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Education In America... Danger
Stranger - Not The
Monster You Imagine

By Judith Moriarty
10 -6 -7

There are pockets of people, and the shadow people you meet along life's way, who are baffled and confused as to why people today (family members - neighbors - local politicians, etc) seem so disinterested, apathetic or downright complacent concerning world affairs. Many today cannot name the branches of government, discuss the workings of our monetary system (Federal Reserve), the labor movement, the robber barons, the reasons for the various wars (throughout history), the civil rights era, the Constitution, nor the details of the various trade agreements (not discussed or debated in Congress) and how these agreements, are systematically bringing about the ruination of our country and causing (globally) a mass exodus of people from the land of their birth to strange lands and cultures. Forget trying to have a conversation on the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, the Bilderbergers, CFR, or the various economic summits deciding the real business of the world.
Serious issues, such as the genetic altering of crops, sterilizing of seeds, our massive debt (growing by the second), our great trade deficit (imported junk), our decaying schools, our imploding infra-structure, autism, echoing factories, outsourcing of steel, textiles, information technology, manufacturing, absence of an energy policy, H-1B visa workers (others) replacing American workers, our medical crisis, the privatization of the commons, etc -- all these and more are never discussed in the media or by those hoping to catch (already decided) the golden ring for the presidency.
Instead, the people are subjected to the buffonery and nonsensical round the clock reporting of 'news' on the antics of dysfunctional sports stars, panty-less rock stars, starlets, newspaper ads, car chases, OJ's Rolex, murders, immigration riots, demands for more billions for war, or the locker room, the slapstick of Foggy Bottom politicians wallowing in name calling, or the ethics of a toe-tapping bathroom perversion. If that all becomes too much, there are 500 TV channels that will numb the mind into a fantasy world of sports, car races, sitcoms, prison lock-ups, wrestle mania, or loud mouth hirelings screaming their scripted abuses at each other or guests.
Caught up in a whirlwind of flags, ribbons, parades, elephants, jackasses, of red - white - and boo; the herd is manipulated into believing that a moneyed candidate (red or blue) will save them from their dreary, fearful, tumultuous, indentured servitude to the machine. Surely this candidate will deliver us from war, from poverty, from emergency room medical care, from illiterate kids, from rising fuel prices, from shuttered mill towns, bankrupt farms, moldy homes, and broken levees? But each time the disappointment grows more burdensome. The power brokers of global business, are not to be found in Foggy Bottom. They (the politicians) are mere props, though better cared for than the masses, but in reality powerless to effect change on a global scale. They are nothing more than mere middle management...beholden to the money-changers who support (own) them in their cradle-to-grave elections.
Perhaps the apathy and the anger from friends and family - when confronted with reality - comes from the fact that people have been dutifully conditioned (programed) these many decades through public 'education' and TV and have devolved into a servile, sniffling, whining, obedient herd of workers and consumers. They are nameless - non-persons, units, nodes, human resources, cattle, acceptable risks, collateral damage, victims, queers, illegal immigrants, activists, soldiers, heroes, prisoners, etc, all numbered and catalogued. I'm nobody, who are you? Are you nobody, too? Systematically, social engineering over these past decades, (government schooling - TV programing) has everyone compartmentalized and labeled. This is no mistake - only today it's more blatant and accelerated than at any point in history.
School used to be an oasis of fun, creativity, learning, discovery, and encouragement by teachers (not change agents).
A child's 'career' is mapped out today by those who have little to no idea (or training) in guiding a child's future. Further, it's none of their business. My youngest son came home (4.0 grade average) and informed me that he'd been told that he was best suited to become a 'plumber or a postman.' Now, there's nothing wrong with either of these careers - if that's what one chooses. But NOBODY has the right to choose a career for a naive, vulnerable child (whose parents may be inattentive to school programming). I didn't happen to be that mother leaving my child's future in the hands of strangers.
At age 21 - I presented my son with the gift of a postal jacket that I'd found in a thrift store when he received his first Master's degree from Yale. Even then he wasn't sure about his career path.  It is the fault of parents that this nonsense is going on in schools. Children are being terrorized by invading police (with dogs), explicit (indescribable) sex education, group think, Ritalin (other psychotropic drugs), testing in place of teaching, zero tolerance etc. (Not to mention the continual exposure to illegal (non-sanctioned and taxed) street drugs of many kinds.) Why are children unable to read or do math upon graduation? Why are they quitting school? Why can't they write a coherent essay (paragraph?) upon graduation, find a word in the dictionary, read literature, or count change? Maybe because there's been a deliberate plot to dumb down America's children...
Woodrow Wilson, president of Princeton University, said the following to the New York City School Teacher's Association in 1909, "We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a much larger class, of necessity, in every society, to forgo the pleasures of a liberal education and fit them to perform specific manual tasks." 
Clinical psychologist Bruce E. Levine wrote in 2001 (Commonsense Rebellion: Debunking Psychiatry, Confronting Society), "I once consulted with a teacher of an extremely bright eight-year-old boy labeled with 'oppositional defiant behavior disorder.' I suggested that perhaps the boy didn't have a disease, but was just bored. His teacher, a pleasant woman, agreed with me. However, she added, 'They told us at the state conference that our job is to get them ready for the work world - that the children have to get used to not being stimulated all the time or they will lose their jobs in the real world.' "
From The Memory Hole - Russ Kick, 2006 -- 
"It's no secret that the US educational system doesn't do a very good job. Studies show that America's school kids lag behind their peers in pretty much every industrialized nation. We hear shocking statistics about the percent of high-school seniors who can't find the U.S. on an unmarked map of the world. Fingers are pointed at overcrowded classrooms, lack of funding, teachers who can't pass competency tests, etc. Those are secondary problems. Even if they were cleared up, schools would still suck. Why? Because they were designed to."
"In 1888, the Senate Committee on Education was getting jittery about the localized, non-standardized, non-mandatory form of education that was actually teaching children to read at advanced levels, to comprehend history, and, egads, to think for themselves.The committee's report stated, 'We believe that education is one of the principle causes of discontent of late years manifesting itself among the laboring classes'. By the turn of the century, America's new educrats were pushing a new form of schooling with a new mission (and it wasn't to teach). The famous philosopher and educator John Dewey wrote in 1897: 'Evey teacher should realize he is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of the proper social order and the securing of the right social growth.' "
"In his 1905 dissertation for Columbia Teacher's College, Elwood Cubberly - the future Dean of Education at Stanford, wrote that schools should be factories 'in which raw products, children, are to be shaped and formed into finished products - manufactured like nails, and the specifications for manufacturing will come from government and industry.' The next year, the Rockefeller Education Board , which funded the creation of numerous public schools issued a statement: ' In our dreams people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply.'"
"H.H Goddard a major architect of standardized testing wrote in his book, Human Efficiency, that government schooling was about 'the perfect organization of the hive'. In other words, the captains of industry and government explicitly wanted an educational system that would maintain social order by teaching us just enough to get by but not enough so that we could THINK for ourselves, question the sociopolitical order, or communicate articulately. We were to become good worker drones, with a razor thin slice of the population - mainly the children of the captains of industry and government - to rise to the level (private schooling) where they could continue running things".  End quote.
John Taylor Gatto, former New York City school teacher (30 years) and school Teacher of the Year tells us in his book, The Underground History of American Education: An Intimate Investigation into the Problem of Modern Schooling --
"I had more than enough reason to think of our schools with their long term, cell-block- style forced confinement of both students and teachers, as virtual factories of childishness. Is it possible that President Bush accidentally spoke the truth when he said we would 'leave no child behind'? Could it be that our schools are designed to make sure not one of them ever really grows up?"
"Many well known Americans never went through the twelve year wringer our kids currently go through, and they turned out all right. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln. Someone taught them, to be sure, but they were not products of a school system, and not one of them was ever graduated from a secondary school. Throughout most of American history, kids generally didn't go to high school, yet the unschooled rose to be admirals, inventors, captains of industry, writers and scholars."
"H.L. Mencken, who wrote in The American Mercury - April 1924 that the aim of education is not - 'to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim is simply to reduce as man individuals as possible to the same level to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality'"
"Alexander Inglis's 1918 book, Principles of Secondary Education, makes it perfectly clear that compulsory schooling was to make a sort of surgical incision into the prospective unity of the underclasses.Divide children by subject, by age, grading, by constant rankings on tests, and by many other more subtle means, and it was unlikely that the ignorant mass of mankind, separated in childhood, would ever re-integrate into a dangerous whole. The integrating function. This might be called 'the conformity function', because its intention is to make children as alike as possible. People who conform are predictable, and this is of great use to those who wish to harness and manipulate a large labor force (or military force - JM) "
"Once their social role has been 'diagnosed', children are sorted by role and trained so far as their destination in the social machine merits - and not one step further. So much for making kids their personal best. Schools are meant to tag the unfit - with poor grades, remedial placement and other punishment - clearly enough that their peers will accept them as inferior. People need to wake up to the fact that their children are being destroyed - robbed of their potential in these laboratories of experimentation on young minds, drill centers for the habits and attitudes that corporate society demands. They don't want thinkers and leaders! They don't want artists - writers - poets. Mandatory education serves children only incidentally. Genius is as common as dirt - if David Farragut could take command of a British war-ship as a pre-teen, if Thomas Edison could publish a broadsheet at the age of 12, if Ben Franklin could apprentice himself too a printer at the same age (then put himself through a course of study that would choke a Yale senior today), there's no telling what today's children could do." End quote - John Taylor Gatto. See also: The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher -
Zero Tolerance. Why parents would acquiesce to their children being treated as criminals defies all rational reasoning. Again, this is nothing more than forcing obedience and compliance (group think) and *fear* of authority (really mind control). These ridiculous rules sent forth from some educational mausoleum in Washington by hirelings are an effective way of controlling both children and their parents. Like those in our culture who have defined deviancy downward, school bureaucrats are able to use these rules to create new categories of deviants who must be 'cured' by the state if they are to function in corporate society (a thinking drone - an individual drone - is a dangerous drone). Zero Tolerance is another example (such as the humiliation and herding at airports) of the state's violence against decent and law-abiding people. School bureaucrats (themselves mindless drones - just following orders) are making children who are no threat to anyone - suddenly think of themselves as deviant and potentially violent, and in need of 'drugs' or re-education by the proper authorities. This is all madness...something right out of Franz Kafka's 'The Trial'. Kafka's main character (fear not, your child will never have this as a book report assignment), who was on trial, was never made aware of his offense, but ultimately sees himself as guilty.
The Wigget Factory or the military? What career will be 'chosen' for your 'human resource' (oops, child)? The No Child Left Behind Act guarantees recruiters the right to private contact information for all secondary school students, so that students may be contacted at home. Schools refusing to participate are quickly cut off from funding. Did you know - did school administrators make you (the parent) aware that your child can opt out? See:
The truth about a child who is put on Ritalin or any psychotropic drug. Your child's permanent record will have him/her labeled, and thus in future years ineligible for some careers he/she may choose. Most Ritalin prescribed is for children in the U.S. - and it cures nothing, zero. It is unimaginable that any parent would permit a drug to be administered to their child under the guise of him/her being 'learning-disabled' or 'hyperactive' without doing their homework as to the DANGERS of not only the drug itself but of the addition to that child's government file-for-life of having been put on such 'medication.'  
MORE compliance and obedience to authority (fear) behavior modification: Armed Men (automatic weapons-toting SWAT teams) Terrorize School. Think about it. Your child should feel safe, secure and protected in school - not TERRORIZED by police raids with the approval of school staff and administration. Unbelievable. Your Congressman voted this as acceptable (but not in private schools). http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/november2006/011106terrorizeschool.htm
The newest move is opening mental health (imagine) clinics in schools to diagnose and drug more children! Soon all with be labeled mentally-handicapped or 'challenged' to some degree or other.  And such 'diagnosis' will be permanently entered in that child's government file-for-life. http://www.teenscreentruth.com/
Finally - for all parents, grandparents and those who care about the health of our children (remember they only have us to protect them): The E-Files will give you all the information you need as to what's happening in our nation's schools. People comparison shop for a car - search for months for that perfect home - etc, yet leave the care of their most precious treasure (their child) to strangers. And it's even showing up at pre-school age now. It's felt that a child needs to be 'indoctrinated' at the earliest age possible - and parents buy right into this nonsense. My children never went to nursery school or kindergarten. Instead, they learned to fish, splash in puddles, climb mountains, visit zoos, explore, play, and enjoy being a child. They didn't start school until age seven (when I decided they were ready) and were reading at the 12th grade level by third grade... http://www.e-files.org/archive/edition1.html
A dumb population is a controlled, shuffling, head-bowed work force (canon fodder) for corporate huckster criminals living lavishly (destroying the planet) off the labors of others with their own spoiled-rotten offspring educated to take their place. The fault, dear Brutus, lies in a people, a nation, who allowed all of this to happen. 
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