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We Took The Bait
A footnote for the History of the 21st Century

Jim Kirwan

In the dim mists of our history from a few thousand years ago, the world watched the debut of the Judeo-Christian Ethic. This involved three of the great religions: Muslims, Christians and Jews. However very few people realize, even today, that this is where the idea of women as property, or cattle, actually came from. This 'idea' has become an unbearable burden upon many societies in this world now.
People are animals with built-in survival mechanisms that are there to insure the continuance of the race: pleasure is attached to sex, in order that the propagation of the race should continue. On the more prosaic side of life, this pleasure and others have been targeted by power-seekers ever since we lived in caves.
The idea was that those who could regulate the very few real pleasures amid the turmoil of daily existence ­ could quite simply corner the power and the wealth, through whatever belief system was operating at the time. To this end many 'religions,' or belief systems, were created-and therein lies what the New World Order has used so well, to insure that we should fight each-other to the- death, while they continue to take whatever they want from our dreams, our futures, and our very lives.
In the nineteen-eighties a major event occurred that very few even noticed. The extreme left and the extreme right actually collaborated to destroy American society. And by now there is very little doubt remaining that they have accomplished this vile end. This too was planned for us by the NWO. (1)
When the nation was founded, by powerful elites for the most part, there were some among them who thought they might be able to instill some ideas within the Constitution that would allow men (women were still not visible), to begin to create a better life for themselves and others. The Catch-22 was of course, that people would need to participate and act upon their convictions-if they were to be able to keep these new found possibilities-one of which was personal freedom.
This 'grand illusion' was short lived. However they did give the United States a "Republic," not a Democracy. The difference is simple: In a Republic the majority must protect the rights and views of the Minority, from both the majority and the government. While in a true Democracy: The majority absolutely rules, and the minority must adhere to the will of the majority-there are no protections for the minority from either the majority or from this twisted government. Ask anyone you know if they know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic, then ask them what America is today. . .
Another major "right" the founders attempted to give the public was absolute Freedom from all religions. Having seen how Old Europe had been captured, tortured and enslaved by various religions-the founders wanted a wall to separate anyone's religious beliefs from the laws and practices of the state. Until Reagan that was pretty much the case-now that wall is history and what remains of this country shall be torn to pieces on the barricades of religious ideologies uncounted, surrounded as we are, by a police-state that uses barbed-wire as it's road signs to the future: while the Constitution continues to burn.
The Judeo-Christian Ethic introduced a very divisive ideology that brought huge changes to many societies. It envisioned a father figure as a Supreme Being, and earthly human fathers as the sole administrators of all that they surveyed. Women and children were simply property to be used and disposed of at will. When this template is overlaid on the New World Order, the 'task' of the Money-Changers becomes much easier, because this destroys individual responsibility within each family unit and creates the kind of dissention that keeps critical thought by most people- forever at bay.
For the New World Order, who cares nothing for people (useless eaters all): They are delighted that they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams-because while we fight over who gets to do what to who-they are simply going to take everything we say we care about and we haven't even noticed!
This was the "Bait" mentioned in the title. The Bait is simply that people need to be herded by shepherds, whether it's religious, political or social hardly matters at all. The extreme left introduced us to Political Correctness, while the extreme right introduced its continuing favorite, Extreme-Unregulated- Capitalism disguised as fascism: And both wrapped their gifts to humanity in the "Flags of Our Fathers," or 'Patriotism' as so-many see that idea today.
How has this most directly affected our lives today? It has taken many forms, but all of these revolve around the Judeo-Christian Ethic. American society is ruled by the word "NO," as a stern father figure might well intone that term. The Constitution says that all rights not specifically described in the Constitution are "reserved to the people." That means that government has no business regulating most of what constitutes our lives: yet the exact opposite is true because we gave back our "powers of control" to that father figure of the feral government in Washington.
Society has also surrendered most of our individual rights to our thoughts and ideas to the churches, to cults, to select groups and- or to agencies of the government that are all too eager to tell each and every one of us what is allowed and what is FORBIDDEN. This has nothing to do with being an individual, but it has everything to do with becoming a slave. As a nation of spectators we took the bait and never looked back.
Of course this can never work; if the goal is to have a Republic wherein the people are actually free to live their lives unhindered by "self-appointed minders" of any belief. But, given the perks and toys of Capitalism-gone-Berserk: who today still cares about all these petty details of who should govern what, in this Menagerie-of-Fools that passes for the USA today?
Those of us who resist the very concepts inherent in the Judeo- Christian Ethic-and all that it has done to societies around the world-we care enough not to buy the idea that anything or anyone else shall come riding to our rescue. Free people know that when mistakes are made: then those who made those mistakes must clean up the mess. No ideology, no divinity, no 'other' shall magically appear to do this for us ­ we must do this for ourselves.
The idea of "class" was born directly from the Judeo-Christian Ethic: the idea that some of us are born superior by nature over others. This has continued down to every societies smallest unit- the Oh so sacred-family. That is no way to live a real life, because it concedes power even before birth, to a select few, based on nothing but a created construct called by hundreds of names that all boil down to a self-serving system of theft and power over others: Others that are expected to simply OBEY!
All people, despite the variables between individuals, ought to be basically equal before the law-nor should anyone be "owned" by another human being. Mark Twain perhaps summarized this best when he wrote something about that crisis of religious conscience that happens to individual people - whenever any nation goes to WAR. (2)
The world is a fragile place, a planetary home for humanity that is held together by trust and mutual respect for each other. What extreme religions and extreme politics have now combined to do-is nothing short of creating an end of our former civilization. In exchange for the imagined-power and profits to be gained by greed and arrogance, backed up bombs and bullets these would-be- dictators, whether religious or political, are hopelessly entangled in that tar-baby of theft and greed that will always stop them in the end. Reality comes from careful thought and from those balanced principles that have allowed so many to dream of lives that are better ­ for more than ?just themselves! This is what these great confrontations have always been about.
For the "powerful" it has always been control over all the pleasures of their lesser human beings. For the weak, it has been their search for some ultimate higher authority that shall "save them" in the end, and change the world, back into something that bears no mark of all that so many have allowed to be done to this world today. But as the illustration depicts: Power is about "letting go": while Impotence insists on "hanging on"!
So when history finds us ­ if there is a future historian or two ­ they should know that there were some who saw this coming, but who were perhaps too few in number to alter what the Oh so busy world created: while so many of their fellow beings were otherwise occupied and intent on 'other things of more importance.' (3)
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