Chamish - Final Thoughts
Before My American Tour
By Barry Chamish

Har Shefi - The Rabin murder is enjoying a revival thanks to Margalit Har Shefi's impending incarceration and the postponement of Avishai Raviv's trial until June 2, when it will be postponed again. A campaign has been organized to pressure President Katzav into pardoning her. A word of advice: If the organizers insist on arguing that Har Shefi couldn't read Amir's mind and thus didn't take his threats against Rabin seriously, their campaign is doomed. Har Shefi is innocent because Amir didn't murder Rabin...period. Will the campaign organizers find the courage or will to base Har Shefi's freedom on the truth, for a big change?
Colin Powell- Here it comes. People are confused and surprised by the supposedly sympathetic new Secretary-of-State Colin Powell's call for even-handedness in the Israeli/Pal. conflict. Same old policy, press Israel into retreat. Now how many times must I repeat the same message? Powell is a member of the Council On Foreign Relations. He owes his power to them and he takes his orders from them. There is no individualistic Secretary-of-State, there is only the CFR. Powell, like all his predecessors at the post, are frontmen and nothing more.
Eitan Haber - Remember him? He is the journalist cum Rabin's office manager who, on the assassination night, absconded with Rabin's belongings at the hospital and then emptied Rabin's file cabinets of their incriminating contents. Remember Ehud Barak? Before he left his Interior Ministry office after the 1996 Netanyahu victory, he gutted the file cabinets of all "sensitive" records. Well, as a final gesture to Haber, Barak opened the government's "sensitive" Rabin files to Haber exclusively because he is writing a book about the murder. He will, of course, write himself out of the plot.
The Villain - If anyone wonders how I acquire high-level intelligence, look at the following letter from a long-loyal correspondent, as a fine example of how you help get the truth out:
Listen to this, I met Jack Kemp last week. I was at this function and he was there. I spoke to him for 5 minutes. He's a good supporter of Israel. So listen to what he told me. The person who was most anti Israel and works for the council on Foreign relations is RICHARD N. HAASS. This idiot is a self hating Jew. Do you know anything about RICHARD N. HAASS.. He told me, he was the person directly U.S Policy in the Middle East even today. He also told me, when he was in the Bush Administration, 89 to 83, this guy Richard Haas was the Anti-Israel guy and was directing the policy.
Jack Kemp is a high level source. He has identified Israel's top enemy in the CFR. I had planned to run a deep search on him but time doesn't permit me right now. So, maybe, someone else will.
Another Villain - Now look at the following new item:
New York Times News Service February 22, 2001 ROME -- Pope John Paul II on Wednesday installed 44 new cardinals in a ceremony combining pageantry with the purpose of molding the institution that will someday pick his successor. It was the largest single investiture of cardinals.
After the cardinals recited an oath of fidelity to the pope and his successors, the pontiff received them one by one at his golden throne, handing them as they knelt before him the red biretta, a silken, square-ridged hat that symbolizes their rank as princes of the church.
Pope John Paul has appointed 166 cardinals, more than any other pope. Only 10 of the 135 cardinals who are eligible to vote for the next pope were not appointed by him.
Among the new elite were three American prelates: Cardinal Edward Egan, 68, of New York; Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 70, of Washington; and Cardinal Avery Dulles, 82, a Jesuit theologian at Fordham University and son of U.S. statesman John Foster Dulles.
Why should this be of interest to anyone interested in Israel's salvation? For those who read about the Dulles' plots against Israel in the Loftus/Arons book, The Secret War Against The Jews, the answer is clear. For those who haven't, permit me to quote from Christopher Simpson's book, The Splendid Blond Beast:
"Allen Dulles exploited his post in the Office Of Strategic Services (OSS) to quash war crimes prosecutions of senior Nazi officials and German business leaders who cooperated with him in a series of clandestine schemes to secure US advantage in Central Europe...Meanwhile, John Foster Dulles helped forge consensus on Wall Street and in the Republican Party in favor of an ' internationalist' US foreign policy based on rebuilding the German economic elite into a renewed bulwark against revolution in Europe."
Based on my reading of Phelps' Vatican Assassins and Saussy's Rulers Of Evil, I have accepted that it has been the Jesuit's 'Black Pope,' the real ruler of the Vatican, who is behind the Secret War Against The Jews. Unknown to most Jews, the papal appointment of the Jesuit Avery Dulles to American Cardinal is a poignant lesson in modern Jewish history.
Shimon Peres - Peres fought like a cornered rat to drag his party into Sharon's government. He is well aware if he is out of power for even a day, he will not be able to control the Rabin murder truth from remaining concealed, nor his central role in the assassination. He knows it and Sharon knows it. What a thing to return to.
While I'm away, I'll check into a computer as often as I am able. For
urgent messages, you can reach me at
I have added two New York dates to my tour. On the 4th I'm in Brooklyn, on
the 6th in Far Rockaway. Here are the details.
If you have questions, e-mail them to < or call at
917.968.1122. Ask for Daniel.
Address: 637 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY
- By train:
Take 'F' Train until SMITH/9TH STREET Station. A block to
COURT STREET; turn left, and then about ten minutes walk.
The building will be on your left.
- By car:
(*) From the BATTERY TUNNEL: As you exit the tunnel, turn
right toward HAMILTON AVE. Merge onto HAMILTON AVE
which is right under the GOWANUS EXPWAY. It is two
minutes driving from there. Watch for MILL STREET,
then CENTRE STREET, and at the next - which will be
COURT STREET - turn slightly right, and continue for
another 250 meters. The building will be on your left.
(*) From BROOKLYN BRIDGE or QUEENS: Take BQE (Brooklyn
Queens Expway). Take the exit 26, HAMILTON AVE exit,
Follow the directions above.
HAMILTON AVE ramp. Merge onto HAMILTON AVE. Turn left
onto SMITH ST. Turn right onto LORRAINE ST. Turn left
onto COURT ST.
MCCORMACK/23 ST TERMINAL. Merge onto 38TH ST. Turn left
onto 4TH AVE. Continue about a mile. Turn left onto
left onto SMITH ST. Turn right onto LORRAINE ST. Turn
left onto COURT ST.
Avi Goldstein
27 Garden Ct.
Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Home phone: 718-868-4780
Work phone: 718-771-0100, x 231
Young Israel of Far Rockaway
716 B. 9th Street
Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Date: Tuesday, March 6
Time: 8 P.M.
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