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One More Time!
Jim Kirwan

Actually, this gluttonous festival of consumption began in earnest when Ronnie made it all VERY fashionable with "GREED is GOOD!" (A line from Wall Street memorialized on film).
But that was only the beginning because his polices were founded on this idiotic stone of self-defeat that "Only suckers "give" or give-back to society - "winners" TAKE it ALL, without apologies: and between these two impossibly simplistic statements - the fate of billions of people was sealed.
The world has forgotten just how much people had to suffer these same axioms before: Always the same dominant monsters controlling it all (the MONEY*CHANGERS). In the twilight of the Dark Ages there came into the world what we look back on now as The Renaissance, that 'golden age' that was the artistic and scientific explosion of breakthroughs that coincided with the beginning of the Inquisition, and the penury of most of the ordinary people of the time. In 'art' the church was King, Queen and 'god' to every working craftsman in Europe - and the 'courts' of monarchies were only eclipsed by the Holy Roman Empire of the Church.
Society chose to remember ONLY the Renaissance and skip over things like the Black Death (precursor to everything else - another model for the New World Order's way of death) that killed a third of the existing world then - or the Inquisition that made a total mockery of not only the rights of most human beings, but of any semblance of the individual's right over his or her own life. Because collectively "we" still fail to remember the prologue to our own existence - we must now repeat it at a million times the severity of those early days of massive crimes and tortures so freely dispensed by the rich and powerful.
The hidden beauty in what is happening now lies in how much is just now finally beginning to take root in the awareness of many more people than ever before. Of course in this highly charged and polarized environment very few will notice - and yet the power of what is being given to us all is vast-enough that some of it must get through the jungles of our collective nightmares that keep us from seeing what is right in front of every one of us. Things like Zeitgeist, the film (1) lays out the origins of why and how we came to personify the heavens and later on the worlds of myth and power that stem from all of that - and this left us with George Carlin's five minute take on the needs of 'religion' as the pretext for all that has now come after that. Yesterday Naomi Klein's new book came out - The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism: (2)
These two breakthroughs in the way we collectively view the world and what continues to happen in it - could easily form the foundation for a new renaissance that enables us to finally throw off the heavy chains of the metaphorical along with the very real imposition of slavery, in which we are still pretending that we can "live." To be alive involves a hell-of-a-lot more than just breathing. Actually LIFE is not present in those people who simply follow their dogmatic-routines and remain apart from any real involvement with what they claim to be their existence. Life is about imagination, creativity and promise - it's about hard work and the gratification that comes from being part of the life of others in ways that add to the health and well-being of the society: instead of just stealing from everyone and everything else that's still out there.
The global solution to our problems has always received the same response from those "in-charge in any era" - and that is "It's time to move-on, because CHANGE* HAPPENS." How convenient for those who ought to be in prison or at least before the courts - yet because of the artificially fast-pace of this society that values data over knowledge and accumulation over thought: we have yet to pause and reflect-as members of a society. What we're doing now is tantamount to trying to run full-speed through a tropical jungle of very real dangers - and that simply cannot be done.
Every step in that kind of jungle is weighted with potential problems, quick-sand, poisonous plants and animals, clutches of undergrowth that would stop a bull-elephant - and yet the yuppies think that they can conquer all on the laptop of their lives - if only they have "the data". . . and THAT given this six minute video (3): is never going to happen! Because it is NOT the data that matters but what we do "with it" - that ultimately counts!
Of course the problem for those who really are trying to run through the jungles of their lives - is that within seconds they'll smash head-on into a tree, or step off an unseen cliff, or just be swallowed up within the darkness - maybe they'll be buried- alive in the unseen quicksand of everything that will assail them instantly. It's the same reason that no one tries to drive 200 miles an hour through any city's streets: and yet millions of sheep keep trying to do this in order to obey their political shepherd's orders: and that, by any definition, is sheer insanity!
We are all just people. At the moment we're still smarter than the machines, and the one thing that makes us different are our cognitive abilities to think, to reason and to critically weigh the choices that we face: after which we must act on what we finally decide to do - because that's what makes 'humans' into "BEINGS."
1) Zeitgeist ­ the movie
2) The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
3) The SHIFT


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