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Peru - 'Meteor' Crash Leaves
Crater 30 Meters In Diameter

From Scott Corrales
Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
Source - Agencia Andina, RPP Noticias,

An unidentified luminous object fell from the sky, leaving a hole six meters deep by 30 meters in diameter in the community of Carancas on the Bolivian border, according to the Puno based Direccion Territorial Policial (Dirtepol).

The alleged meteorite alarmed local residents. The community is located in the Desaguadero district of the Province of Chucuito.

At 23:45 hours yesterday, residents heard a stentorean noise that they believed was produced by an airplane, according to police sources. They then witnessed the impact of a luminous object in flames, which resulted in a loud explosion, according to the Agencia Andina news agency.

Remains of an unknown calcinated mass were found at the impact site. As it occurred in an unpopulated area, the incident did not affect any local residents. However, after the strange object gave off bits of lead and silver as it fell to earth, and the peasantry is worried that some illness may come about, according to RPP Noticias. Police and curiosity-seekers reported to the site.

Puno: Seven Policemen Become Ill After Gathering Meteor Samples

Puno, Sept. 17 (Agencia Andina) - Seven policemen took ill after collecting samples from the area where the alleged meteorite crashed in the community of Carancas (Puno) according to regional health director Jorge Lopez Tejada. He explained that the officers showed symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and dizziness and were sent to the Desaguadero Hospital and then to the Hospital de Sanidad de la Policia in Puno.

They were given oxygen and rehydration at Desaguadero, and were transferred to the other hospital after being stabilized, according to RPP Noticias.

[Tejada] also noted that a strong odor emanates from the impact site and which is not native to the area. This has caused commotion among settlers.

"Our cleanup crew has already reached the area and says that there is a hole filled with water. The odor is strong and (would be) affecting neighboring communities. There are some 500 families nearby and symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headache and body aches," he remarked.

He added that the has recommended that police authorities and the regional government should form a perimeter to keep people from coming near the site. He repeated that a medical brigade will set out from Puno and Julí tomorrow to perform the corresponding tests upon the locals.

Lopez Tejada called upon the authorities in Lima to send out a special brigade equipped with suitable equipment to gather samples from the alleged meteor more efficiently, as his office lacks such facilities.

He explained that according to the settlers, the object fell on midday Saturday and the hole it left behind has an estimated depth of five meters and a width of 15 meters.

This incident has been considered by the locals as a bad omen.

(Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Planeta UFO).



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