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Back To The Future
Jim Kirwan
10 -6 -7

In sifting through all the debris from recent fallouts concerning how much is going wrong, and what that might portend for the immediate future, a number of rather unusual facts arise.
The first is that when the Congress rushed through the blank check that they gave George W. Bush as Commander-in-Chief: way back when he began his War-on-the-World-it appears that they made that check out to the wrong guy! Apparently everyone in Congress simply assumed that things within the US chain-of-command were the same as they had been under The-Buck-Stops-Here-Harry S. Truman, but they are not. Arch criminals changed the rules and apparently congress was not notified, and neither were the people. Hence the charade of Bush reading to second graders while the towers burned, is clear proof, of a major and Impeachable Offense (impersonating the Commander-in-Chief), which is a fraud upon all of us.
"The duties of the Commander in Chief were modified on June 1, 2001 internally, by traitors, who sought to undercut the chain of command and remove Bush from any responsibility whatsoever - in the event of an attack of this kind upon this nation.
"Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSI 3610.01A (dated 1 June 2001) was issued to provide "guidance to the Deputy Director for Operations (DDO), National Military Command Center (NMCC), and operational commanders in the event of an aircraft piracy (hijacking) or request for destruction of derelict airborne objects." This new instruction superseded CJCSI 3610.01 of 31 July 1997."
This means that the president of the United States of America, from that day forward, was no longer responsible for attacks of this nature - upon the USA. Executive decisions, in this regard are now to be made by Donald Rumsfeld the US Secretary of Defense. The AWOL pretender in the White House has no real responsibility now - for protecting this country from attacks like 911 - and he did not have that responsibility on September eleventh 2001. All that has happened since those attacks has been nothing but the continuation of a massively criminal act. Bush was never intended to be allowed to be the man who could make decisions - so he was removed from the loop - thereby rendering his (current) position as the president: Meaningless!" (1)
Then there is the matter of the pending Martial Law practice; 'Vigilant Shield 08' that is intended to reinforce national fears and add the terror of this government's absolute power to seize, imprison, or torture anyone that disagrees with current policies. Bits of this were done in 2005, in three cities, but no report on the results of that 'exercise,' has yet surfaced.
The public apparently needs a refresher course on some of the basics. True the US military is the largest organization of its kind on the planet with over 1,000 bases in one hundred and thirty countries around the world: in addition to all those troops & material that we are currently sending into the meat grinder that we have created in the Middle-East.
We seem to have forgotten just how very large and diverse the United States is, in size and population, as well as the fact that there are approximately 90 guns for every one-hundred of our people. This might have something to do with current efforts now underway, to modify and-or eliminate the Second Amendment, but that will be far more difficult than it might at first appear. The members of the NRA, along with a great many other gun-owners, will resist this blatant attempt to disarm the public and that would only be "for starters."
Government wants people to see their authority as absolute, especially when it comes to enforcing Martial Law. However a huge percentage of the National Guard has been federalized and is no longer in the country to protect the states from the Feds. But the Feds have been hiring people, including Blackwater for Homeland Security and other 'tasks' within the country ­ and the potential threat to the average citizen has risen accordingly.
We need to look at the record of Cheney's Wars for Empire. Iraq is about the size of California, and we've been going backwards there for years now. Time after time we've been told that there is progress: that "Iraqi troops are being trained, Iraqi police are being trained," and yet this never materialized in anything like the sufficient numbers needed to do that task. Incidentally that was originally the job of General Petraus: He failed. It was also on his illustrious first watch that the 190,000 arms went missing. Now he's been applauded from on high, as the leader that will accomplish what so many others have failed to do. Of course congress chose not to Look-Back to his previous record as a general in the US Army ­ so they missed the point entirely of the message that Move-On was sending: that this general with no battle- experience had ailed before, so why should anything suddenly be any different now? Iraq is only about the size of California, yet we've been tied up there longer than we were in the Second World War when we were fighting in two theaters of global Operations, against much stronger military resistance. Of course in that war Americans weren't being paid to produce the shortages of oil that the chaos produced-just the opposite was true.
Much has also been made of what happened to the Germans under Hitler. Germany was a very small nation by comparison to the whole United States ­ and even with the high technology that exists today, locking down this country is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Currently Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) has begun practicing on Mexicans and other alien groups, for what they believe they might be asked to do to US citizens. Yet this is just another bogus threat by the government ­ because aliens have nothing here to fight for beyond personal survival. If the battle for personal freedom's are actually and openly waged against Americans ­ the resistance our military is experiencing in foreign lands will pale by comparison, because this land and its people is thought of by the citizens here, as their land and not the property of any invading force.
REX 84 exists: there are hundreds of camps ready and waiting, and Halliburton did just get another no-bid contract to build even more of these intimidating places-but consider the logistics against an armed and hostile force of citizens that have finally awakened to the treasonous depth of that unceasing fountain of lies that this government has used to bring us all to this point-of-no-return.
Then there is this question: "Are Presidents Entitled to Kill Foreigners"
"Bush is revving up the war threats against Iran. Seymour Hersh reported in the current issue of the New Yorker that the administration is advancing plans to bomb many targets in Iran. British newspapers have confirmed that the Pentagon has a list of thousands of bombing targets. Hardly anyone claims that Iran poses a threat to the United States.
Yet few people in Washington seem to dispute the president's right to attack Iran. It is as if the presidential whim is sufficient to justify blasting any foreign nation that does not kowtow to the commands of the U.S. government.
Jack Goldsmith, a former top Bush appointee in the Justice Department and now a Harvard Law professor, observes in his new book, The Terror Presidency, "The president and the vice president always made clear that a central administration priority was to maintain and expand the president's formal legal powers." And the power to attack foreign nations is one of the most valued prerogatives of today's Republicans." (2)
There was a time when the CIA was not allowed to assassinate leaders of nations that we disagreed with ­ at least not on the public record: But all that seems like something still frozen in the depths of the Cold War now. Given that Bush is NOT the commander-n-chief, as least not as far as his personal responsibilities go, I wonder how the World Court of public opinion will view his most recent blood lusts to destroy so many places, in- light of his unsubstantiated claims to being the Commander-in-Chief of the United States and quite possibly the world?
What George Carlin says with profanity, is also true ­ we have been owned to this point ­ but that does not mean that we need to continue to serve as nothing more than property for these privateers and global thugs that want to own whatever we have left in our ever-depreciating lives. This short video ought to me a mandatory daily mantra for anyone that really cares about their future in this place. (3)
Politics in general, since at least the halcyon days of Reagan's fantasies have been solely about "The Future." But his visions and those of all his successors since those days have all been weighted towards the New World Order-it is way past time for that obscenity to come to a crashing halt. We can never go back literally in time, nor should we ever even be attempting this return to the days of the unchecked Robber-barons. But to reintroduce this 21st Century form of the Inquisition is beyond insanity-as it takes criminality to an entirely 'other level' of insatiable greed and unbounded arrogance!
The 'Wars-That­Are-Coming' if they are not stopped, could easily introduce a series of nuclear exchanges that no nation can survive. Given the above additional considerations about facts on the ground and within the intent of the possible context for American Empire ­ it looks as though the idea of going backward into the future does not have nearly as much traction as the rats on the now listing ship of this state would like to see. . . Who really does own any of us ­ the answer ought to be ourselves and no one else. If that is a correct observation then action is required, on many levels, by all that really want to end this nightmare!
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