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Ending The Debate
Over Waterboarding

Jim Kirwan

Currently, there is a debate over the legitimacy of America's use of 'Waterboarding' as a legal practice, in ongoing attempts to use these archaic practices and procedures: when it comes to the treatment of detainees in the Cheney-Bush-Wars on terror.
The most recent controversy was sparked by questions directed to Michael Mukasey, the current nominee for US Attorney General, before the Senate Judiciary Committee. In his response to questions about the practice of Waterboarding, as to whether or not this actually constitutes "torture," the nominee said that "If it is torture" then "it would be unconstitutional." The impression he left was that he had no way to know that Waterboarding was indeed torture-and that he therefore could not render an opinion.
To end this game of hypothetical responses throughout the Cheney- Bush White House, there is a relatively simple and very direct way to arrive at the truth. All those in positions of authority on this matter (those culpable within the chain of command that created this treatment): Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wu, Rice, Gonzalez, & Chertoff, along with all former generals who authorized this procedure, along with Mukasey should all be sent down to the US Navy's training facility in San Diego, where the Waterboarding procedure is taught under the auspices of Homeland Security.
To get to the bottom of this question: Of whether or not Waterboarding qualifies as "torture," the full procedure should be administered to each and every one of those people responsible for this "procedure" on camera, in separate isolated cells, in the same way it is used on detainees. This would yield conclusive proof of the degree to which this practice ­ developed during the Inquisition ­ is still as vile and repugnant a practice today as it was all those hundreds of years ago.
These open-to-the-public tapes of these demonstrations ought to put to rest forever any further questions, concerning the use of Waterboarding as part of our treatment of those we consider to be hostile to our invasions or occupations around the world today. Any potential violations to the 'right of privacy' that these individuals might wish to raise, would of course be overruled by the importance to the public of the results of the outcomes of this demonstration.
"A top U.S. advisor on terrorism has publicly denounced the interrogation technique of 'waterboarding' as a form of torture. On Wednesday, Malcolm Nance said he had witnessed hundreds of waterboarding exercises while working at the US departments of Homeland Security, Special Operations and Intelligence. Nance says the practice is taught at a US Navy training facility in San Diego. Waterboarding simulates the experience of drowning by strapping a victim to a board and forcing water into their lungs through a cloth covering the face." (1)
While this might present a medical threat to people such as Cheney with his number of heart problems, it should none the less be undertaken, as medical pre-conditions are not currently recognized by those administering these practices in the field-Therefore since the administration maintains that this is "not torture" they should have no objections whatsoever to a public demonstration of what they allege are the "facts," concerning what so many others around the world consider to be the 'most iconic' example of outright torture that the US is using in its military prison systems around the world today.
If these high-profile politicians and military officials refuse to participate in this public display, to prove or disprove what Waterboarding does to its victims: they should immediately be relieved of their official duties and be charged with the War Crimes that they have individually been instrumental in creating by their approval and participation in its continued abhorrent practice.
Of course this proposal is a natural 'Catch 22' but then if the politicians and the military can use these kinds of tactics against all the men and women in the military, and the populations they have invaded and continue to occupy ­ then they shouldn't mind acceding to this simple yet sincere request.
1) Attorney General Nominee's Confirmation in Doubt Over Waterboarding Stance
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