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Addendum -
A Million Dollars A Minute

Jim Kirwan

"The Crash ­ Coming Financial Collapse of America" is rapidly approaching because of what the spending of a million dollars a minute indicates, for all Americans. (1)
Congress holds many of the keys to changing this course, yet steadfastly refuses to act responsibly. Hyper-inflation is here and is about to embark into a much deeper problem unless the public demands real changes.
The recent militarization of local, state and federal police forces that have led to 3 million plus videos on the web, of police abuse of the public, is the response by the now criminally liable establishment. This thugery has become the new face of the US government and its happening because those running this place think that this is what will be needed, to contain the coming riots. Riots that will be brought on by the looming depression that waits on the near horizon of our lives. The signal for this 'crash' is that the government is now spending 'a million dollars a minute'-with no end in sight!
An almost forgotten fact in the run-up to this situation has been the years of tax-breaks that government has continued to guarantee to the major corporations, throughout the war years: This is a massive gift to the same corporations that have reaped obscene windfall profits from those same wars and secret contracts that have bankrupted so many Americans. At the same time, the people who work for those corporations are being forced to play Russian roulette with their own life savings and their jobs with no guarantee of their own future employment, or for their own survival.
This in a time when the incomes of ordinary people have been falling as fast as the incomes of the super-wealthy have been widening the gap beyond anything we've ever seen before. ""In Manhattan the income gap between the rich and poor is greater than in Guatemala, and within the U.S. is surpassed only by a group of 70 households near a former leper colony in Hawaii". (2)
What has produced this back-breaking fall has been Decades of Lies about both the State of this Nation and the soaring debts that masquerade as the US economy-and the budgets that routinely fail to even list huge portions of what our money is spent on-like the wars: in order to keep from telling the truth about the actual state of the United States. (3)
The video in the first link, overlooks the largest true cost to us today, and that is the cost of the wars we are waging to 'become' the Empire. These costs must be stopped immediately by the congress that has sole control over the purse-strings of the US Treasury. The troops must be withdrawn and the decider must be reminded by US Marshals that there are three co-equal branches of the US government-not one.
By terminating this illegal and unilateral military course, the US could take one very large step to correct some of the financial imbalances which the international bankers so dearly love. However in addition to beginning to attempt to balance our books, it might well open those doors of diplomacy that we have long-since left to rot from disuse and abuse in our race to become the leaders of the New World Order (a farce of mega-proportions): since for the NWO to exist the USA must disappear.
The problem here is not the province of any one religion or philosophy, as the video suggests-rather this is about restoring balance and consequences in a world where laws do exist within a system of government where all people are equal before a uniform bar of actual justice. This nation needs to go back to trying to create that place which the Constitution attempted to lay out for future Americans. That place that even from its earliest days, we have largely ignored, preferring instead"our pursuit of profits over human values. This is still up to us for perhaps a few seconds more in the flow of history,s inexorable hour-glass: we could do this, but only if most of us decide to join in . . ..
1) The Crash -- Coming Financial Collapse of America
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3702181847213988991&q=coming +financial+collapse+of+america
2) Home Is Where You Put Your Stuff
3) In Debt We Have Trusted
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