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Remembrance Rebirth
Or Global Rebellion

Jim Kirwan

Today is the anniversary of the end of hostilities during the First World War in the 11th month, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in 1918. How far have we come, and what will the future hold: since that long ago day when The War to End all Wars was finally ended.
All of us have seen the individualized economies of so many third world nations that have become nothing but slave factories that produce the products that the New World Order underwrites worldwide. However few have understood just exactly where or how this all began. John Pilger's documentary 'New Rulers of the World' lays this out clearly for anyone that wants to know. (1)
The New World Order is a repackaged and updated version of the 'glory-days' of the Robber Barons, except that this time their theater of operations is truly global: A partial definition of this term can be found at answers.com.
"At the turn of the twentieth century, crusading journalists and other critics scornfully labeled the leading business titans of the age, the "Robber Barons." The term grew from the overwhelming power these industrial giants wielded over many aspects of society and the resentment those suffering under their yoke felt. Disgust with the power of corporate America and individuals like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J. P. Morgan led to the growth of the Progressive Movement and to reform efforts, including antitrust legislation, and investigative journalism, or muckraking.
Robber Barons were vilified for using the capitalist system to exploit workers, form anti-competitive trusts, and place the accumulation of wealth above all else. The belief that the rich could use whatever means necessary to increase their riches seemed to counter the ideals upon which the United States was founded. Muckraking journalists such as Ida Tarbell, who wrote about the abuses of Rockefeller's Standard Oil, reinforced the idea that the Robber Barons were a destructive force, a group of soulless industrialists willing to circumvent laws to achieve supremacy."
If the world is to ever rid itself of this most vile curse, then the global effort now underway in so many nations around the world must be intensified. A great deal has already been accomplished, but most of the accomplishments have taken place outside the United States, as outlined in the Pilger video.
Unfortunately what is not clarified in his story on Indonesia is the massive role played by Henry Kissinger and his then boss Gerald R. Ford ­ in what these men did to East Timor and Indonesia as a major and initializing component of the first real step toward the establishment of this new global economy-something that we now call "The New World Order." Kissinger's various roles are summarized here. (2)
The most starkly drawn contrasts between the 'rights' of capital vs. the human rights of those who create the wealth that the global capitalists covet, is at the very core of all this artificial 'wealth,' whether stolen or created. Yet as Pilger makes clear, even this degree of poverty is not enough to pacify the global- capitalists: This is where & why the world must intervene.
This intervention that must happen is not based solely on human rights, or on the ravages of poverty and disease: rather it is based upon the sheer insanity of the process that has been created through mass murder and by the global enslavement of the poorest nations on this earth. Colossal fortunes have been created through these criminally designed thefts of whole nations and their peoples. But greed is always driven by its own dynamic, which virtually assures that the process shall become evermore draconian, evermore brutal and unyielding, as the numbers of impoverished in the world continue to accelerate.
When this all began it was thought that all that was needed was to create enough desperately poor people to manufacture products for almost nothing-which would then yield wildly profitable goods and services for those who own us. Yet in this zeal to obtain ever cheaper labor, it seems that the new corporate titans have forgotten the most basic of all principles: 'Who will there be to buy all that they are currently manufacturing'?
This question becomes pivotal once it begins to dawn upon Americans that we are apparently next. Today it is our jobs that are disappearing, in direct proportion to the rise of our outsourced jobs, in virtual lockstep with the corruption levels in our own government that have long since begun to resemble any third world country with every passing day. In fact in the Pilger video it can be seen that the demise of Indonesia began with the slaughter of over a million people-which may or may not be the reason why the US is amassing an enemy's lists. That's how Indonesia began their new economy, '30 years ago' with a secret list of 5,000 people that needed to die for the new Robber Barons fledgling plan to proceed smoothly-that's documented in the film.
One question is: Are we next, and when these Disunited States have been reduced to just another third world country, then who will be left to buy what these massively criminal corporations have so mightily contrived to produce for next to nothing? The thugs that have hijacked the planet, to create these massive disparities between those who must work to live and those who skim the profits- seem to have overlooked the most central fact of all: they (the Multi-national Corporations) need customers, or there will be no businesses left to steal, because the vast proportion of the enslaved population will not be able to live, so there will be no way for them to ever purchase any of the things that they were reduced to slavery to create. (3)
A second question might be: If we do succeed militarily in creating "a New Pearl Harbor" to justify the imposition of Martial Law, just to bring these kinds of labor practices to what's left of the USA: How then will the New World Order deal with the very real fallout that will directly affect the entire planet from such a heinous act? (4)
Is this how the world 'celebrates' the end of "The War to End All Wars" By creating a new Unending War on all mankind, a war that has no end but the glorification of the artificial sanctity of "Money" as its only purpose? If so then this National Day of Remembrance proves only that we have collectively lost our humanity along with whatever might remain of 'mind.'
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