Did Hunter Die Of Mad Deer
Disease 7 Years Ago?
By Jill Garrett
Healthwatch Reporter
WNEP-TV Scranton PA

A man from the Carbondale Area thinks he may finally have an explaination for why his father died 7-years ago. John Muscica was 52-years old and had C-J-D, the human form of Mad Cow Disease. No knew how he got the deadly brain disease, but he was an avid hunter and now they think that's a clue. A picture of John Mustica, shows a vibrant man, who worked hard at his Blueberry Hill Farm in Fell Township.
Eileen Mustica, John's wife, "He liked to hunt -but he was a hard worker, constantly worked never sick in his life. That was the first time he ever entered into the hospital." John Mustica was diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. A deadly brain disease linked to eating cattle with Mad Cow Disease in Great Britian. But how did he get it? He'd never traveled there. Now recent reports of Mad Deer and Elk Disease in Wyoming and Colorado got his son's attention. John Mustica,Son, "He was out there for five days back in - I think it was 1980 and they ate mule deer for five days when they were out there."
His mother doesn't agree. Eileen Mustica, "I myself don't believe that, my son believes it. I don't, because a lot of other people died of CJD that they got in contact with me, reading articles in the newspaper. Their wife or mother or father or uncle did not go on a hunting trip."
Since John Mustica's death in 1994, his family has not stopped looking for answers. They even donated their father's tissue for research. Research shows the disease can take years to develop. But once infected nothing can stop it...
Eileen Mustica, "He was in the hospital for one week took him home and he just deteriorated so fast, unbelievable. " The Musticas now share what they've learned about the deadly brain disease with others.
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