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Possible Cause Of Increased
Violence Everywhere

By Ted Twietmeyer

We are besieged with stories of police brutality, soldiers out of control, security guards beating up defenseless people, and school "guard" that breaks the arm of a young student girl for a few crumbs. Even the FBI has stated that violent crimes are on the rise.

Where is all this violence coming from? It's time we looked at this wave of hatred and short tempers. It's well known that the UN declared the family is an enemy to society in one of their documents. And they show it in their actions, too. Little or nothing is done when soldiers of American allies, contract mercenaries or even American forces blow up a home with a family it. Or invade a home in Iraq and kill everyone inside for no real reason. Or when Israeli soldiers bulldoze a home with a family inside, which cannot get out. UN silence on these repeated war crimes is the same as giving it their stamp of approval.

Some will casually brush it all off saying "it's just people on power trips" or something similar. But I have always believed in the principle of cause and effect. There MUST be a cause for this increased, senseless violence. And all the factors point to an insidious mass mind control. I do not believe that video games and movies are the reason for increased hatred. These have been with us long before the violence escalated.

There must also be a motive for this insidious form of mind control. It can only serve to tear America apart from the inside. What better strategy to destroy a country than to turn the people against one another? It is also highly efficient ­ it forces a populace to pay for their demise (in more ways than one.) In war a small army of bulldozers follow the front line to bury the dead. This form of mind control inherently forces the victims to bury their own dead.


If you have reasonably good hearing and still have a television set with a picture tube, try this simple experiment. I cannot categorically state that this test will work in all parts of the world, where the picture scan rates and broadcast standards are quite different. However, it will work in the USA and Canada. With your television set on, turn the sound completely off. Now put your ear near the television. For most televisions, this will be the left side of the television as facing it from the front. You will hear two sounds ­ one has a faint 60Hz hum. Another sound is a continuous high frequency sound, up near the limits of human hearing. Once you unlock your brain to hear this signature, you will be surprised where you hear it as you travel.

This sound is EVERYWHERE. I and other people have heard the signal several stories underground, up in a high building, in a home, in a moving car on a deserted country road or other type of vehicle, in the city and in the country. For several years I have been quietly polling people to see who can hear it, and where. Almost EVERYONE can hear it. It is not tinnitus, which is a different type of hearing disorder. On some occasions, the tone may stop for a short time, but will start up again. The level of intensity also varies daily.

So what is this signal and where does it come from? First, let's look at what it isn't. It isn't an audio signal, because it can be heard anywhere ­ even in very noisy environments. I went into a shielded chamber a few years ago, and it could still be heard inside with the door closed. It isn't a NORMAL radio frequency signal, since it would no longer be heard in a shielded chamber. This type of signal does not appear to be "beamed" selectively into a home. If this was true, then it would no longer be heard in a shielded chamber. It is well known that certain types of radio signals can bypass the human ear and induce signals directly into the auditory system, which are received by the brain itself. If you hear this high frequency sound, you will feel certain there is an auditory source for it, even though there is not.

Since this signal can be heard virtually everywhere including in shielded rooms, this appears to indicate there can be only ONE source for this devious signal: Space.

A word about HAARP - HAARP has been credited all over the internet for doing all evil things evil from boils to brain tumors. However, HAARP has limitations which those outside of electrical engineering often do not wish to understand. It utilizes a mid-band shortwave signal. (Please do NOT write me with yet another HAARP or ground wave network lecture.)

The question still remains ­ WHO is transmitting this signal? To transmit this signal over an entire continent requires high power levels, deep pockets and some form of satellite technology. It is almost certain that the satellite is nuclear powered. Such a satellite could function for many years at high power without refueling. Or the signal may originate from a hidden orbiting space station. The signal may also be a form of "protection" for the population, to drive away unwanted beings from "out there."

Regardless of whether this signal has a benign or a malicious purpose, I contend that this signal is the source of a new crime wave of highly aggressive behavior and short tempers. The signal may also trigger the production of adrenaline, the "fight or flight" hormone for definitive action.

As I've stated in previous essays, mind control is only effective when the target has no idea what's going on.

--Ted Twietmeyer



NOTE - After a report about the B-52 nuclear weapon incident was posted, the website file server for my website suffered a massive cyber-attack. No other file servers at the hosting service were affected. This attack was so severe that the entire file was rendered useless and has been discarded. As of this writing, backup files are being uploaded to a new server. Data4Science should be back online soon.



By Ted Twietmeyer

First, I'd like to make a comment about content for all the technical people that have read my essay "Possible Cause of Increased Violence Everywhere." Many readers with a technical background have written me to explain in considerable detail about the circuitry inside a television receiver. I'm very aware of how television sets function and the frequencies used inside these receivers. In fact, back in the mid 1970's before entering the engineering field, I owned a business that repaired all manner of consumer electronics (before we became a throw-away society.)

Television receiver details were not included in the essay for two reasons:

1. Most readers are not technical people and could care less.
2. The internal operation of a television receiver has nothing to do with the sound being heard.
3. If I was to delve into the internal workings of television receivers some readers might mistakenly think televisions are creating the problem, which it is not.

The television is simply being used as an audio source to quickly give readers an idea of what the tone sounds like. A high frequency sound is being heard around the planet by people everywhere, miles away from the nearest operating television receiver.

Also, the shortwave (~10MHz) HAARP project (which people keep writing me about despite my plea for them no to) is mistakenly credited with everything going on, including the tone heard everywhere. Unfortunately, most people who credit this abomination on the Earth do not understand short-wave propagation. HAARP IS a shortwave system. Shortwave signals cannot penetrate deep into the Earth. And these signals cannot penetrate RF shielded rooms. ALL the evidence suggests that HAARP is not involved with the generation of the high frequency signal which is being heard everywhere.

As much as I would like to include all the possible sources for the high frequency tone, it would turn a simple essay into something too long for any reader to endure. Including myself! This simple essay on the tone problem must focus on one topic, or it will become a scientific paper with the obligatory boredom factor to go with it. And few will read it. It's most important to be mindful of those who will read what you are writing. It's the classic "put yourself in their shoes."


I'd also like to thank the dozens of *kind* rense.com readers who took the time to write me, some in great detail! It is very humbling, and many readers clearly show that they are up to date on numerous subjects.

Numerous positive emails from readers around the world have confirmed the presence of the high frequency signal. Here are two emails from readers reproduced verbatim below, except their last names are omitted. (These emails were selected for their locations.)

Hello Ted,

Your article about the possible cause of increased violence is fascinating.  I remember when I was about twelve years old in 1970 that I first noticed a persistant high frequency, ever-present sound in my ear Puzzled, because I knew I had no ear disorder, I actually put it down to 'natural background noise'. As I write this, I can still hear it. Day or night I can hear it and since I live in the heart of the quiet countryside, the sound is difficult to ignore sometimes.

As you say, it varies in intensity and volume; it sometimes almost completely goes away, but never for long. I suspect most people are like me in that they learned to live with it from childhood and simply accept it now as 'normal'. 

Your theory is as to it's origin is as good as any. Since this sound is seemingly everywhere, it stands to reason that it must be coming from space. Where else can it be coming from? The only real questions we need to answer are who is responsible for it and what is it's purpose. It is entirely possible that this sound is man-made. An alien life-from is another possibility. Either way, we need to find out the truth.

Many 'thank-you' s' to you Ted. You have explained something to me that has puzzled me for decades. I will not simply live with it from now on, but will be cognescent of it's ominous presence and will act accordingly.      

Tony O.
G'day Ted,

My name is max and I am writing to you after reading an article piece you wrote on the "Possible Cause of Violence Everywhere".

I have never felt compelled to reply or write to an author of an article like the one you wrote before but this one hit home pretty close to me; especially the bit about HAARP and the high frequency pitch.

I have started hearing this very same high pitched noise in the background almost everywhere for a good year now. I thought I was going absolutely nuts.

Was wondering if it was early form of tinnitus but my hearing hasnt suffered at all. When I became aware of this high pitch background noise, I began to wonder if it had always been there and Ive just woken up to it now? Ive told my family about it and and they are not so open minded about issue like this and the world so they just thought as I initially did that I should get my ears checked up.

Ive had two hearing test in the last 6 or 7 years which have been perfect.

I began to realise this wasnt something normal when one night, absolutely quiet, I was in the toilet and could hear this background noise driving me nuts. I thought I'd test my ears so I gently blew air out of my mouth to see if I'd hear it.....No problem there. I gently touched my finger onto the benchtop in the bathroom, quiet as.....still heard it, with the noise constantly there.

I concluded that this was something wierd and unexplainable, thou hard to try and get others to understand the various possiblities of what it may be.

Im typing to you this email, and its 'whining' in the background. Like the TV sometimes whines.
I'd love to know how many people out there have contacted you about this?
By the way, Im from Melbourne, Australia so its not a localised US thing by any means.
I would love to hear more about it if possible if you come across any information pertaining to it.
Thankyou for your time,



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