the Red Chinese deals have been arranged through Prescott Bush, Jr., brother of George Bush The Elder and Uncle of George W. Bush, alleged "President". According to published accounts, Prescott Bush, Jr. has also worked corrupt deals with the massive Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. To make the Red Chinese tungsten deals work, Rich and his firms paid a "commission" or bribe to Clinton as President as well as the First Lady Hillary and contributed heavily to her carpet-bagging campaign to be U.S. Senator from New York. The funds were funneled through tax-havens like Antigua, Andorra, the Channel Islands, and similar tax-dodge money black holes.
Grabbing up both ends of the strategic Panama Canal was not sufficient for the Red Chinese and their secret police. Penetrating fundamental equipment of the U.S. Military and local and federal police was more pertinent, toward the future date when they might decide to fight the U.S. The Red Chinese have been positioning themselves as the major supplier of bullets for the United States, military troops and civilian police use.
Helping the Rockefellers set up the Red Chinese on U.S. soil in bullet manufacturing have been members of the George Bush Family and their little-publicized confidants, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Together, the excuse they have, although not yet widely noted or discussed, is that lead bullets are toxic. Dubbed "green ammunition" because it is deemed to be environmentally "safe", the tungsten-core bullets manufactured by the Red Chinese has quietly started. Production has commenced at a huge facility arranged by the Red Chinese in Adelanto, California, which is relying on Red Chinese tungsten, brokered by Marc Rich with the aid of the Bush Family and the Clintons.
A populist newspaper, in a headline story "China Angling To Be Principal U.S. Ammo Provider", described it "The conversion from lead to tungsten for ammunition is expected to spill over into the civilian sector, where all lead shot used in shotguns, as well as the cores of bullets for rifles and handguns, will also be BANNED. This will have a major impact on American sportmen who cast their own bullets from lead, which melts at a relatively low temperature. Tungsten requires the intense heat of oxy-acetylene-generated temperatures to melt." Spotlight, 4/3/2000 (Emphasis added.)
Red China, considered by some to be a sworn enemy of the United States, is expected soon to become the major supplier of ammunition to the U.S. Military as well as for fire-arms by local and federal police. Nobody seems to be concerned that the tungsten-core bullets cost about 13 times more than lead, as material. Called J.J. Ammo, the company has been bringing in purported "technicians" from mainland China. Retired intelligence officers familiar with the project contend some of these alleged "technicians" are reportedly also with the Red Chinese Secret Police already active on United States soil. [Visit our website series, "The Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".]
Also set up to supply Red Chinese tungsten-core bullets to the U.S. Military and U.S. local and federal police, jointly with the Red Chinese themselves, is a firm jointly owned by the Israeli aristocracy with Marc Rich's group of Zug-registered companies. The firm, Israeli Military Industries, IMI, has business arrangements with Marc Rich, and has agents and/or offices in the U.S., including New Jersey. The Israeli ruling class seems devoted to assisting the U.S. ruling class in promoting gun control for common Americans at the same time restricting the availablity of ammunition to only the U.S. Military and local and federal police. Common Americans seeking to buy or use non-tungsten core bullets may end up on a master list to be rounded up for violating the expected ban on lead ammo.
So the described cabal is determined to make the U.S. entirely dependent on Red China as the world's major producer of tungsten, with Marc Rich and his gang supervising and brokering the deals. "Smaller amounts of tungsten are mined in India, Indonesia and South Africa. U.S. tungsten is mined from the sands along the beaches of South Carolina and Georgia and from underground mines in western Montana and western Nevada....there is not a sufficient amount for U.S. military ammunition needs from all of these sources combined." Spotlight newspaper, 4/3/2000.
A financial meltdown in the U.S. may make the foregoing highly pertinent. Stringent schemes and efforts have been underway to totally dis-arm common Americans. At the same time, special military forces, even foreign troops training on U.S. soil, are planning for the time when they may have to counter ordinary Americans rising up against a tyranny of the central government. The U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights, Second Amendment, is plainly so ordinary Americans can resist what starting in the 20th century is called a fascist coup.
How Marc Rich cheated the Pope's soybean company in Chicago out of billions of dollars using crooked federal judges. How Marc Rich is like another Israeli secret political police operative murdered by being thrown into the Atlantic Ocean. Lots more coming.
Stay tuned.
Skolnick - Update To Marc Rich Stories
By Sherman H. Skolnick
The Chief Federal Prosecutor in New York City is compiling proof that Clinton, while President, was bribed with millions of dollars to grant a presidential pardon to purported super-criminal Marc Rich. Holed up in Zug, Switzerland, Rich has been in huge illegal deals with Clinton's sometimes pals George Bush the Elder and sons George W., Neil, and Jeb. Enough evidence exists to send both Clinton and Bush Family members to prison, say those intimately familiar with the facts.
Ex-President Clinton has been ratting on his Bush Family confederates. Bill has direct evidence that the Elder Bush has been a kingpin in the massive dope trafficking from South East Asia, "The Golden Triangle". Bush's dope traffic business partners reportedly have been General Colin Powell [who also covered up the Viet Nam Mia Li massacre] now U.S. Secretary of State, and Powell's long-time side-kick, Richard Armitage, now Deputy Secretary of State, this trio fingered by a Burmese General for whom they built a highway to facilitate his dope shipments.
The pardon bribery loot went, in part, through corrupt former high-level IRS officials and their laundering operation on the Dutch St. Maartens Island, in the Caribbean. [Visit our website for related details.] Part of the pardon bribery gang, according to witnesses and evidence available to the New York Federal Grand Jury, include key traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. One of them reportedly is Rahm Emanuel, former top official in the Clinton White House who is a dual citizen, U.S./Israel. Rahm ostensibly is the Acting Deputy Chief for North America of Israel's secret political police, The Mossad. After leaving the White House, Rahm became a managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., at their Chicago office.
With Rahm's supervision, they have reportedly been specializing in laundering huge funds tied to the Red Chinese and their secret police, washed through certain Chicago's La Salle Street commodity brokers, such as reportedly REFCO-LFG Division [Richard Friedman & Co.] The Red Chinese, with Wasserstein's apparent connivance, have reportedly been repeatedly attempting to smuggle into the U.S. AK-47 submachine guns manufactured and marketed by a Red Chinese firm run by Wang Jun, who is also reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. [Wang Jun has been a PRIVATE law client of Kenneth W. Starr, supposed "Independent" Counsel investigating Bill and Hillary Clinton.] Some AK-47 shipments have been seized enroute to U.S. inner-city narco-terrorists.
Clinton, the stool pigeon, is leaking hot items of specific criminality of the Bush Family, from documents he removed from White House files, to the major networks who so far, are using it for blackmail, not to inform the public. ABC Network wants the American CIA to renew the highly lucrative secret subsidy deal by which ABC News finances and staffs their overseas bureaus as a spy operation. As we have mentioned in exclusive stories for more than a decade, CBS News, 1988-89, upon losing the CIA subsidy, closed a number of their overseas intelligence gathering bureaus while ABC News, upon getting the subsidy instead of CBS, opened more of theirs. [Ted Koppel, a Canadian citizen, has a long espionage background and his ABC "Nightline" Program often has Foundation "consultants" known by him to be CIA but never on-camera identified as such.]
The whole mess comes as the U.S. heads for what some contend is a financial meltdown. Called by critics the alleged "President", or White House RESIDENT, George W. Bush may not know how to deal with the apparent on-coming Depression and may go bananas, so say skilled psychiatrists who recognize him as having what they call a "nut house" face. A constitutional crisis may be in the works. A small group of highly dedicated U.S. Admirals and Generals, out of uniform, and seeking refuge in a Paris suburb, have repeatedly vowed in the past to arrest Clinton, under the Uniform Military Code, for documented treason, as their Commander-in-Chief. [We are the only ones to run exclusive stories about that.] They now vow to arrest BOTH George W. Bush AND Clinton for high crimes including treason.
Confidants of Albert Gore, Jr., speaking on the promise they not be publicly identified, contend Gore is the actual and proper elected "President" who was not inaugurated. Similar, some say, to the strange presidential election of 1876, where Rutherford B. Hayes, by corrupting a Congressional election commission, became the alleged "President", although Samuel Tilden [like Gore] won the popular vote while Hayes was thus fraudulently awarded the Electoral College vote. [Al's distant relative Gore Vidal wrote about this, which is near identical to the year 2000 alleged Presidential election, in his book "1876" re-published right before November, 2000.] Tilden was blocked by an army from approaching the Inauguration stand demanding to be inaugurated President, where Hayes instead was sworn in as the alleged "President". [Visit our website for previous items.]
Is it a mere coincidence that Albert Gore, Jr., has become a university professor just a short distance away from the Chief Federal Prosecutor and the Federal Grand Jury in New York? Gore's confidants make the assertion that Gore, by some means or another, is assisting the Grand Jury to compile evidence to put away both Clinton and members of the Bush Family. Privately, Gore never got along with any of them.
Footnote addition to our prior story about Marc Rich, the King of the U.S. Bullets. The Red Chinese firm in the process of becoming the major provider of bullets to the U.S.military and civilian federal and state police is headquartered in Adelanto, California, J.J. Ammo, phone number 760 246-4771. More coming.
Stay tuned.
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