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Rover Sundial
Survery Concluded

By Ted Twietmeyer

First, I'd like to extend my thanks on behalf of Jeff and myself to all those who responded to the survey.
So what is the purpose of the survey? It is about TIME. Specifically, a change in the past which had appeared to cause a change
in the present.
About a week prior to this posting, a change in the sundial on the Rover was suddenly noticed. This design change appeared
in the sundial which I've attempted to illustrate in the altered photo below:
Original sundial as remembered by four different people. This image has been
modified in an attempt to show what several individuals remember.
Image of the sundial as presented in the survey
The difference between these two images is the appearance of protrusions near the base of the shaft, which look something like teeth on a gear. These objects were not seen back in 2005 when the book "What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars" was first published. Apparently, something in the past has caused a sudden change in the present. All known copies of this image, both digital and those in print, have all been changed and look like the image above.
None of the nine respondents to the survey has observed this change. Though somewhat disappointing, the survey data must stand as it is. Possible reasons for this may be that three of the four people who observed this change had some extensive involvement with the creation of Mars book, and therefore had a strong memory of what it originally looked like. After seeing this, some Rense readers might also recall the change as well. Almost all respondents referred to a change in color or the lack of dust on small features of the sundial, and only one referred to the ring around the outside which anchors the sundial to the rover as being different. It may be true that this ring is also different as well.
At this point you may be wondering how this change could be possible. Consider that your mind exists outside of space-time. Your thoughts take place essentially at the quantum level, since they consist of electrical and electrochemical actions. Even if the physical world were to change you could still remember something as it originally was. For example, most likely at some point in the past you observed an eclipse of the Moon. This is something no one forgets.
Although that eclipse you remember has long passed and no longer exists, you can recall it anytime like the memory of a photograph or a loved one. If another full eclipse was forecast to take place but when it took place it only partially covered the moon instead, you would know something is very wrong. Likewise, if you saw a photograph of an actual full eclipse in a book which was captioned as a partial one, you would also know something is wrong.
This author was perhaps the first to notice the change in the sundial. It was only after presenting the image to others or discussing it with them, did they also recall that the protrusions around the base of the shaft were not there before.
Did someone go back in time and make a suggestion to Bill Nye ("the science guy") to add the protrusions to the design? He is credited with conceiving the sundial/photometric calibration target combination. Did they suggest to him that these protrusions would enhance it's operation? We may never know. And perhaps Bill Nye may not even know a subtle suggestion took place, if the suggestion was made in a subtle manner. The fact that apparently not one photograph exists anywhere without these protrusions (except the photo specially created for this report) substantiates the fact that every photograph related to this in the present has been changed. Only the memory of the sundial as it originally was designed exists, and nothing else.
At first glance, this might appear to be a very minor issue. But the impact of altering the past which instantly changes the present can be staggering. What other events may have been altered in the past, and who has the technology to time travel?
I would also like to thank Jeff Rense for being open minded on this matter, and for giving me the opportunity to field this survey.
Ted Twietmeyer
IMPORTANT UPDATE on Survey Results
Thanks to an email from a rense.com reader named Edd(?) we have images of the sundial used on the first rover mission to Mars, known as Pathfinder. This one is quite different from the current rover sundials.
Sundial on Pathfinder [1]
Rover Sundial 2007
Sundial as remembered by several people on Spirit and Opportunity rovers (Above image altered to show it as remembered.)
Note that the Pathfinder sundial does not have the gear-like ring present on the current Spirit and Opportunity rovers. It does have different color reference markers however.
Rover sundial 2007.jpg Actual photograph of Spirit
and Opportunity sundial as it appears today.
Ted Twietmeyer tedtw@frontiernet.net
[1] - http://mars-news.de/life/mpf-anomalies.html
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