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Mysterious Pine Gap
Base In Australia

By Ted Twietmeyer

Pine Gap is a well known supposedly-former military base in Australia. It is also informerly considered to be an Australian/ American version of Nevada's Area 51. Yet Pine Gap is missing from the map database on Google Earth. This base is actually located about 12 miles from Alice Springs, but as we'll see you would never know it.
The distance legend in the lower left corner of this map shows that about 1" on your screen = 100 miles.
Fig. 1 - If Pine Gap appeared on the map above, the pointer to it would be a fraction of an inch on your screen from the pointer to the nearest town shown here, Alice Springs. Even the tiny town of Yulara at the end of Route 4 appears on this map. The small town of Mintabie which doesn't even have a highway within about 10 miles of it also appears here, too.
If a map search on Google for Pine Gap is performed, only a street in a housing subdivision will be returned (not shown.)
Fig. 2 - Here is a satellite photo [1] of what the Pine Gap base actually looks like. Note the double fenced perimeter around this base, which is located out in the middle of nowhere. (Perhaps this is to keep people IN?) This base is almost dead-centered on the Australian continent. According to eyewitness reports, this base stretches for many miles underground and these are just support buildings. Governments like to dig all the time, tunnelling like Prairie dogs to avoid spy satellites. They dig while you sleep. (Image reproduced here under fair use copyright law.)
Clicking on a Map button provided at the satellite-sightseer.com website (which provided the image shown in Fig. 2) results in the following GOOGLE map and text:
Fig. 3 - Does this image resemble a military base? Perhaps Pine Gap (or is that Merino?) is now an "invisible" base. What's the big secret if Pine Gap is simply a FORMER military base as Google claims? Did you also notice the text showing that Google knows more about this base including it's former name, than the general public does? Also note - not one of these angled border lines even remotely matches the right-angled territory lines shown in Fig. 1.
The mystery continues....
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] http://www.satellite-sightseer.com/id/3546/Australia/ Northern_Territory/Alice_Springs/Pine_Gap_US_Military_Base
Mr. Twietmeyer's "What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars" documents his discoveries of more than 200 artifacts near rover cameras. He is also a regular rense.com contributor and columnist. His background includes more than 25 years of defense systems and project management for almost every branch of NASA and the DoD. He is a technological innovator and a winner of R&D Magazine's top 100 Award for 2007, holds a US patent and has been a guest on Jeff Rense's radio show and other shows several times. His website explores several areas of science often neglected by the mainstream assisted by volunteer data and participation.


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