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Will The Government Give
Up Its Asinine UFO Coverup?

By Ted Twietmeyer

Will Government Disclose The Existence Of UFOs?

This isn't about whether or not UFOs exist. It's a simple fact that they do. Most who are aware of this can't believe the government could hide this for so many years. Why can't it be hidden? Look at the size and scope of the Manhattan project which employed tens of thousands at multiple facilities. The very fact that government has hidden the UFO situation for so long, is often what leads naïve professional skeptics to think that UFOs can't possibly exist. Again, these same skeptics ignore the scope of theManhattan project which was managed with primitive security technology by today's standards.

There are two kinds of skeptics ­ those paid by the government to be skeptics, and those who do it on their own for a personal cause or profit motive. I should know about these people as well as any other writer. Most everything I write about results in a nasty email from someone who is one of the above, or just a child with a bad mouth hiding behind a keyboard. (The key cap letters on my Delete button are all but worn off.)

So we'll exit the skeptics here. Let them think what they want, because nothing will change their minds until if (and when) they desire to change them.

Many so-called "open minded" talk radio stations love to talk endlessly talk about lights in the sky or pathetic ghost pictures. Certainly there is a big listener market for that. However, their comfort zone is strictly limited to just that ­ lights in the sky. It's a cozy feeling that the show hosts want to preserve for themselves and their network overlords. Remember ­ most talk radio is NOT about sharing facts. Instead, it's all about selling advertising time. Period. (More about that later.)

Fortunately, there are a handful of great show hosts like Jeff Rense which have both an open and a balanced mind. They learned many years ago, that to bow down to these pressures under corporate control is to become one of their slaves. Hence, they strike out on their own and do quite well at it, too. Advertising isn't the reason they are on the air or on the internet. Their efforts are mainly to share important truths and expose lies.

On November 20th 2007, the Sci-Fi channel was scheduled to air two 1 hour episodes of a popular show titled "Eureka" during prime time evening hours. For those that haven't seen the show, it's about a government funded corporate town which is hidden from public view. Inside, scientists work on all manner of bizarre highly advanced technologies. Considerable time and money is spent on a large cast and numerous special effects for each show.

On that night neither show was aired. Instead, two specials about Roswell were aired.

Just the seeing or hearing the name "Roswell" brings to mind an image of an old book mauled by a redneck's dog, tied to a chain in a backyard. The book's edges are completely frayed and worn, and the cover barely readable. Nothing in UFO lore has taken the beating that name has. One can feel empathy for the people of that town. My book on Mars is even on sale in the UFO museum in that tiny town, even though I've never been there. The ladies who run the museum however, are very kind.

So what about these Roswell specials? They showed some new excavations out in the desert, but even more important ­ interviewed several credible new witnesses to the event that day. But what is that makes all this so unusual?

To find out, we must take a look at this from another perspective. That is the perspective of finance, or being an advertiser. One prime time, thirty second advertisement can easily run about one million dollars. Advertisers must purchase a minimum number of spots which will air on a contract basis. When big corporations pay millions, they can tell the network during which show(s) they want their ads to be aired.

Certain shows attract certain age groups, and there are detailed studies and demographics presented to advertisers so corporations know which shows to advertise on. It's important here to understand that not every show on the Sci-Fi channel (or any other network) is intended for every age group. There isn't a simple "one size fits all" in advertising or in television shows. If such a thing existed, it would be the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail.

These are facts I've learned from experts in the business, and are not just my opinion. Advertising employs more psychology today than ever before. Television is not about entertainment as people perceive it. However, the purpose of the tube is to keep viewers watching it so they will see television ads. The expression "watching television" is exactly correct. Shows are aired just to fill the space between the ads. Forget about the fake awards and stars. None of it means anything. Airing fake awards shows simply make viewers watch even more advertising to find out who wins the fake awards! Selling air time is all that matters.

By now you're probably beginning to get the picture. To dump not just one, but TWO highly popular shows is extremely unusual. And what was aired on November 20thwere not re-runs but new material. (I've seen scheduled shows pre-empted before but have not written about it.) No network will ever run the risk of losing an advertiser by doing this. The pre-empted show descriptions shown for the two episodes of "Eureka" did not have UFOs in the plot descriptions, nor has the topic of UFOs ever used as a plot on the show.

Something else happened behind the scenes to pre-empt these two episodes of a highly successful television show. It's about hidden control which is the only thing that has priority over advertising time. If I had several million dollars to spend on advertising my book on the Sci-Fi channel, I doubt the channel would air it.

People like me who speak about truth are apparently unwelcome on the Sci-Fi forum. I am not a blogger, but it was the one time I thought I'd try it and see what it was like. I had (past tense) a username and password for their forum ­ that is, until it was disabled by the network. No answer for this was ever given when I inquired of the network, nor was it the result of bad language. Apparently I was too close to the truth with some comments I made and it probably invaded their "comfort zone."

I've also been banned on the infamous "Coast to Coast AM." When I shared this with a reputable police officer friend, he tried to get me on the show to talk about my Mars book just ONE time. He immediately found out that his caller ID was entered into their computer, and it resulted in busy signals for all his later phone calls. Even to a network number he was given to call during the show to get through on. Now he too, is banned. However, I did warn him before calling this would happen to him if he tried to help and he accepted it. Does it bother me that George Noory and his ilk have banned me? Not at all. It gives me confirmation I'm on the right track. As an old US Air Force expression states, "You get the most flack when you're right over the target." It sure has been quite noisy around here lately!

There is little doubt that a careful psychological disclosure process is underway, but it will not have the ending you will expect as well shall see later.

Here are a few questions and answers for a hypothetical press conference if the president (oops ­ "Decider") ever held one, to admit that the Roswell UFO event happened as well as other related alien events:

Q: Why did you lie to us about Roswell for almost 70 years?

A: "Our experts believed the public couldn't handle it. They thought it might destroy most religions overnight."

Q: How will you defend us from invasion? You can't even win a ground war in Iraq using the most advanced weapons technology in the world. How will America defend the entire country and planet from an alien invasion?

A: "We cannot."

Q:  Is the military using any technology from crashed vehicles?

A: "Well, uhmaybe."

Q: What about abductions? Are these happening and what will you do about it?

A: "Yes, we have known that abductions have been happening for many millennia and we currently have no way to stop this. But our top experts are working on the problem."

Q: Is there an underground base at Dulce, New Mexico where aliens are living and experiments are taking place on humans down in one of the lower levels nick-named by workers there as Nightmare Hall?"

A: "I can neither confirm nor deny such a base exists."

Q: Has the government made friendly alliances with other races from other worlds?

A: "Yes, we have done that. Some of these worked out, and others did not."

Q: Can you comment on those that didn't work out?

A: "They promised us technology in return for.welluhlimited abductions of Americans. But they didn't keep their word and continued taking people. Our experts are working on this problem."

Q: It's well known that the government has some of their advanced technology like anti-gravity propulsion. Will you share this with the public? It would solve the oil and gasoline problem once and for all and give relief to millions of drivers.

A: "That's a very good question you asked. Thank you for asking that! Next question, please."

Q: Were people ever killed or 'disappeared' to cover up an alien contact?

A: "I can't comment on that. Besides, that would be illegal. The American government would never do such a thing to its people. I have to leave now. I only have time for one more question."

Q: Do you have any closing comments?

A: "In closing, I want to assure the American people that their government knows what's best for them. They should be going about their daily business and routine just as they did after the events of Sept. 2001 and not worry about the UFO situation. Homeland Security will take care of everything and will tell you what you need to know"

And on and on this would go ad-infinitum. Every question and answer would spawn dozens more like rabbits with no real answers forthcoming. In the final analysis, it could momentarily shake the paradigm of the American people and their current self image of invincibility to the core. At the proverbial end of the day, it would be an epiphany for personal insecurity inside one's own home. But people would get over the issue and accept it. And perhaps it might be as President Ronald Reagan once stated - that an outside alien threat would unite everyone in a common cause.

So where does this logically lead us? In the end, it won't be government that will make these admissions voluntarily. This is because alien life IS the hottest topic of all time, bar none. A full disclosure is just wishful thinking for Roswell researchers. Instead, the government is using everything at its disposal to prepare the people for that day when a daytime mass alien contact will be made outside in the public eye and aired on television, after which the existence of ET life can no longer be denied. That event will almost instantly turn the Roswell event into a blurred memory. This is exactly what Washington leaders who would be instantly accountable for the sixty year Roswell cover-up, would like to see happen.

But is this like the second coming of Christ ­ where no man knows the day or the hour? Perhaps not - the government developed time travel technology over forty years ago and they probably do know the day AND the hour when the alien revelation will come. After this happens, nothing will ever be the same again. But that's a topic for another essay...

Ted Twietmeyer








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