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Maryland - Parents Will
Be Jailed If Kids Aren't Injected

Ken Adachi

You need to click the link posted below to see the video clip from a local TV news station in order to hear the words of the vaccine promoters and the adults being used to push the vaccination agenda. You will notice in the TV report that there is not ONE WORD offered in de fence of NOT vaccinating these children The only comments you get are from the reporters presenting the story and from the people they interview is that it's necessary to crack down on those delinquent and irresponsible parents are are unwilling to PROTECT their children with vaccination Well, "enough is enough" says Maryland States Attorney Glenn Ivey. He's going to haul these "irresponsible" parents into court and throw them in jail if they don't IMMEDIATELY comply with vaccination ORDERS from the school and state. Doctors and nurses will be standing by with syringes in hand ready to pump up those hapless little children with the mandated vaccines. Working hat in glove with Ivey is Dr. Betty Despenza-Green, described as the Chief of Student Services. Speaking from the press conference microphone-which were set up right in front of the courhouse so there is no mistaking the threat implied-Dr. Despenza-Green wanted the TV cameras to know that " We need those students safe" Yea, right.
I can only HOPE that the anti-vaccine community will make an all-out effort to reach those parents so they can tell them how to immediately file a vaccine exemption form and stop this outrage against the parent's rights. Second, an injunction needs to be filed on behalf of the parents in order to prevent any immediate coercive court action before the parents bow to the pressure being put upon them. Third, a lawsuit needs to be filed against the school and the local school board, similar to the action taken by Dr Len Horowitz in Hawaii when his daughter faced this same dilemma a year ago, and force the school to INFORM parents that they can opt out of vaccinations by filing the EXEMPTION form. As it is, the school do NOT want parents to know that they can opt out.
Lastly, Dr. Betty Dispenza-Green and States Attorney Glenn Ivey need to be run out of office. Anyone who would attempt to use the threat of jail to force parents to vaccinate their children against their will is a Nazi and must be removed from positions of power over the public. ...Ken Adachi]
By Mark Century, TruthNews
Forward courtesy of David William Kimball dwkimball@sbcglobal.net>
Prince Georges County, MD
1,600 school children and their parents have been ordered to appear in circuit court this Saturday where health workers will immediately force them to receive required shots. Parents who don't bring their children to court for the shots are to be jailed.
"We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, but it's going to have to get done." said State Attorney Glenn Ivey.
Nazi #1.
Dr. Betty Despenza-Green : "We need those children immunized. We need those children in school. We need those students safe. "
[Tip from Ken Adachi: If you were really concerned about children's safety, Herr Doktor, you would know that there is a MOUNTAIN of documents and studies which PROVE that vaccines are HARMFUL, dangerous, TOXIC to children (http://educate-yourself.org/vcd/)
Nazi #2.
Maryland States Attorney Glenn Ivey: "We can do this the eay way, or we can do this the hard way, but it's gotta get done."
[Tip from Ken: What's "gotta get done", tough guy, if to kick your fascist ass out of the States Attoney office and get you back to chasing ambulances. And when you have a little spare time, maybe you could pick up a copy of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and do some schooling yourself. ]



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