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MRSA 'Outbreak' -
What's Really Going On?

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello Jeff - I am wondering what is really going on and why is there a media blitz of late? What is your take on the sensationalism in the mainstream media? MRSA, community-acquired has been around for some time. In fact, one of the first to publicize it was Jeff Rense. 
Is there really an outbreak of MRSA? Many of the schools that were in the news had only ONE case of MRSA. We hear of one case...and then 23 schools in the district were disinfected.  
I may be paranoid on this but I have to ask why the media publicity? And why now?
If cases are 'exploding' then why? Is this being brought in by illegals? I notice that the names of some of the victims, including the boy whose family is suing the local hospital, are Hispanic. 
Is vaccine playing a role? Are our children simply so immune-compromised that they cannot fight off any infections? 
Over the past 5 years the numbers of products that claim anti-microbial and anti-bacterial benefits have risen dramatically...is this also causing the resistance to antibiotics? Everything from laundry detergent, to dish detergent to hand soaps, etc are 'anti-microbial/anti-bacterial.' You and I have warned people about these products and sanitizers and the fact that they might cause bugs to develop resistant strains.
Is this really an "outbreak"?  
My worry is that the pharmaceutical companies may be developing a vaccine against MRSA and this recent barrage of media stories over a couple of cases could be setting up fear in folks to accept a vaccine injection for their children. I note that the focus of late is on schools and children. Maybe I am paranoid, but I have seen this type of assault by the pharma companies before. They are in the process of doing it with Malaria. If enough people become afraid of Malaria the companies will have no problem selling their new vaccine. 
Oh, BTW, I see now that the feds won't recommend the meningitis vaccine for kids ages 2 - 10. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone.
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