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Winners & Losers In
The War With Iran

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to Rense.com

Who wins, in a possible war with Iran? More importantly, who loses?
The much predicted, much feared and, in the case of the corporate-controlled US mainstream media, much ballyhooed war with Iran, will feature a long list of winners and a longer list of losers.
Should the war become protracted (longer than one or two days), the perceived "winners" may eventually become the losers, while the list of losers will grow ever longer.
1.Neocons, especially the embattled President and V.P.
2. Pentagon warhawks
3. Defense industry
4. Oil Industry
5. Christian Right
6. Zionists
7. Wall Street Insiders
8. Security Agencies
9. China
10. Russia
In the event of a Q&D war, a "quick and dirty" war, the Neocons will trumpet their victory, something they have not had in six years. Neocon polls will rise, as the average (powerless) US voter applauds this perceived decisive and dynamic action. The Pentagon warhawks, many of them connected to Israel, will succeed in smashing another ideological foe by using American military assets. The Defense industry will secure huge, future, contracts to rearm. The Oil industry will see prices jump, especially should oil shipments from the Persian Gulf be threatened or curtailed. The Christian Right will continue on their "End Times" mission. Zionists will cement more power and influence throughout Britain, Israel and the US. Top Wall Street insiders, well-connected to the 8 listed above, will profit through secret insider trading and manipulation before the event. And security agencies will enjoy more far-reaching power, as human rights are curbed in the guise of national security.
By contrast, China and Russia, heavy investors in Iran, will initially suffer huge losses, but future contracts with the damaged Persian Gulf state will ensure a steady profit (In the billions) and influence as Iran rebuilds.
These are the immediate winners in the event of a Q&D attack on Iran.
The losers in a war with Iran are far more plentiful and yet, for the most part, possess more than a little power to stop it.
1. Iranian citizens
2. US citizens
3. Israeli citizens
4. British citizens
5. US taxpayers
6. Descendants of All of the above
7. US economy
8. US dollar
9. US Bill of Rights
10. US Republic
Naturally, the biggest loser in the war with Iran are the Iranian people themselves. Like the Iraqis before them, neither they nor their government attacked the US. Like Holland and Belgium in 1940, they became victims to a juggernaut, an ideology, and a huge profit motive (see list of winners above).
Arguably, the second biggest loser is the average US citizen, whether adult or child, voter or non-voter, soldier or civilian. Modern warfare is grossly expensive and potentially catastrophic. Even if the US government resorts to a "plunder economy," a policy installed by the Nazis over conquered Europe after 1940, the accumulated future debt to the US taxpayer (and their descendants) for the "War on Terror" will be astronomical
Some economists predict a harsh fall of the US dollar, followed by a collapse of the US economy (7 & 8), leading, perhaps, to a global depression, should a shooting war with Iran rage out of control.
Should Iran shoot back---indeed her duty and right as a sovereign nation--the first victim will be Israel. Should Iranian missiles laden with high explosives destroy parts of Israeli cities, killing and injuring many, the war will expand, causing thousands more casualties.
Should Israel respond with nukes (Israel is rumored to possess 200+), destroying cities in Iran, the fallout will drift with the wind. Yet the greater, worldwide fallout will be a public perception of two rogue nations--the US & Israel--reverting to a form of fascism not seen since the Nazis.
Another loser, the US Bill of Rights, already ripped repeatedly by six years of abuse, may finally be relegated to the paper shredder of history, or auctioned as a quaint relic at Southebys.
In years past, the United States would wage war with a strong US dollar, a strong global presence and, more or less, (at least initially), a strong public approval for the war waged. Not so with the war with Iran.
Despite a huge US media blitz, a war with Iran remains far less popular than the Vietnam War in 1964 or the Iraq War in 2003. We the people still have the power to stop it. Indeed, many top US generals have resigned and spoken out, opposing a mad, imperial scheme worthy of Der Fuhrer.
Top US Constitutionalists, like Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts, have reached a larger audience, thanks to the internet chiefly (and been censored by the same US media). And concerned US citizens have voiced their displeasure, evident by the 89% of respondents to a MSNBC poll that felt President Bush should be impeached.
Before the war with Iran becomes a cold cruel fact, voice YOUR displeasure in any way, or as many ways, as possible.
USAF veteran, Douglas Herman, penned a scenario called Day One: The War With Iran, for Rense two years ago. Email douglasherman7@yahoo.com



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