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The Strange Death Of Todd Blue
By Ted Twietmeyer

Blue, Todd Alexander

The issue of deceased airman Todd Blue is highly unusual to say the least, and opens up a Pandora's box full of questions.

At the time of Todd's death, he was under investigation for his possible role in the nuclear weapons that were loaded into a B52 aircraft.

If military personnel are under investigation at any base for a crime, they will not be given any leave until the investigation is completed and they are cleared. Yet Todd was given leave and was at home with his family according to the obituary at the time of his death?

It's also interesting is that Todd isn't someone who's been in the airforce for most of his life.

Todd Blue was just 20 years old. Why wasn't his cause of death stated? Obituaries usually state something - unless a death was the result of a suicide. From at least one write-up about Todd, we know he was a caring person who helped people in their time of need.

We may never know what Todd's role in this nuclear incident was, if he killed himself or it was made to like he did, if it really was an accident, a sudden heart attack, etc... unless a member of the family comes forward with what they know. Until they do, they may be in grave danger as the bigger story here starts to unravel. If he actually did take his own life, then perhaps he couldn't live with what he knew.

It is also important to note that it would be utterly and completely impossible for Todd to have removed several weapons from storage and load them onto an aircraft as we shall see. Todd was an airman, which is NOT the same as an ordinance officer.


Below are the basic steps required to remove any nuclear weapon from storage and load it onto an aircraft, according to a former air force officer:

* Orders to remove a nuclear weapon from storage must come down from the top.

* An ordinance officer in charge of the storage area must sign off

* A safety officer must sign off

* There are ordinance personnel who physically handle the weapons to move them from storage. They will have knowledge of the movement as well.

* The B52 pilot would have to sign off to complete the chain of custody.

* A retired airforce pilot told me "You would know you had the weapons on board. Your aircraft will take-off differently and handle differently."

* Several ordinance personnel are required to mount these weapons on the aircraft. This requires several trained and certified ordinance personnel to handle the weapons. Weapons must also be connected into the aircraft's ordinance firing system so the weapon to receive arming data. Lights on a control panel inside the aircraft would indicate the presence of the nuclear cruise missiles, providing further indication that the wing mounted missile carriers were NOT empty.

* There is the matter of arming the weapons. Nuclear weapons must receive a special arming code. Complex, encrypted arming code data can only come from the top of the chain of command and none of the air force personnel have any knowledge of it. This prevents a rogue officer at a base ordering personnel to load a nuclear weapon on an aircraft and using it (as portrayed in the film "Dr. Strangelove.") The arming code is sent via a satellite transmission - and must originate from the commander in chief. A briefcase which a military officer carries with the president (also known as "the football") is the portable means to transmit arming codes. This briefcase which is carried by an officer wherever the president goes on the planet, contains a specialized system for biometrically identify the president (in the even it is somehow stolen) and the means to enter nuclear device arming data.

Pilots perform their own inspection of aircraft they are about to fly. This is true in the civilian world as well as in the military. Such inspections can be bypassed, such as when a scramble takes place with fighter planes. It would be impossible for a pilot to not notice missiles hanging under the wings. Nuclear weapons are also clearly marked. There are also checklists pilots must run before the wheels are allowed to roll. Yet we are to believe the pilot and crew knew nothing about nuclear weapons being aboard? Would any pilot want to roll the wheels unless these weapons were AUTHORIZED to be on-board? After all, he has to sign for them under the chain of custody.

At this point, we already see a large number of personnel will have full knowledge of the weapons being loaded onto the plane, as well as the crew aboard the plane. Hopefully all of them are still alive and will stay that way. But what lies would personnel be told so they would not question this insane action? While it is true that air force personnel are trained to obey orders like other branches of the military, why didn't they question it?

Perhaps the biggest single item of interest here is what it took to start the removal of the weapons from storage in the first place - an order which can only come from the top of the military.

If the weapons were to be dropped on Iraq, then the risk from anti-aircraft missiles would be minimal. Only a state-of-the-art ground to air missile could take down a high-flying B52. Perhaps this was to be a last act of desperation to be blamed on "insurgents." Since the Iraq war has been lost - it might be a last desperate act known as "scorched Earth." Nuclear weapons would leave the land radioactive and worthless for several millenia for Iraqis. All of this raises yet another bigger question - what of the several hundred thousand American armed forces personnel in Iraq? America would be killing off most of it's own military by using these weapons in Iraq. It would take months to evacuate the troops from Iraq before such a strike took place. It's clear that none of these personnel were to be withdrawn, since the Commander in Chief already proclaimed on numerous occassions that he was going to "stay the course."

The newer stealth bomber B2 would be the aircraft of choice to insure weapon delivery. B2 bombers are deployed from an American airbase on American soil, go anywhere in the world on a bombing mission and return to America. They do not land anywhere but in America, partly because of the classified propulsion technology they have. If these bombers were to be used to deploy the nuclear weapons, a B52 would play no role in the mission.

To dispose of the plane (and crew) would be a far smaller sacrifice than a far more expensive, limited edition, two billion dollar B2 bomber. If these nuclear weapons were intended for this unthinkable mission, then the entire crew would have a flight plan with details on pecisely what coordinates to release the missiles, what course they were to fly, the altitude for detonation, when to release the missiles, etc... This must all be planned in advance.

And if the mission were to succeed, we can be certain that the aircraft would be destroyed and the crew would be killed to cover it up. Everyone involved in the chain of custody would be terminated. There would be a detailed plan in place to insure no witnesses live to testify that such a treasonous act of genocide took place, and the multiple nuclear events would be blamed on an "act of terrorism." Without any doubt, martial law would ensue and NO investigation would ever be possible. It would be an act of terrorism executed by at least one traitor the inside of government.

It is highly unlikely any airforce officer would participate in this mad scheme unless orders to deploy these weapons came from the Commander in Chief and were authenticated. If this is the case and the investigation reaches this conclusion, any investigation into this "incident" will become classified. The media will probably not be saying another word about the incident, and they too, will help make it all "go away."

There is only ONE man commanding all of the military, at the very top, who would be desperate enough to try to do something like this. He is the only man who has the actual authority to deploy ANY nuclear weapons. Even though about one week has passed since the incident, it is most likely that any investigation into this event has already confirmed who that treasonous individual is. If America is already under secret martial law which the events of the past 6 years seem to suggest, then there will never be an investigation. And this may be why he thought he could do it.

Nothing will be done officially about the authorization of this event - but that doesn't mean his future is secure. Word has been circulating in the military for sometime that everyone has had enough of the madness. They know military's function is to defend America, and not go around the planet starting wars which put men and women in harm's way for no good reason. And the true patriots in the military are keenly aware of this fact.

Again, I stand with millions of Americans and salute the unknown DoD person(s) who exposed this madness. May this person serve as an example to military personnel everywhere, and live a long and happy life.

This is probably the closest America has every come to being completely destroyed.

How many Americans really understand this? Let's all hope and pray that the traitors are brought to justice swift and sure who ordered this action.

Jeff has offered to allow me to post this anonymously.

But if as Americans we don't stand up to tyranny, then in the end nothing will matter.

Ted Twietmeyer


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